Big Brother 9‘s Housemates on Entering from the Rear


Last night on Big Brother 9's live feed, gay housemate Joshuah attempted to educate James, Chelsia, and Sharon on the ins and outs (so to speak) of gay sex. He also spreads some misinformation about protecting oneself from HIV:

"I do bareback with my boyfriend. We've both been tested for HIV and we're both negative so it's cool. I only do that with my boyfriend. I don't do that on a random one night stand. That's too risky. If you're a top it's okay because you can't really get HIV from being the top because you're penetrating them..."

James, however, appeared not to need much education.

View the clip, AFTER THE JUMP (warning: NSFW - also very crude language)...

Begins around the 3:00 mark.

(via guytvblog)