News: Passport Breaches, Bill Richardson, HIV, The Office

road.jpg State Department acknowledges security breaches on Obama, Clinton, and McCain passport information: “[Secretary of State Condoleezza] Rice expressed concern over the privacy violations as well as the fact that they weren’t reported right away. Rice said the incident “should have been made known to senior management. It was not to my knowledge and we also want to take every step we can to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.”

Clinton_wrightroad.jpg The Clintons and Rev. Jeremiah Wright: “The recent coverage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright has often cast him as a marginal, almost fringe figure, but Trinity Church is a major Chicago institution, and Wright has long been a prominent pastor on the American scene. And an anonymous blog set up to defend his church offers some compelling photographic evidence of this: A photograph of Wright and President Clinton, which it says was taken on Sept. 11, 1998 — the date of a White House gathering for religious leaders.”

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal had some kind of accident.

road.jpg London protest: a protest will be held opposite Downing Street this Saturday, March 22 from 2-3 pm in support of gay Iranian teen Mehdi Kazemi and to demand Britain recognize the right of refugees to claim asylum on the grounds of sexual orientation.

road.jpg New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson endorses Barack Obama: “I believe he is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime leader that can bring our nation together and restore America’s moral leadership in the world. As a presidential candidate, I know full well Senator Obama’s unique moral ability to inspire the American people to confront our urgent challenges at home and abroad in a spirit of bipartisanship and reconciliation.”

Tattoosroad.jpg Dept. of regrettable tattoos: Like father, like son.

road.jpg Donald Hitchcock vs the DNC: Howard Dean’s gay headache.

road.jpg Jim McGreevey wins a round in divorce court: “Former Gov. Jim McGreevey didn’t plan to torment his wife while they were married, a judge in their divorce case ruled Thursday, while allowing her to continue with a claim of marriage fraud. The judge dismissed Dina Matos McGreevey’s claim of emotional distress against her estranged gay husband. ‘Mr. McGreevey was not out to destroy her emotionally,’ Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy said.”

road.jpg Match drag queens with their baby pictures.

Baldwinroad.jpg Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin gets juiced.

road.jpg Stealth form of HIV may hold key to vaccine: “HIV is so dangerous because it is adept at avoiding detection by the immune system, says Carolyn Williamson at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Some patients, however, have genetic mutations in the machinery of their immune system that are able to track and respond to HIV infection. In these people, the virus sacrifices its ability to grow in order to resist the immune attack. ‘HIV strives to survive,’ says Williamson, ‘It will even compromise its fitness to evade detection – and that might impair its ability to replicate.’ Now, Williamson’s research team has shown that in its compromised form, HIV is less able to take a grip if it is transmitted to a new host – even if that person doesn’t have the beneficial mutations in their immune system.”

road.jpg Butte: Mainstream media ignores victimization of gays. “If the media paid more attention to King’s murder and the homophobia behavior that permeates our public schools, perhaps there’d be a public outcry here in the Sunshine State against the Legislature’s removal from the proposed Safe School bill language that addresses harassment of GLBT students.”

road.jpg The Office is back – here’s the new promo!


  1. Franklin says

    The Bachelor guy is SUCH A TOOL. He’s clearly aware of the camera and sucking in his stomach, making it look worse!

    IMHO self-aware, preening vain guys are completely unhot. Yuck.

  2. z says

    Didn’t Richardson get like 5% of the vote in NH and then drop out. That doesn’t seem like to much of an endorsement.

  3. Jimmyboyo says

    It also turns out that Rev Wright when younger was a nurse to LBJ when he was in the hospital and recieved 3 letters of comendation from LBJ.

    A real anti-american traitor there folks. (snark)


    Then please explain why Clinton was trying so hard to get richardson’s endorsment.

    How it plays out is anyone’s quess(pre tx would have been better), but you can’t dismiss it simply on the fact that Hillary has tried so hard to get it for herself.

