Music News: Exclusive Robyn Podcast Interview, Plus Perez Hilton, Goldfrapp, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson


GuestbloggerRobbie Daw presents a weekly pop music update here on Towleroad! Robbie runs his own pop music site called Chart Rigger.

Today Andy and I have something a bit different for you in the form of an audio interview with Robyn. Speaking with the Swedish pop singer, who was in Stockholm when she called, was just as I expected it to be: amusing, informative and even a bit surreal; as you’ll hear, her godchildren were in the background playing the entire time, and at one point Robyn breaks from our conversation to yell at them in Swedish when they begin fighting! She also goes into great detail on how forming Konichiwa Records three years ago — her own label to distribute her latest album — led to the kind of success she never predicted.

The past twelve months alone have seen Robyn blow up online. Here in the States, for instance, she did three shows earlier this month and was taken aback at how her audiences knew all the words to the songs. (Robyn’s self-titled album isn’t out here till April 29. It’ll be her first U.S. release since 1997’s Robyn Is Here.)

Currently you can grab Robyn’s digital single “With Every Heartbeat” and The Rakamonie EP. As well, she’s featured on the “Fyre Department Remix” of Snoop Dogg’s current hit, “Sexual Eruption.”

As a bit of a side note, toward the end of the interview, I asked Robyn about two particular songs on her forthcoming album. It may seem like like she’s being contradictory, since for the first song, “Be Mine!”, she says she doesn’t write about personal things that happen in her everyday life and for the second, “Bum Like You,” she mentions that it was inspired by a relationship she’d had — but with “Be Mine!” she was referring to a specific scenario in the song’s bridge being fictional.

Robbie Daw Interviews Robyn

road.jpg Maybe the geeks truly shall inherit! Here’s a 45-second clip of Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” video, which co-stars 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer and was directed by Brett Ratner.

road.jpg Slide over, Clive. Proving that Perez Hilton (aka, Mario Lavandeira) just might be the queen of all media after all, the New York Times reports the following: “Mr. Lavandeira has been negotiating a deal that would provide him with his own imprint at Warner Brothers Records, a division of the music giant Warner Music Group, he said. This was confirmed by several other people associated with the talks who spoke on condition of anonymity because no deal has been made. The talks are preliminary, and an agreement is not certain, but Mr. Lavandeira could receive $100,000 a year as an advance against 50 percent of any profits generated by artists he discovers and releases through Warner Brothers, these people said.”


GoldfrappDiscipline, the tenth studio album from Janet Jackson, and her first since joining the Island Def Jam label after a string of low-selling releases with Virgin.

Seventh Tree from Goldfrapp. It’s a bit of a departure from their past up-tempo, dancier releases. Also available on iTunes is a remix EP for the album’s first single, “A&E.”

Dolly Parton’s Backwoods Barbie, the title track of which is set to be used in the score for next year’s 9 To 5 Broadway musical.

Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah, which hopefully isn’t overshadowed by the brouhaha over her latest hairstyle.


  1. Johnny Glitter says

    What a fantastic interview!! I love Robyn. Thank you for such an insightful, creative and fun interview.

    I’m scared Robyn will yell at me in Swedish…and also a little aroused.

    Thanks for highlighting an artist who’s so smart. Can’t wait to see who you talk with next!

  2. Larry says

    Are you frickin’ kidding me? Perez Hilton getting his own music imprint? He may be slightly amusing (very slightly) but the value that’s been placed on this self-opportunist greatly exceeds reality. What, will his imprint create images that mock people as gay or drug addicts?

    Sorry…can’t stand him.

  3. sergio says

    goldfrapp’s last two albums were a real departure from their first album, Felt Mountain, which is probably closer to Seventh Tree

  4. says

    Perez Hilton is the gay Rush Limbaugh – except creepier and meaner. What an embarrassment! It just goes to show you how desperate, aimless, and out of touch the record labels really are.

    I’m so glad I’ve hung on to my worthless Time-Warner stock…

  5. says

    1. Robyn kicks ass and her show at the Troubadour was off the hook.

    2. RE Perez, since records don’t really MAKE profit anymore, Warner is never gonna make that money back.

    3. David B, since WBR is no longer part of Time Warner, it doesn’t really make a difference to your stock value.

  6. Paul R says

    You’re so right, Sergio. It’s like two different bands. I bought Supernature when I was on vacation in Turkey in 2006 because all my CDs had been stolen, and I was expecting to be lulled to sleep. Instead I was (pleasantly) shocked.

  7. says

    could robyn be more adorable??? And robbie, good job handling her with all that kid noise in the background. I didnt know she was playing SXSW, I’m there, so I just looked up her show, it’s at 1am! figures, she must live a drunk crowd, love her.