Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno Screws Kansas Airport and Ben Affleck


On Friday I posted about Sacha Baron Cohen and his Kansas escapades as gay Austrian reporter Bruno. Officials at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport called Cohen's actions "unethical and highly inappropriate." And now there's video. Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

AffleckTurns out Kansas isn't Bruno's first victim. Ben Affleck was also fooled by Cohen.

According to SlashFilm: "Mike Walker of the National Enquirer reported the following on the Howard Stern Show on Thursday: Ben Affleck called comedian friend Sarah Silverman after completing a sit-down interview with a person he was told was a 'very famous openly gay fashion journalist'. Ben called the interview 'the weirdest sit-down he has ever had with a reporter' explaining that the interviewer’s (wholm he refered to as an 'idiot') first question was 'How Do You Like Niggers?' After a stunned silence, Silverman asked Affleck 'Was this guy’s name Bruno?' Then and only then did Affleck actually realize that the whole thing was a gag. There is no doubt that this interview will be featured in the final cut, which is currently scheduled to hit theaters in October 2008."

Watch Bruno's airport dance, AFTER THE JUMP...

Sacha Baron Cohen Terrorizes Kansas Airport in Hotpants [tr]