1. says

    Damn. He’s 53 and looks better than I did at 23. I know he gets paid to look good, but it’s so difficult to maintain any semblance of a decent body after 40. Looking like that is a major accomplishment. My hat’s off to him.

  2. Jeff says

    He’s appeared to be aging well in recent movies and other appearances, but until I saw the shirtless pics above, I had no idea how well. He should take his shirt off more often.

  3. LD says

    Didn’t Dennis find Jebus? I think he’s on the God Squad these days. I know he’s spent a good deal of time partying in his life. Crack will do wonders for your abs.

  4. peterparker says

    Trust me, fellas…he doesn’t look so hot in person. Three years ago, I stood about 5 feet away from him in the garage at Chateau Marmont. We were both waiting for the valet to retrieve our cars so I got a good look at him. He looked *really* haggard. The body is still great, obviously, but the face looks like an old leather bag. It ain’t all that.

  5. rudy says

    Thanks Andy for providing my new “incentive picture” that I tape on the refrigerator door. I FINALLY got into the incentive jeans (oh, for the days of yore and 28/38 501s) and needed a bit more inspiration to actually be able to take deep breaths while in them. As for “needing” a haircut and having a worn face, all y’all are dead wrong. I would take the shaggy curls framing that handsome face that bears the well-earned crinkles over any of the twinks now masquerading as Hollywood’s “leading men”.

  6. sydneyboi says

    53 and still looking like that!!! Love em hot daddies!!!

    And PUHLEASSSSEEE, the guy’s 53 for god’s sake, of coz his face would not be silky smooth…..not unless you do botox….

  7. Dudehouse says

    These pictures aren’t new and in person he does not look hot at all. Alcohol, drugs, anorexia, what addiction hasn’t he had? Sorry, but no thanks! I’d rather have a nice men with some less abs and less problems!

  8. Harrison says

    Anyone remember the episode of Will & Grace where the titular characters have lost their Homojo?

    Will references the movie “The Rookie” and says “Dennis Quaid? Yum! Dennis Quaid in a cup? Yummer?”

    This is kind of like Yummest to me.

  9. PeePee says

    I, PeePee, saw a VERY FAMOUS celebrity at a VERY UPSCALE hotel!

    I, PeePee, just thought you would all be terribly fascinated that I, PeePee, always seem to come thisclose to famous celebrities and that I, PeePee, frequent upscale establishments!

    I, PeePee, do those things!

  10. Zuma says

    I heard in an interview on Actor’s Guild that Quaid says it’s purely genetic — that he doesn’t really do that much exercise at all.

    Now you can all officially hate him.

    Or better yet, get a tissue sample for assimilation when the (Borg’s nanotech) technology catches up. =)

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