1. banjiboi says

    “What is Big Mo’? Sure, it’s a candy bar, but it’s also everything that Dale Jr. loves—including chocolate, peanut butter and caramel. Big Mo’ is racing. The way you need it like oxygen, because it’s in your DNA and if you’re not around it, you can’t keep going. Big Mo’ is your buddies. Hanging out ‘til all hours of the night crackin’ jokes, playing pool and just kicking back and having a good time like you always do. Big Mo’ is being true to yourself. When you get right down to it, that’s the only thing that matters—doing what you love because you love it and not needing any other reason.”



    It sounds so much like me and my gay brethren.

    I’m a Big Mo’.

  2. banjiboi says

    Chandler in LV:

    Feels good knowing I’m not alone…..

    And you know what pains me most is that I’ve had the wrong idea about those NASCAR guys all along.

  3. DR.FUNK says

    Posted by: chandler in lasvegas | Mar 18, 2008 4:13:28 PM

    Boy, their marketing people must be REALLY
    naive! How long will it take them to get the joke and pull the Big Mo Bar off the market in a panic?

    Did’nt get the memo? NASCAR has been on a diversity kick since the mid 90’s.This would be the final frontier indeed.Why not keep it & let the “inside joke” ride?

  4. says

    I am a NASCAR (although, not a Dale Jr.) fan & I’ve been telling people since this came out that he probably didn’t get the double meaning behind this. Glad that people are starting to catch on, b/c I think it’s hilarious! :)

  5. says

    While a large group of NASCAR fans may be homophobic, not ALL fans are. I should know, as I’ve run an online group for GLBT NASCAR fans for over five years now. I really wish people wouldn’t stereotype some to being ALL. We don’t like it when “they” do it to “us,” so let “us” not do it to “them.”

    And, as someone has pointed out, these bars have been around for months. No, the marketing people probably didn’t do a very well-balanced focus group to come up with the name. But, I think it’s pretty cool that they came up with a double entendre, albeit innocently.

  6. queendru says

    That other “big ‘mo” (a term i find offensive) Lance Bass is a NASCAR fan.

    Enough with the stereotyping, Joe. You wouldn’t like being stereotyped, would you?

  7. Hephaestion says

    The placement of the apostrophe at the end of MO indicates that letters were cut off the end of the word. Putting it before the MO would indicate that letters (such as HO) were cut off the beginning of the word.

    But homophobes are too dumb to realize that so it would still make a great t-shirt logo to piss them off.

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