Survivor: Krazy Kathy Meets Her First Homosexual


So, last night was the premiere of yet another season of Survivor, this time in Micronesia. They’ve brought back a selection of favorite contestants from the past (including hotties James and Ozzy) who are set up to compete against a group of Survivor fans. One of those fans is a woman I’m calling Krazy Kathy.

In the first ten minutes of the show, she meets both her first gay person and her first set of breast implants.

Kathy: “So, like, okay, you’re a homosexual. I don’t even know the right word to use. Is gay okay? It doesn’t mean, you wanna be a girl? (Aside) Well, I knew Chet was a homosexual — you know, you can just tell he is. I don’t have a problem with it, but I’ve never been friends with a homosexual. I think I worked with somebody in the 1980’s, bartending, that was gay, but that’s been about it. (To Chet) You can be my first gay man friend. Because I’ve never had a gay man friend.”

Here’s the clip — sorry for the poor quality.

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  1. another matt says

    I am so sick and tired of people on reality shows reacting with awe/amazement/slacked jaws when they meet someone who is gay/black/jewish/different.

    It’s like, don’t these people own televisions?

  2. EireKev says

    At least she’s being nice about it. Which is more than I can say for most on the fuck wads featured on Towleroad.

  3. topsyturvy says

    what i don’t get about her, this survivor FAN, is her crying about how hard it is. i was assuming that being a fan meant you’d acutally WATCHED THE SHOW!!!

  4. says

    Gotta hate those casting directors. man must they ALWAYS have to pick the most effeminant gay men. Couldn;t that BIG HUNK of Firefighter have been the GAY GUY?

    Can’t wait till Krazy Kathy meets Amy the Nanny Dyke.

    Oh and Survivor PLEASE don’t try to tell me the Gymnastics Coach is Straight! LOL

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  5. says

    Wolf said: Gotta hate those casting directors. man must they ALWAYS have to pick the most effeminant (sic) gay men.

    That’s worse than anything Krazy Kathy said.

  6. ck says

    Even more amazing are the mental health care professionals, from the facility with no human contact or communication in any form, allowing Kathy a pass long enough to participate in the show as the idiot from the Village of One.

  7. says

    Michael said: That’s worse than anything Krazy Kathy said

    I think not. I was knocking the Sirvivor casting directors for perpetualting sterotypes. They haven’t had really one BUTCH gay man on since the show began. So please don;t get all PC on me. Chet is efeminant and the typical (bad)sterotype.

  8. BillyBob says

    As a nelly homosexual myself, I’d be afraid to hug Krazy Kathy (one letter short of KKK). I know it’s a monotype (too poor to afford stereo), but those ‘tards can be really strong.

  9. ZEKE says

    They have actually intentionally cast a number of non-stereotyped gay men on the show. It’s not the casting directors or the director’s faults that the people chose not to come out on the show.

    Outsports has an article right now about one of them. He states outright that the casting directors knew, the directors knew and the other survivors knew but he just didn’t take the step to come out. He says that he wanted to show the world that he was an Asian gay man that didn’t fit the stereotype but acted as if he didn’t have enough time to come out. That’s a bit odd considering the fact that he was on the jury so he must have been on the show longer than most.

    And then there’s the model boy that was on Survivor but didn’t come out until he went on that aweful Janice Dickenson show.

    By the way I don’t agree with you that gay men being feminine is a BAD stereotype. It may be a stereotype but there are people who are naturally feminine and that is just as legitimate and worthy of respect as any other natural expression.

    I don’t like it that TV and film seems to promote the feminine stereotype almost exclusively as if it represents all gay men but I take offense at calling the stereotype “bad”.

  10. says

    Wolf, you’re an idiot. The fact that you think being effeminate is a “bad” thing proves that. What’s worse, you’re probably a bigger queen than anyone that’s ever been on Survivor.

  11. says

    Bad choice of words. So yes I am probably an idiot. i apologize for “bad”. Perhaps i should have used “typical and “classic” Well as for the “Asian” gay man who wanted to be known as “asian” and “JT Calderone.” yes the casting directors MIGHT have known and the other survivors but the veiwers didn’t. Look who’s been cast who’s OPENLY gay on the show. Coby the gay hairdresser, Todd the gay flight attendent. hatch the nudist bear. Actually the most UNSTEROTYPICAL portrayal has been AMY the Lesbian except in her first time out they portrayed her as really a “man hater”

    Once again I apologize for the “bad” remark. But I really would like tos ee them use an OPENLY gay man who’s just an everyday guy. They do exist

  12. says

    for the record, wolf, Richard hatch was the first openly gay man on surivor. While he’s a slimy weasel that I would not be proud to associate with, he isn’t a girly man.

    Furthermore, I was surprised to see that no one else’s first thought of krazy kathy was that she is a HUGE LESBIAN! Sorry, gayelle. I mean she fits the bill perfectly and works on a golf course!!!! That was why i think her shock was so blatant. She’s a closet case