1. peterparker says

    My Great Dane would use him as a chew toy!…just kidding…the beagle cute as all get out! Congrats, Uno!

  2. Joshua says

    JMG…Beagles are actually one of the smartest breeds going. But, just like people, there are exceptions to every rule…

  3. devilgirl says

    Dumb? JMG, you have a lot to learn about dogs. As the proud mom of a Beagle, a Puggle and a Beagle/Eskimo mix (we call him a Beagimo), Beagles are one of the smartest breeds out there. But as I always tell people, “Beagles are smart, but STUBBORN.” That’s really the only knock I have against them: they hear you, they understand you, but they do their own thing unless you have a firm hand.
    But I am thrilled for Uno and for the breed! Usually the snobbish dog world won’t even think of naming them best in Group, much less in Show. So this is wonderful! Go Uno!!!!