  4. Banne says

    pre texas would have been better? i think obama should be happy after this last week he’s getting someone to come out and endorse him. it’s going to certainly help him recover from his tragic drop in polling.

    as for wright, him winning anything 40 years ago or eating breakfast at the white house 15 years ago does not change the fact that he should not be the spiritual advisor of Barack Obama. i’m a fairly progressive person but i was fairly disgusted listening to his rants on white churches, his promotion of Marxism and accusing our government of inventing the AIDS virus to kill blacks.

    I’m fairly certain if I’m disgusted, there are people out there who will hear thi on a loop until november and certainly question Obama’s judgment in keeping this man in his sphere of influence. And I expect more and more inflammatory testimonials from this church will surface in the general and the republicans will not hesitate to use it to not only drive conservatives out to vote against obama but to scare those working class white people in ohio and pennsylvania away from him.

    So yes, I think Wright is anti-American and ridiculous. I don’t care who he ate breakfast with 15 years ago. He certainly didn’t baptize Chelsea Clinton.

  5. z says

    He’s looking for a VP post. He knows he won’t get it from Clinton. She would offer it up to Obama, if she gets the democratic nomination. Richardson probably won’t ever get further politically, he needs to be on Obama’s short list. He’s almost 61, he won’t have to many more chances.

  6. Silverskreen says

    Clinton did want Richardson’s endorsement pretty badly, particularly considering that Bill spent Super Bowl Sunday with the guy.

    I do think that symbolically his endorsement means something to Obama, especially in a week where there’s been a lot of press over Rev. Wright and that whole ordeal. Also because Richardson is a “super-delegate”, so it’s another plus in the column for Obama on that front. It might signal other super-delegates that it’s ok to follow suit after the Wright thing.

    Whether it translates to votes is another question altogether, if one is to suppose that his endorsement is aimed it making him a more appealing candidate for Latino voters.
    Richardson himself has stated that he doesn’t believe that endorsements sway voters too much one way or another. Talking heads would of course disagree. It all still remains to be seen. Just like Hillary’s lead in the new Gallup poll – way too early to rejoice over one poll. ( And believe me, I’d love to).

    As for the picture being circulated by the Obama campaign – good to know that hope and change are such cheap commodities.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “Wright is anti-American and ridiculous.”

    Then the truth must be anti-American and ridiculous. The religious leaders associated with the Republican Party are full of white racist lies and historically inaccurate bullshit–that makes them pro-American and serious. Same old story.

  8. Brian says

    Bill Richardson’s endorsement for Obama is such a joke. For starters, Billy hardly had a following to write home about.

    Secondly, the main Hispanic-heavy states have voted, so which voting block is he going to inspire to vote for Obie?

    Third, when he dropped out, he said repeatedly that if it ever came down to the superdelegates, he urged them to follow the vote for their constituents. His state voted for Clinton, and the Hispanic vote has been much stronger for Clinton across the country. Well, it should be easy for a liar to align himself with another liar!

    Fourth, his career was built on the back of Bill, and to an extent, Hillary. Hispanics are generally a loyal people, and I know, because I count quite a number as my close friends. I can only expect Obama to have offered him so high position in his administration, or even the VP post. — It had better be a good offer, because he probably wouldn’t get re-elected as the NM Gov. when the time comes.

  9. Tweety says

    A friend of a friend (female) had sexual relations with “the bachelor” and said it was not worth repeating. And, ewwwww! He looks so gross in those photos.

  10. Jimmyboyo says


    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    I don’t think he is on obama’s short list though. Sec of state now is a perfect spot for Richardson.

    As a crazy person :-) and a lay person I think obama’s short list is

    1 Claire McCaskill

    2 Clair McCaskill

    3 Claire McCaskill

    Southernish (missouri) and a popular female senator. Since Pelosi says no on an Obama/ Clinton ticket, Obama needs to shore up the female support that Hillary enjoys.

