Or is Taschen Just Happy to See You?


Forget impressionism, modern architecture, or catalogs of English tea sets. Coffee table book purveyor Taschen puts out for the size queens this spring:

“This hefty book is profusely illustrated with over 400 historic photos of spectacular male endowments, including rare photos of the legendary John Holmes. The majority of the photographs are from the 1970s, when the sexual revolution first freed photographers to depict the male entirely nude. Photographers include Bob Mizer of Athletic Model Guild, David Hurles of Old Reliable, Colt, Falcon, Sierra Domino, Third World, and Champion Studios, with each of these iconic photographers interviewed or profiled, along with information about each of their models.”

The engorged tome can be yours for a fat Amazon discount at just $37.79

Here’s a preview (warning NSFW).
(via jockohomo)

Posted March 27, 2008 at 11:30am ETC by Andy Towle
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