Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Heath Ledger’s last portrait; Daniel Day-Lewis dedicates SAG Award.
road.jpg EXCLUSIVE Premiere: Chi Chi LaRue on barebacking in gay porn.
road.jpg Ann Coulter: I’d campaign for Hillary if McCain was the candidate.
road.jpg Obama wins South Carolina primary, receives big Kennedy endorsement.
road.jpg Novak Djokovic wins Australian open and does away with shirts; sale on eBay.
road.jpg David Beckham undies spark Boyzilian craze, tractor exhaust pipe condoms.
road.jpg Homophobes: Mormon Pres. Gordon Hinckley dies; former Houston mayor dead.
road.jpg Fatal stabbing of gay man in Boston, Daniel Yakovleff, goes unsolved.
road.jpg Kathy Griffin spreads ’em for The Advocate.
road.jpg ON THE STAGE: The 39 Steps and Almost an Evening.
road.jpg Milk: The transformation of Castro Street.
road.jpg Bush kiss: Man-on-man at the State of the Union. Shays explains
road.jpg Graphic artist Shepard Fairey puts his signature touch on a poster for Barack Obama.
road.jpg Silverchair and Faker frontmen Johns and Hudson: I’m not gay, but I am!
road.jpg ON THE TUBE: Supermodels, Britney Houston, Sarah Silverman.
road.jpg Udderly hot: Shia LaBeouf models the latest in cow couture.
road.jpg McCain gay baits in new Romney-bashing robo-call; Log Cabin defends.
road.jpg Barney Frank’s boyfriend and George Bush. Brit Hume shocked.
road.jpg John McCain wins Florida primary; Rudy Giuliani exits race.
road.jpg John Edwards drops out of Presidential race — good-bye.
road.jpg Iowa lawmakers ask Supreme Court to overturn same-sex marriage ruling.
road.jpg Gay Eustace Tilly: Can overt sexuality and marriage cohabitate?
road.jpg Best Man: Colin Farrell to serve at gay brother’s civil partnership.
road.jpg Leo Marlowe: Gay boy scores touchdown at American Idol audition.
road.jpg MUSIC: Kylie, Robyn, Leona Lewis, R.E.M., Cat Power, NKOTB, Shelby Lynne.
road.jpg Gay Indian prince announces plans to adopt a royal heir.
road.jpg Crazy: Britney Spears committed for psychiatric treatment.
road.jpg Montel Williams fired for refusing to discuss Heath Ledger death on FOX?
road.jpg Lifestyle brand: Tom of Finland launches signature scent.
road.jpg INTERVIEW: Tom Dolby dishes about his new book The Sixth Form.
road.jpg PLUS: Naked quarterback, Justin Timberlake, Pete Doherty, Treat Williams.

Posted February 1, 2008 at 11:00pm ETC by Andy Towle
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