    Claire McCaskill as VP is a win win for Obama also since she unlike Richardson doesn’t have her eyes on the POTUS seat.

    Obama/ Richrdson though a strong ticket might be too much brown people for Amrica. I wish otherwise, but being realistic about the average american……


    “our government of inventing the AIDS virus to kill blacks”

    Try to look at it from the perspective of the Tuskegee experiments.

    I disagree with Wrights premise, but if I was a black man or a half black man, I would have some thoughts in the back of my head due to the Tuskegee experiments.

  11. Zeke says

    The Rev. Wright hoopla has gone from the ridiculous to the absurd. I don’t want either the Clinton’s or the Obama’s assiciation with this man who has done so much good for so many people over his 36 year ministry, to be turned into some tawdry scandal.

    Drop it already or I’m gonna be forced to do a Chris Crocker styled “Leave Rev. Wright ALOOOOOONE!” videos.

    Sorry to be the one to tell you SILVERSKREEN (not really) but the Gallup poll, is already showing a reversal.

    I can’t help but notice how some of the Hillary supporters (Bedwell, Silverskreen) have all of the sudden, only in the last week, discovered the polls.

    I wonder if they will still be posting their results in the next week or two? Somehow I doubt it.


  12. Jimmyboyo says

    Zeke, but silverskreen is one of the nice Clinton supporters.

    He also seems to be willing to support Obama for the general so I embrace him as an obamahead pre his conversion.

    Though an embrace from my crazy a@@ isn’t something to write home about.

  13. silverskreen says

    ZEKE –

    Just discovered them? Please. It was hardly something to write home about, I assure you.
    I was making a comparison to Bill Richardson’s endorsement, that simply because it’s being reported and in the news, it is hardly something to rejoice about because we don’t know what it means in real terms. Both situations are political posturing – nothing more.

    While I’m sure your heart is in the right place, your comprehension skills leave something to be desired today.

  14. Silverskreen says


    Over McCain in the general election, certainly and without a doubt. An Obama-head? There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell. The more the campaign goes on, the more I dislike him and his campaign staff/advisers.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, however. hehe.

    I don’t know that you’ll always think of me as “nice”, but I’m making the effort to keep it civil, if not unbiased. I won’t always succeed, but I’m trying.

    Hope ya have a good weekend, Mr.J

  15. noah says

    “…Our government of inventing the AIDS virus to kill…” Didn’t a whole bunch of ACT-UP activist accuse the U.S. government of deliberately letting gay people die of AIDS? Or, that whole thing about pharmaceutical companies being defended by the government when they blackmailed poor countries to pay exorbitant prices for HIV medications?

    Part of the belief in the willingness of the government to do horrible things to its citizens is based in fact: Jim Crow, double standards in sentencing laws, legalized forced sterilization, genocide of Native Americans, deliberate creation of the ghettos,etc. Does no one remember the information about how the Contra War in Central America was funded? The whole thing about selling drugs to fund weapons because Congress outlawed U.S. funding. (No one remember the joke: Nancy said just say no; and Ronnie said just fly low (under the radar)?)

    Listening to Pat Buchanan, Tucker Carlson, and the editors of the National Review call Wright a hatemonger is deeply ironic given their long histories of racist and homophobic statements. Remember Tucker Carlson bragging about gay bashing someone? But there he is on TV denouncing Obama’s pastor.

    What is interesting is listening the recording of McCain’s pastor discussing how the terrible gay people are destroying American culture and how he’s being persecuted for it.

    Again, why do so many of the Obama haters seem to avoid discussing McCain’s connection to John Hagee and the Right-wing preachers he’s courted? Preachers like Hagee who spew rabid anti-gay hate are at the heart of the GOP. But there the sound of silence:

    October 2007
    doi: 10.1176/
    © 2007 American Psychiatric Association

    Book Review
    Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans From Colonial Times to the Present
    by Harriet A. Washington; New York, Doubleday, 2007, 512 pages, $27.95

    Joshua Miller, Ph.D.

