1. FizzkiekruntNT says

    um, WHAT?

    Who cares though, right? That’s all we wanna see anyway. Now if they could make the irritating motormouth with the headset at the bar shut up, that’d REALLY be something.

  2. humanist says

    ok… can someone explain this ad to me? i get the part where the loud rugby team comes in but the woman with the snazzy headset magically can hear and speak with no background noise. but why were the rugby fellas making out? am i daft? i don’t watch a lot of commercials.

  3. crispy says

    I could be way off here, but I believe they’re using “noise” as a double entendre… one to mean actual noise you won’t hear when using their device, and secondly the hyper-straight “noise” that rugby players make to disguise their homosexuality.

  4. johnosahon says

    let me see if i can explain this ad, the phone ran so they only way it could shut them up was to make them kiss, i am assuming they were the one making noise.

    fuck that shit, the kissing was hot who cares why. i am definately sure it is airing in europe or canada, u.s. will faint

  5. Osman says

    Ok…not to be OVERLY sensitive..(don’t get me wrong…that was SOOOO very HOT!)…BUT…if you take a look at the other commercials for the same product…..

    One depicts a girl sunbather lounging by the pool when a bunch of rowdy guys start horsing around by the pool. When the girl receives a phone call and answers using her Jawbone headset, a shark appears in the pool and rips the guys to shreds.

    The second one depicts a straight couple dining at a fine restaurant where another man is being extremely loud and obnoxious. The cell phone of the man in the straight couple rings and he answers with his Jawbone headset. The waiters then proceed to drown the obnoxious, loud man in his soup.

    The kissing rugby dudes commercial in itself is very erotic but comparatively, what is interesting are the events that occur to the loud and obnoxious offenders when the Jawbone headset is in use is very negative. In both of the other commercials, the offenders end up dead by being eaten by a shark, or being drowned in their own soup…..So making out with another guy is equivalent to being drowned or being eaten by a shark??

    YOu can watch the other commercials here..

    (the above link will replay the same rugby commerical but you can view two other available commercials by selecting them below).

  6. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    The only thing this commercial teaches me is that if I use the Jawbone then I will miss hot rugby guys making out behind me.

    I’ll stick with my current bluetooth model, thanks.

  7. RyanLA says

    I think it means that the device quiets the noise/rowdiness just as if two rugby players making out would. I think….if so it’s a lame strategy but who cares the make-out session is HOT!

  8. David says

    The brand name is “Jawbone” and the tag line is “Jawbone Eliminates Noise” — as in you use your jaw bone when you’re making out with someone and eliminating the noise (in this case the loud rugby players) ….or am I misreading this?

    Oh and it’s hot as helll

  9. Matty says

    who cares what they’re selling or what it’s supposed to mean, that just gave me a raging hard-on.

  10. Matt says

    I thought that the ad would end up showing that the rugger fans had stumbled into a gay/lesbian bar and that the two cute girls would start making out, followed by the two gay rugby fans. Then the straight guys would leave and go find their own boring crowd to hang out with.

  11. says

    I guess they’re saying that with the product you can focus on the call and ignore whatever is going on around you.

    I can’t wait for the version that shows her getting hit by a bus while she’s having some inane conversation.

  12. Thomasina says

    I hate to break this to everyone here who was distracted by how hot they thought the kissers are, but this ad seems to me to be premised on the completely homophobic notion that the sight of a pair of men kissing is so horrible that it is capable of clearing a room immediately, and the silence that follows that evacuation is analogous to the “noise elimination” you get when you buy this product. It’s a bit roundabout for a commercial, but unfortunately, that’s pretty much the only way it possibly makes sense, if you think about it from the point of view of the ad execs trying to sell the gadget (and not from the point of view of someone who is more predisposed than the general population to think men kissing is hot). In its way, its just as bigoted as the Snickers Super Bowl ad or any other media that presents same-sex kissing as the worst possible sight.

  13. says

    I don’t see the homophobia as strongly as others. The other rugby players didn’t seem like “oh that’s so gross,” they seemed more like “I can’t believe they are making out.” I think the element of surprise was what the ad was going for.

    Not that that’s a good thing. I’m waiting for the day that two guys making out isn’t something used to “shock” straight. After hundreds of years of gayness, straight people are still surprised that gay men kiss each other. Seriously? Maybe these people aren’t as smart as I thought.

  14. JJ says

    I watched it over and over and over and I still don’t get the joke. I guess I’ll have to watch it again.

  15. Rodolfo says

    That’s not homophobic. The other ruggers aren’t looking at the kissers in disgust – they’re all smiling, like they think it’s funny that their teammates would just start going at it like that. It’s kind of like bros before hos. With hot guys.

  16. Patrick W. says

    Homophobic? Puh-lease? How was that homophobic AT ALL?

    The other ruggers didn’t have bad reactions to the guys kissing. In fact, some smiled. The only time a reaction came close to being negative were some looks of embarrassment over the fact that two PEOPLE were making out so hard in a public place.

    There were no grossed-out reactions. You people are just projecting your reactions to how you THOUGH the characters would react.

  17. brian says

    Well, i seem to interpret it like this….the girl is trying to listen to a phone call..i think that the point was that, you will be so tuned in to your conversation because it is so wont see (both physically and mentally) the two rugby players swapping spit…I mean when you listen to a call, i think we all tend to tune out the surrounding environment…so if you can tune out two macho guys making out….then the product must be good…well, they want you to think that….hey…if the ad had not ended, would they have banged each other..?…


  18. BillyRay says

    The funny thing is, according to one of the guys in the spot, all of the other guys are real rugby players, and they had no idea what was going to happen until they shot that scene. You’re seeing their real reactions.

  19. Troy says

    If all of the other Rugby players were unaware of what was going to happen, then that is GREAT directing and planning on the part of the ad agency. You would get reactions from those guys that would come across as unmistakably genuine. I’m currently in school for advertising and our class just last night was about using unconventional advertising, and these guys NAILED IT! As other’s have said, there was no real homophobia as folks from Europe are MUCH LESS uptight and more open minded than squeamish, Victorian Americans. I just hope one day I can get a job working for a marketing company that cutting edge. Hell, maybe they’ll let me play one of the rugby guys. I’d volunteer in a heartbeat to the be the guy making out with the beefy bear with the tribal tattoos! GGRRRRR!!!!

  20. chiara says

    Ok, yes that was hot… like fire level of hotness.
    As for what the ad means FizziekruntNT’s explination “I could be way off here, but I believe they’re using “noise” as a double entendre… one to mean actual noise you won’t hear when using their device, and secondly the hyper-straight “noise” that rugby players make to disguise their homosexuality.” makes a lot of sense.