Former Baywatch Lifeguard Jaason Simmons: I’m Gay


Former Baywatch actor and Playgirl cover model Jaason Simmons (bottom row, center) has come out of the closet in Australia’s New Idea magazine.

SimmonsSameSame reports: “The Tasmanian-born actor, who played Australian lifeguard Logan Fowler on Baywatch for three years in the mid 1990s, has ended years of speculation in the hope of raising awareness of African adoption. Simmons has appeared in Australian New Idea magazine with his boyfriend of eight months, Irish actor John O’Callaghan, and his adopted six year-old Ugandon son saying that they want to get married. The couple plan to wed in Canada as same-sex unions are not legally recognized in California where they both live.”

Said Simmons: “We’re doing it for our family and for my soon-to-be son. Although you don’t want to typecast yourself, you have to take responsibility and ownership and move humanity forward, out of bigotry. Our son needs to see we can stand in front of family and loved ones who are going to support our union through the good times and bad.”

Good for him. Setting a better example for marriage than Pamela Anderson shouldn’t be difficult.



  1. B says

    I always thought he was sexy on Baywatch, but I never got the vibe he might be gay…now Hasselhoff on the other hand…

  2. BusyTimmy says

    Good for them! (But 8 months? I’d start with an engagement for a while, is that old fashioned?)

  3. Seattle says

    They’ve only been together eight months and they’re adopting a kid??!! They definitely should wait. Adopting a child is a serious commitment.

  4. JJ says

    I used to have him on my screensaver during the Baywatch days. If only I would have met him first.

  5. MAK says

    I know..crazy..8 months…c’mon, don’t we all know how great the first months/year are in passion, intensity, soulmates stuff. To go out and have a pictorial done, adopt a kid, etc. Too much! First he says we want to do it for “my son”, then later he says “our son”. Hope it lasts, but I put money on it not too. Boy, do I sound ever jaded?

  6. Zeke says

    BUSYTIMMY, they didn’t say they were getting married tomorrow. They have been together for eight months and they WANT to get married. I’m assuming that they are now in their engagement period. That’s no different than any straight couple.

    I’m so glad to hear gay men coming out in this way. It sends a very powerful message to those who I think are MOST afraid of embracing their sexuality and MOST vulnerable to the “ex-gay” snake-oil salesmen; men who are gay but want a marriage, children and a family. The more that this segment of the gay population sees that they can be gay without sacrificing their greatest hopes and dreams, the less we’ll have gay people seeking out their dreams in doomed “heterosexual” marriages. The possibility that a gay person can have a “traditional” family life is certainly not a message that straight America (and sadly, even worse, GAY America) sends to gay people; particularly gay men.

    I am SO thankful that I had a mentor in my life when I was young who showed me that my dream of lifelong commitment/marriage, children and family was not inconsistent with or precluded by my sexual orientation, otherwise I most definitely would have been one of those men/women who got married in an attempt to achieve my dreams while denying my nature and my truth.

    I have made it my mission over the years to be an example to other gay men who want a committed relationship and family but don’t want to live a heteronormative lie to live a dream.

    This is not a life that appeals to all gay men. I am certainly aware of that. I just feel that our community does a REAL good job of showing, and even promoting, just about every other option while almost discouraging gay men from even considering the family option. I want us to let gay kids know that their options are UNLIMITED and that their sexuality is only a limitation if they listen to and are influenced by OTHER people’s beliefs, misconceptions and limitations.

  7. John says

    Seems more like a meaningless political statement to me.

    If they wanted the legal protections of health insurance, inheritence, state taxes, name changes, and assorted parental responsibilities and rights…they should’ve entered into a domestic partnership in Los Angeles (or get a UK civil partnership in Britain, which is recognized by the State of California).

    But getting married in Canada, knowing that you’ll return to L.A. with a “worthless” (as far as the Americans are concerned) piece of paper, makes zero sense.

  8. Kyle Childress says

    1. It appears from the story that Logan adopted the child a while ago. So I don’t think “they are adopting the child” after only dating 8 months.

    2. John makes a valid point about the CA domestic partnership registration, but I don’t understand why CA would recognize a UK civil partnership and not a Canadian marriage.

  9. Oscar says

    Maybe he’s justified to go to Africa to adopt ’cause he as gay can’t in the USA. But all those heteros that can adopt in the USA going to Africa is an insult to our country. In the USA are adoptable kids of all colors from blonde-blue eyed to black as ebony.All celebrities do going to adopt in Africa is looking for publicity. They don’t do it for love but so they know the paps will follow them everywhere for years to come. Shameful.

  10. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Playgirl September 1995: Baywatch’s Jaason Simmons and Dr. Quinn’s Chad Allen.

    Where are they now?

    Oh yah, that’s right: out of the closet!


    …And no, I don’t have the issue. Haha.

  11. AG says

    “But getting married in Canada, knowing that you’ll return to L.A. with a ‘worthless’ (as far as the Americans are concerned) piece of paper, makes zero sense.”

    There’s nothing stopping them from also registering as a domestic partnership in California later on.

    Perhaps they did it so that they can actually say “We’re married” and be factually correct; to some people, that’s important.

  12. anon says

    It’s just like Americans to view anything that happens in another country as “worthless”. The value here is in the doing not the perception.

    John is a Canadian citizen. Why wouldn’t they want to get married in Canada? At least it’s a marriage, not a domestic partnership which isn’t and never will be the same a marriage. A d.p. is just another way to keep gays and lesbians second class citizens in their own country all the while easing the collective conscience of the straights who tell themselves we should be happy with what they give us.

  13. RJ says

    Um, John O’Callaghan adopted the kid from Africa BEFORE he and Jasson Simmons became a couple.

  14. rick says

    LOL! “Setting a better example for marriage than Pamela Anderson shouldn’t be difficult.”
    So true! I like her, but she IS a whore.