    Most readers of Psychiatric Services are familiar with the notorious Tuskegee Syphilis Study, where 399 African American men with syphilis were studied by the United States Public Health Service to observe the course of the disease. Treatment for study participants was not only withheld but actively suppressed by the experimental team. The study began in the 1930s and continued until the early 1970s, when Peter Buxton, a young Polish immigrant who worked as a venereal disease interviewer for the Public Health Service, publicly blew the whistle after he was unable to prevail upon the Public Health Service to stop the experiment.

    As shocking as that incident was, Harriet Washington amply documents how it was but one of many medical abuses committed against African Americans throughout United States history and probably was not the worst. In fact, Washington describes a multifaceted pattern of racist and unethical medical practice, largely unknown to most people in the United States—particularly those who have not experienced racial oppression—with devastating consequences for the well-being of millions of African-American citizens. This practice led to a health “chasm” between blacks and whites and eroded the trust of many African Americans in the medical system to this day.

    Washington, a journalist with a strong background in medical ethics, presents a thorough and compelling case and an encyclopedic historical catalogue of medical mistreatment, ethical lapses, misguided and harmful research, eugenic abominations, lethal experiments, discrimination, and neglect of essential medical needs. Washington starts at the beginning, which is important for understanding the evolution of “medical apartheid.” She traces the collusion of slaveholders with doctors, some of whom were also slaveholders, to uphold economic interests while placing patients at risk and submitting them to painful, sadistic, risky experiments, such as untested vaccinations, intentional burns, and exposure to lethal levels of heat.

    African captives were displayed in zoos and museums. We learn of sterilization of black mothers, injection of radioactive substances into uninformed and unaware research subjects, seduction and trickery of parents so that they allowed their children to participate in high-risk experiments and invasive surgery, and even release of dengue-, malaria-, and yellow-fever-bearing mosquitoes in African-American neighborhoods as part of an experiment by the Army Chemical Corps to test the efficacy of disease-bearing mosquitoes as a form of biological warfare. Even death did not bring respite; black cadavers were stolen from cemeteries to be used in white medical schools.

    Washington thoroughly documents her concerns and has conducted impressive research. However, she goes beyond merely presenting the facts. She ties the medical malpractices into the larger issue of racism that has been a constant fiber in the thread of the American republic. Citing quotes from some of the book’s worst offenders and linking them to prevailing ideologies and beliefs of the times, Washington shows how these abhorrent practices made sense to the people who promulgated them. She also illustrates a confluence of culpability between the government, the medical establishment, and the mainstream media, who created a legitimizing discourse enshrining scientific method and blaming recalcitrant victims for resisting the treatment because of suspicion and superstition. All of this has led to major mistrust of medicine and medical practitioners among many in the African-American community, further exacerbating the health chasm between races.

    Washington’s tone is at times understandably angry, yet she is also measured and thorough in her approach. She marshals an impressive array of evidence, and by use of quotes, the voices of perpetrators and victims speak for themselves. She is very cautious about attributing everything to racism, at times bending over backward to include other factors, and yet the impact of racism on the chain of misdeeds is indelibly inscribed. Although the book concerns itself with the domain of health and medicine, it illustrates the pattern of how institutions operate in many areas.

    This landmark book is essential reading for all who work in medical, public health, and related professions and settings. Racism is still operating today to create higher health risks, less access to services, and lower-quality medical care for many people of color. This problem has historical, social, political, ideological, and psychological roots that influence all professions and service delivery systems. Medical Apartheid helps to shine a light of clarity and understanding into the dark shadows and recesses that have obscured our ability to grasp our past and to chart a socially and medically just future

  16. Rodrigo says

    The Richardson endorsement is a big deal, at least for the GE. I’m Mexican-American, and at least half of my extended family has talked about this… Even the diehard Clinton supporters have taken notice.

