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Barack Obama Criticizes Use of Gay Marriage as a Wedge Issue

Speaking to a crowd in Medford, Oregon last week, Barack Obama criticized the use of gay marriage as a wedge issue that distracts from the more important issues at hand.

Obama_oregon_3Said Obama: "The reason that we have to talk about and deal with these divisions is because we get distracted every political season and election cycle by these divisions. And then we end up ignoring these big problems. Think about what these last few election cycles have been about. We argue about immigration, but we don't try to solve the immigration problem. It's an argument that is all about people's passions instead of trying to figure it out. We argue about gay marriage. In the meantime the planet is...potentially being destroyed. We've got a war that is bankrupting us. And we're going to argue about gay marriage? (applause) I mean, that...doesn't make any sense."

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  1. Sen. Obama has a point. I would love to see the loving union between people of the same-gender be legalized and regarded as worthy of recognition in civil society.

    But, the human issues that are at the core of the same-sex marriage "debate" are never discussed. Instead the "debate" gets hijacked over and over by the rabid-right and the discussion of religion and the bible and "believers", ad nauseum.

    It does become a "wedge issue". And, then the worth of a candidate gets measured by whether they support defending "traditional marriage" and if they don't respond with an enthusiastic "yes!", the media starts the uproar and for weeks on end, it seems, the "debate" will be all about that nonsense, instead of: how do we extricate ourselves out of a war that should never have been and is bankrupting our country? Or: how do we resolve the corrupt practices of the banking and lending industries that have brought our economy to the verge of complete ruin? Or: how do we resolve our crippling dependency on imported oil and makes us virtual slaves to Arab countries and causes us to compromise our foreign policy?

    I think that eventually a gay or lesbian couples right to marriage will be recognized. But, to make it a core, focus issue for this presidential campaign--at least--makes us lose sight of the REAL issue: GET THOSE GODDAMNED REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE BEFORE THEY DESTORY THIS COUNTRY!

    Posted by: mike | Mar 26, 2008 12:00:41 PM

  2. I think it's a little silly to take a single remark out of context and analyze it to death. Don't we all occasionally misspeak, or mistype?

    That said, I also think none of these candidates are going to change anything that I really care about. (And, yes, I care about the war, but I want change on a deeper level, the level of the military-industrial-political complex, rather than simply an end to one particular military event.)

    Posted by: Christopher | Mar 29, 2008 1:37:20 PM

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