1. davey says

    I know a little off topic, has anyone seen the trailer for the movie “Never Back Down”? I saw it the other night, something about street fighting…hooottt!

  2. says

    I’m intrigued by this movie. I love it when Angelina is all bad ass ala Mr. & Mrs. Smith. McAvoy is icing on that cake 😉

    As for Never Back Down….I would only watch it on mute. Maybe they’ll put the twinky violence on Xtube or something…

  3. Bill W says

    *sigh* There was nothing wrong with McAvoy’s ivory, medium-built body, as seen in Atonement. Now he has the same boring gym-bunny look as every stud in Hollywood. Boooooring.

    Never Back Down is terrible.

  4. Rey says

    I saw a bit of _Wanted_ last week. Even without completed special effects, I was really enthralled and totally entertained.

    I’ve always liked Jolie and very much enjoy what she does with roles, but I was equally impressed with both of them and with the depth and humor they brought to a often-cliched genre.

  5. scar2 says

    I’ve had the hots for him since the ‘Dune’ mini-series. Even hotter is the fact that he’s turned into a great actor. He deserved an Oscar nomination for ‘Atonement’ but the competition was just too stiff this year. He’s part of a new generation of actors with looks & talent that include Ryan Gosling & Emile Hirsch, both of whom also just missed getting Oscar nods this year.

  6. says

    Just a note on McAvoy … I watched Starter for Ten the other day on Showtime or one of the pay cable channels, and it looks like between that film and Atonement (sometime between) he had some grillwork done. Teeth, chin, nose, I think.

    Am I wrong?

    Check it out for yourself. I think the movie (costarring Catherine Tate) is on all month.

  7. Emilio says

    He was much hotter as Tumnus in the Narnia movie. Now he looks just like everybody else, with his chest hair shaved off. What a crass mistake.

  8. Matt says

    The Oscar nod he really should have gotten was the one erroneously given to Forest Whitaker for Last King of Scotland. McAvoy was brilliant in what was a completely made-up role as Idi Amin’s personal physician. Whitaker was merely supporting McAvoy and should have been nominated as such, but of course bleeding-heart liberal Hollywood gave him top honors and left sexy, intense James — who had a couple of memorable nude scenes in Last King — out in the cold, as they did this year for Atonement.

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