    He’s very popular amongst Puerto Ricans too… He’s been a big advocate of self-determination measures for the island. It certainly won’t hurt Obama to have Richardson on board for that primary.

  17. Michael Bedwell says

    As the Tuskegee experiment keep getting brought up in relation to Jeremiah Wright, it’s time that we shed some much needed light on them. Particulary an aspect that Noah’s book review ignores.

    First, it was NOT simply a “whites exploiting blacks” study. That does not make its evolution any less reprehensible but the quickness with which people assume it was, which requires tuning out the fact that it gets its name from the all-black Tuskegee Institute started by Booker T. Washington, is one of those problems in addressing ongoing race-related divisions in our society that Obama spoke of this week. Solutions will not be found without divorcing myth and reverse bigotry from fact.

    The white-controlled Public Health Service was given access to Tuskegee’s hospital for the study WHICH WAS ENDORSED by Robert Moton, Tuskegee’s head, Dr. Eugene Dibble, Tuskegee’s Medical Director, and other predominately black institutions and local black doctors. In addition, the person who was continually involved with the study for the longest period, for 40 years, was a black nurse, Eunice Rivers, the liaison between the patients and doctors.

    The original reason for the study’s focus was not “let’s torture the Nigras” or whatever some might imagine but was the disproportionately high incidence of syphilis at the time among poor black men. Contrary to another pernicious myth, those studied were NOT injected with syphilis but already had it. That they were not told they were infected, and then not treated when penicillin became widely available is criminal. But there were other African-American professionals lying to them as well as white; and, again, a woman of color coordinating the study, and, therefore, coordinating the lies for four decades.

    Even in the 60s, when the white PHS venereal-disease investigator Noah referenced tried to stop the study, the BLACK National Medical Association supported its completion, i.e., until all subjects had died and been autopsied.

    I don’t know if Rev. Wright is aware of these details, but I do know that as of 2005 a study indicated that more than half of all African-Americans in the US believe the government has an AIDS cure they are withholding from poor people; that half believe AIDS was man-made; and that a quarter think the government created it. “About 16 percent agreed that AIDS was created by the government to control the black population. About 15 percent agreed that AIDS is a form of genocide against African Americans.”

    Nota Bene: there is NO credible evidence to support any of these beliefs so WHY is Wright helping perpetuate them when to do so is empirically harmful to his people?

    Phil Wilson, founder and Executive Director of the Black AIDS Institute founder and Executive Director Phil Wilson told the “Washington Post” that such beliefs are “a huge barrier to HIV prevention in black communities.” Other research shows that stories about the Tuskegee experiments contribute not just to that devastating problem but to many blacks resisting seeking medical care generally, vaccinating their children, etc.

    So I find it unconscionable that an influential leader like Rev. Wright who has done a number of admirable things in relation to AIDS, such as Trinity’s AIDS ministry and demonstrating one World AIDS Day Sunday how easy an oral HIV test was by getting one himself in front of his congregation and insisting that several members of his staff do it at the same time, has continued to fan the flames of fear about its origin that unintentionally but undeniably fans the continued spread of AIDS among his people where it is the leading cause of death for black women aged 25–34. The same Rand study showed that black men who believe such conspiracy theories “ARE LESS LIKELY TO USE CONDOMS AS A PRECAUTION AGAINST SPREADING THE HIV VIRUS.”

    Thus, as Eldridge Cleaver might have said, in this area, Wright is a part of the problem as much as he is a part of the solution. Obama has courageously brought up the role of homophobia in the escalation of HIV infections among his people. It’s time everyone stopped making excuses for Wright and starting holding him accountable for his own deadly contribution which contradicts everything else he’s done.

  18. Jimmyboyo says


    Thanks for the info on the book.

