A Hot Wolverine Picture, and it’s Not Hugh Jackman


A camera array set up in the Tahoe National Forest of the Sierra Nevadas caught something on film that shocked and delighted ecologists and wildlife experts: the first image of a wolverine in that area in more than 30 years.

The HuffPo reports: “Forest Service Ecologist William J. Zielinski reported that the find (which came as a result of work by graduate student Katie Moriarty) was confirmed by wolverine expert Jeff Copeland. Zielinski and his team are now working to find out where this wolverine came from. Wolverines need immense ranges to survive and can cover hundreds of miles in a few days. They need help though: they’ve been exterminated through large parts of their range and it’s unknown how many live in California.”

There have, however, been some confirmed sightings in New Zealand.

The Real First Wolverine Shot: Hugh Jackman is a Hairy Beast [tr]


  1. says

    The fact that this sighting could mean the earth is attempting to heal itself with the return of the wolverines to North America is great. But; an animal that’s capable of dis-embowling a grown man with a single swipe of its paw… that’s frightening.

  2. anon says

    Much more dangerous than any bear in many ways, though wolverine attacks in the news I can’t recall. A true symbol of North American ecology, much like the buffalo.

  3. Monty says

    There are a lot of Wolverines living in California and we are far from exterminated. Just look at how many there are of us when we attend the Rose Bowl! We do cover many miles in a few days. Ann Arbor is a long drive.

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