Former Co-Star Offers to be John Barrowman’s Surrogate

Suranne Jones, a British actress who starred in the soap Coronation Street and once starred in a play with John Barrowman has offered to carry his child, said the Torchwood star:

Barrowman“She has said if I wanted a baby she’ll have one for me. She wants to be a mum at some point and said if she didn’t have a partner, she’d do it with us instead. She also said even if Scott and I wanted to have one, she’d do it. I’d love to have kids – I’m a big kid at heart. We just hit it off [after appearing together in London’s West End in the play A Few Good Men] and now Suranne is a friend for life. It’s a big deal to have someone offer to have a baby for you and very humbling.”

But really, who wouldn’t want to have John Barrowman’s baby?

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