    It sounds like a must read. Honestly though, after reading the review I am scared to read it because I would probably cry like a baby


    Here is a little info from wikipedia on the purposefuly ifecting Indians with smallpox

    “During a parley at Fort Pitt on June 24, 1763, Captain Simeon Ecuyer gave representatives of the besieging Delawares two blankets and a handkerchief that had been exposed to smallpox, in hopes of spreading the disease to the Indians in order to end the siege”

    It is wikipedia so take it with a huge grain of salt. Well, a salt lick block.

    None of this is proof that rev wright was/is right on that issue. It does show that AA men have some good reasons to harbor dark conspiratorial thoughts about the US gov.

  19. Daniel says

    The Condi Rice story didn’t merit a single response here so far?! This is a story that is creepy & her reply of “the higher ups should have known about the error, but didn’t” and “we’ll work to improve our mistakes” is just tawdry in the wake of the last 7 years.

    These are presidential candidates and their personal info is getting invaded by State. And the candidates get an apology for it after. If you or I make a mistake of this magnitude at work, we would be fired. But i bet no one at State gets more than a light reprimand for this. And if this (state dept. looking into private files) happens to non-famous people like you and me, do you think Condi would call us to apologize? Would we even learn about it?

    And instead of looking into this story much, the media is STILL talking about Obama and his race speech from days ago. Someone on an earlier post pointed out how lame Brian Ross’s “Invesitgative Report” was a few days ago that pointed out Hillary was inside the white house when Lewinsky was with Bill. That type of (poor) reporting and today’s light coverage of this Condi Rice/State Dept story just makes me think journalists are, as a tribe, VERY pathetic and unskilled.

  20. nic says

    were it not for the clintons’ elevation of him to cabinet status, he would not be a governor now. his endorsement of obama stinks to high heaven. he has been sniffing around for a v.p. position under either of the candidates. he smells success on obama’s tail, hence his endorsement.

    this is an example of political oppurtunism at its most foul. he is a mex-am as i am. he does not make me proud. he brings up painful memories of the disgraced alberto gonzales who was so happy to be an indoor peon that he would wag his tail at the beck and call of the “shrub”.

    DERRICK, are you getting my drift?

    ugh. is power so seductive that it is worth selling your integrity for? another man-whore hits the dust. i need a bath.


    what’s the deal? why do you keep deleting my comments?

  21. Jimyboyo says


    The problem is that the current congress will not investigate properly and impeach ala watergate.

    The most they will do is send a strongly worded letter.

    That said, what is the point of getting upset about it. I would love to, but our current congress sucksssssssssss


    I am sure there is a lot of opurtunism in Richardson’s endorsment, BUT there is no comparison between him and bushco’s lacky Gonzales.


    Richardson at least has brains.

    Gonzales was just a yes man to bushco’s crazyness and comes off as almost as dimwitted as bush.

  22. Zeke says

    Sorry SILVERSKREEN but it’s clearly YOU that needs to worry about your comprehension skills.

    When I said that you “have all of the sudden, only in the last week, discovered the polls” I was referring to the fact that this is the first time I can remember you posting a poll. You didn’t post the poll numbers last week or two weeks ago, or a month ago but no sooner does Obama drop below Clinton and BOOM you and BEDWELL “discovered” them and decided it was imortant to share them with us.

    If you can show me another example of where you posted poll results, like a week ago or last month when Obama was well ahead, then I will take my comment back and apologize.

    Even still it’s pretty embarrassing for you to tell someone else that they have comprehension problems when it was YOU who misunderstood my comment.

    I’ll anxiously await your examples of your poll posts, or you mea culpa, which ever you come up with first.

  23. Silverskreen says

    ZEKE –

    Let’s cover this again, shall we?
    ‘Whether it translates to votes is another question altogether, if one is to suppose that his endorsement is aimed it making him a more appealing candidate for Latino voters.
    Richardson himself has stated that he doesn’t believe that endorsements sway voters too much one way or another. Talking heads would of course disagree. It all still remains to be seen. JUST LIKE Hillary’s lead in the new Gallup poll -WAY TOO early to rejoice over ONE POLL. ( And believe me, I’D LOVE TO).*

    As for the picture being circulated by the Obama campaign – good to know that hope and change are such cheap commodities.’

