John Krasinski Glad You Can Find Him Naked on Google


The Advocate‘s Brandon Voss gives actor John Krasinski, who stars in this month’s Leatherheads with George Clooney, his ‘first gay interview’.

Krasinski discusses his vies on homosexuality: “Luckily, I have two of the coolest parents around. They’re so open about having any and all experiences, so they never hindered us in any way by categorizing or judging anything. Having people be that open was actually incredibly wild, because I was always a little confused when I heard anybody have issues with anything like homosexuality. It was very foreign to me. But I probably never gave it too much thought until I went to Brown, where I had a whole lot of friends who were gay. They talked about the fantastic parts of it and the really difficult parts of it, and that’s when I fully realized the scope of the experience, rather than the classification of being gay as having some weird romantic idea.”

He also briefly discusses his work on 2007’s Gregg Araki film Smiley Face (above): “I finally realized what the word fabulous meant when I worked with Gregg. He’s so energetic and laughs a whole lot, which makes it a lot easier to do a scene in a shower when you’re incredibly uncomfortable.” Voss points out that the film has resulted in screenshots of Krasinski masturbating that have been disseminated over the internet. Says Krasinski: “Yep, that’s when you know you’ve arrived — and that’s why I did it.”

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