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    Oh, Jeff. Anyone who makes broad judgments about gay people based on one fictional fairy (played by a straight man) in hotpants followed by a camera crew in an airport probably isn’t going to be on our side anyway.

    Frankly, I’d much rather see Sacha prancing thru the airport than hear the inane cell phone calls of the porky business men who are usually strutting their stuff. Airport fairies should be mandatory.

  2. wetcnt says

    The whole point of this character is to reveal people’s deep seated feelings and beliefs about gay men. If you’ve watched any of the clips from his HBO show (widely available on YouTube) you will see how clever and subversive the character is.

    I, for one, would much rather confront the fear of noncomformity head on than try to convince the people that fear and hate us that we are all “just like them.”

    Bravo Bruno!

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    I don’t agree with WETCNT or PETERPARKER, I think Cohen’s Bruno plays into reactions to foreigners and in this case effeminate men that are assumed to be gay. I’m for anything where everybody (including gay men) are challenged to deal with their knee-jerk instinct to react violently to effeminate men.

    Battle on Bruno!!

  4. dezboy says

    Sacha is out to make more millions and nothing more. In this case he does it by putting on “gay face” (kinda like a minstrel show of grandpa’s day) and playing to ignorant middle American homophobia. If any of you think this movie is going to do anything to STOP homophobia you’re incredibly naive about what goes on in middle America.

  5. Banjiboi says

    I would be offended if it weren’t so damn funny!

    Besides, I agree with the assessmemt that Sacha is a comic genius, and f8cking brave to boot. Everytime I happen catch a clip of Bruno I’m always worried that somebody is going to do him physical harm.

    That said, I think that Sacha also has a genuine love for his Bruno persona.

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    I got some negative feedback over my lack of humor re: homophobe Jimmy Kimmel’s “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck” vid. In that vid, gay people were the joke to be laughed at. In Sacha’s work as Bruno, he holds the mirror up to such cretins. The man is genius.

  7. peterparker says

    DAVID B…I’m confused…it seems that you, WETCNT and I all believe that Cohen uses the Bruno character to shine a light on homophobia and then basically hold the homophobes up to ridicule once the film is broadcast…so, how is it that you then say you don’t agree with me and WETCNT?

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    DAVID B., you DO agree with PETER & WETCNT. You still sipping after the weekend? (I’m like that too, if I have any left in the bottle).

    I’m still laughing over Bruno and the wrestling college boys during spring break in Florida. You’re right, BANJIBOI, Sacha is fearless.

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    Ha, you’re right, Paul R.! I stand widely corrected. I bet Larry’s fairies weren’t dressed quite like Bruno, however? But when I perfect Larry’s “wide stance” technique, I hope to find out for sure.

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