    Posted by: Silverskreen | Mar 21, 2008 4:00:51 PM
    * It Implies I wish it were true, not that I think it is.
    ZEKE –

    Just discovered them? Please. .IT WAS HARDLY SOMETHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT, I ASSURE YOU. I WAS MAKING A COMPARISON TO BILL RICHARDSON’S ENDORSEMENT, that SIMPLY BECAUSE IT’S BEING REPORTED IN THE NEWS, it is HARDLY something to rejoice about because we don’t know what it means in real terms. BOTH SITUATIONS are political posturing – NOTHING MORE.

    While I’m sure your heart is in the right place, your comprehension skills leave something to be desired today.

    Posted by: silverskreen | Mar 21, 2008 4:54:38 PM

    Did I reference a poll? Of course. Was I gloating or suggesting I somehow believed it a reason of celebration? No. I expressed that I would LOVE to do so, but that it was WAY too early to do so. I couldn’t because I didn’t know what it really meant anymore than I knew what Bill Richardson’s endorsement meant outside of the news coverage.

    I could CARE LESS what the damn poll says about her lead or lack there of. I’m well aware that it isn’t anything tangible and they constantly fluctuate, depending on who the hell they ask. Which is exactly why I don’t generally quote or post poll numbers. Today being the only time I referenced one.

    So, let me be clear: You didn’t understand and then pulled a smug remark out of your derrière.

    Disagree with me or anyone else all you want, Zeke – prove me wrong when I am.
    But save the smugness for when you know what you’re talking about.

  24. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED says

    The problem is not with Wright. His robust contempt for American racists, including those who mistakenly brand that attitude as ‘black racism’, is an entirely healthy and appropriate response to the racism woven into the very fabric of US society. Wrights analysis of the origins of the horrific criminal attack by terrorists on 9-11 is also correct – it is directly tied to US support for the racist apartheid policies of zionists.

    Obama, McCain and Clinton are the problem. Clinton and McCain are Bush Stout and Obama is he Bush Lite. Like Billary Clinton, he’s a Democrat, a political hustler in a right centrist party who will say anything to get elected.

    A vote for the Democrats or Republicans is a vote for a party that gutted ENDA, dropped the hate crimes bill and refuses to repeal Billarys DOMA and DADT. They did that so the Republicans couldn’t claim they were GLBT friendly or use our agenda as a ‘wedge’ issue. Billary and Obama didn’t offer a hint of protest when all that was going on.

    Like Clinton and McCain Obama openly, arrogantly and unashamedly panders to gay bashing christian bigots. However Obama’s gay basher bedfellows like Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin and Bush’s ‘spirit’ advisor are chump change compared to Billarys. Her admirers include her Senatorial bible class littermates Santorum of Pennsylvania and Brownback of Kansas. Pat Robertson admires her ‘tacking to the right’ and Faux News owner Rupert Murdoch gave her a $100,000 ‘donation’ for services rendered.

    Obama was the first presidential candidate to support the NAFTA Peru extension bill. The AFL-CIO, all Peruvian unions and most environmental and anti-poverty organizations oppose NAFTA which is crafted to cut wages, bust unions and is a rolling environmental disaster. Obama, Clinton and most Republicans support NAFTA and are telling lies when they say they do not. They have to if they want corporate money.

    In spite of all his hype about the war one thing remains crystal clear, neither he, Clinton or the Republicans can or will end the war. A victory by the Iraqis will end it, just like the war in Vietnam was ended. Obama, in an especially witless policy statement said he would attack Pakistan, a nation with nuclear weapons. Obama and Clinton say they won’t end the war until 2013 at the earliest, and McCain of course want to fight for a century or two.

