McCain 08: Like Hope, But Depressing

This parody of the “Yes we can” video I posted last week features the same vocal treatment applied to the words of John McCain. Somehow it just doesn’t generate that “feel good” hopeful vibe.

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  1. peterparker says

    JIMMYBOYO, I hope you are right and the Democrats will win the general election. If they don’t, there can be no blaming it on lack of a good candidate (since we have two good candidates!)…no, we’ll have to blame it on the stupidity of the American public.

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    Thanks Peter

    You just put a cloud on my silver lining.


    Our 2 candidates are amazing compared to Mccain. I hope america isn’t THAT stupid as to put Mcacin in the white house.



    I don’t see how either Hillary and or Obama could loose to McCain. Both are young and lively. McCain comes off as a cheney clone dementaly calling for more war!! war 24/7!! War war war

    Heck, the above spoof video is all either of our 2 candidates need to trounce McCain. Just show that video all the time and people won’t be able to run away fast enough from Mccain

  3. mwf says

    If the democrats lose it’s because of the moronic statements such as “If Hillary gets the nomination, I’m not voting for her”

    Please… an Obama supporter is going to vote for a Republican?

    Does anyone think with their brains anymore or is it all emotional?

    Thinking with emotion can be deadly. (and stupid….not to mention costly….100 year war in Iraq we’ll be taken over by the Chinese in no time)