Australian Gay Basher Jailed for Brutal Assault

A gay basher who brutally assaulted a man at HQ nightclub in the city of Adelaide has been sent to jail for eight months:

Hq“Mohamed Abdula Abdulrahman was celebrating his 20th birthday at HQ nightclub when he attacked the man in December, 2006. Abdulrahman claimed to have lost control when the other man made sexual advances towards him about 5am. He knocked the man out with a punch to the head, then stomped on his head six to eight times. A number of people restrained Abdulrahman, but he broke free and stomped the prone man’s head again. He also threatened one of the victim’s friends who was trying to help the badly injured man. The attack was captured on the nightclub’s security cameras and police arrested Abdulrahman soon after. District Court Judge Wayne Chivell said the victim was rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital, where he remained unconscious on a ventilator for several days.”

The judge gave Abdulrahman a lower-than-usual eight month non-parole sentence because of his youth and previous clean record.

Homophobic thug jailed for appalling assault []


  1. says

    So I guess if you murder someone in cold blood with witnesses then you’d probably serve a year since your ‘young and have a clean record’. I thought the US system was fucked up. Maybe his obvious anger issues will get worked out in prison with someone raping him and bashing his empty head with their foot.

  2. DC Guy says

    Uh, I think there’s a typo here….the article actually says the judge could have given a more lienient sentence but chose not to.

    8 months is probably not enough for this kind of garbage, but at least according to the linked news article it is “usual.”

  3. jason says

    People who go to Australia should realize that it is one of the most homophobic places on earth. Men cannot walk down Oxford Street (a gay enclave) in Sydney without being abused if they are holding hands. There have been several gay bashings there recently. Australia’s media likes to promote an image of tolerance but the opposite is the truth. Go there at your own risk.

  4. sam says

    Australia’s phony image of open-mindedness is a trick designed to get tourists to visit the country. The fact is no Australian state allows gay civil unions or gay marriage. There are domestic registry provisions in a couple of states but these are merely for the purpose of records and a few minor entitlements. Overall, a pretty bad place if you’re gay.

  5. Rafael says

    I don’t know about all these assertions regarding the homophobic status of Australia and Sydney in particular. I’ve traveled there once in 2004 and again in 2006. I understand that there have been an increase in homophobic attacks, but on the other hand I’ve seen gay couples holding hands down the Rock’s harbor, Elizabeth park and Oxford St. without anyone bashing on them. My impression on this, is that Sydney is a multicultural city with a lot of transit. Many Asians and muslins experience western culture for the very first time in Sydney and thus face their worse fears, these people cope with these radical changes in different ways, some of them pursue this kind of shameful attacks. Perhaps one feasible approach to this problem could be a diversity and tolerance education requirement to pursue residence in said country.

  6. bill says

    You all owe the judge an apology. It says that the judge DECLINED to give a lenient sentence of 8 months because the perpetrator did not show remorse. Instead the judge gave a sentence of 20 months. READ THE STORY:

    A NIGHTCLUB patron who stomped on the head of an unconscious man in an act of “mindless violence” has been jailed for 20 months.
    Judge Chivell said Abdulrahman’s youth and previous clean record meant he could impose a lower than usual non-parole period of eight months. But he declined to suspend the sentence. “Your behaviour was too serious, too callous and too violent to suspend the sentence,” he said.

  7. dean says

    a few overeactions there, one of the most homophobic places on earth?? i have lived in Sydney for 33 years and have been part of the gay scene for 12 years since i was 21, and have never had incident. I think I speak with more authority than those that have visited a couple of times.

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