    Like Clinton and McCain, Obama is a handpuppet for the HMO, pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Don’t get sick if one of them wins. The National Nurses Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO condemns Obama, saying “Obama has chosen to give more customers and more public funds to the for-profit insurance corporations. It’s an expensive gift and one that allows them to continue meddling in medical decision-making while raking in obscene blood-money profits.”

    The problem is that if enough people are stupid and vote for him he might win. That would be as disastrous as when Clinton (DADT and DOMA) or Bush 2 won. With Democrats like these who needs Republicans. A Republican candidate is a loud-mouthed baboon in a people suit with a theocratic christian attached at the hip. A Democratic candidate is a Republican in drag.

  25. nic says

    no, jimmyboyo, the sad thing of it all is the very act of it. i have no doubt that gonzales and richardson have excellent minds. yet, they and so many others (condoleeza, scooter libby, ad nauseum) are willing to sell their souls for political expediency or self-aggrandizement or pelf or filthy lucre or whatever you want to call it.

    i stand with those who are willing to say, “be forewarned, friends, this line is for heapin’ helpin’s of chicken salad; this other is for loads of chicken shit.” i would hope that we all line up correctly.

    silverskreen, u da man.

  26. Jimmyboyo says

    I will have to disagree with you NIC.

    Not on lusting after the lucre, but on Gonzales’ brain power vs Richardson’s brain power.


    Forthe whole poll discussion and just t stir things up a bt.

    Here is a new gallop poll

    Gallop daily tracking poll =Obama back up

    Obama 48% Cklinton 45% all margin of error.

    That said, the only pollster that has been anywhere near acurate this season is SUSA

  27. Jimmyboyo says

    damn typos, sorry

    and YES patrick NYC

    wherever you are, a retarded 2nd grader could probably type better than I.

    I hope you are having a nice day

  28. silverskreen says


    “and YES patrick NYC

    wherever you are, a retarded 2nd grader could probably type better than I.

    I hope you are having a nice day

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Mar 22, 2008 5:33:31 PM”
    LOL!!! NICE!!! Hahahahahaha…too damn cute/funny.

    NIC –

    Gracias, buddy boy.

  29. Zeke says


    Touché! You’re absolutely right!. Not only did I misunderstand your comment, I misunderstood it TWICE! AND I made an ass of myself. Sorry. I may need a comprehension refresher course every now and then.

    Your posting the Gallup poll came right on the heals of Brother Michael B posting the same poll but he unlike you WAS making a point of letting everyone know what a hit Obama had taken, in hopes that he was going down and out. It was the first time, as far as I remember, that Mr. Bedwell posted a poll; especially in the last month or so.

    I still have suspicions that you were cleverly and gently making a similar point but I have to at least give you points for creativity and covering it well.

    I doubt Brother Bedwell will be posting Gallup again this week since Obama is already back up 48% to 45%. And here I was thinking it would take a week or more for him to make up that ground. I guess I shouldn’t underestimate my own candidate.

    Anyway, sorry again. If I didn’t cross the line of my own standards for discourse I certainly had my toe on the line.


  30. silverskreen says

    Zeke –

    Damn it, you apologized! You’re a bigger man than I, bubb. I was having fun with the pouting. lol. JK

    Well, not only is your apology accepted, but I apologize myself for getting caught up in something that was a misunderstanding and taking it further than it needed to go.
    After all, it always takes two.

    Happy Sunday! Peace :)

  31. NowItMatters says

    Mathematically, Hillary will not be able to pull ahead of Obama in pledged delegates, popular vote and states won.
    Hence, the ONLY way she could win is by greasing the skids of uncommitted super delegates and simultaneously being fraudulent. There is no other way if the will of the voters is to be followed – as it certainly should be. We otherwise have a travesty going on.
    It’s time for the media to get a reality check and grow some balls and tell it like it is. Thus, Hillary would be more apt to fold her tent – tomorrow would not be soon enough.