Ricky Martin Gives Naked Thrill in Hotel Sauna


Don’t get too excited. Ricky Martin has been visiting Calcutta, India on a private humanitarian trip to the Sabera Foundation, which helps impoverished orphans and women who have been widowed or abandoned. He also paid a visit to Mother House and visited Mother Teresa’s tomb. He also extended another kind of humanitarian effort to one local who met him naked in the hotel sauna:

“This huge Ricky Martin fan actually had the good fortune of sharing a sauna bath with the singer at the Grand Oberoi hotel in Kolkata. Dutt shared his experience, ‘I was in the health club on Tuesday evening, when I saw this guy who looked so much like Ricky proceeding towards the sauna. I was not sure if it was him because he had a moustache and a beard. When I asked him if he was Ricky Martin, he smiled and said, ‘you have the wrong person’. He was nude. I noticed that he had a huge tattoo on his left arm and another one in the lower pelvic region. He had henna on his feet and a beaded anklet on his right ankle. He was extremely congenial. After about 30 minutes in the sauna, he wrapped himself in a towel and went out of the room…Soon he was back asking me to help him locate the keys of his locker room, which he had misplaced. Finally, he found them and said with a sheepish smile, ‘my mum always complains about my absentmindedness’. After he dressed and left, I was sure that it was Ricky and that he wanted to hide his identity. So I ran to him and asked for an autograph. He obliged and was extremely humble and friendly.”

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  1. the queen says

    well if it was me in that steambath with ricky i would have extended him a humanitarian effort of a different kind and dropped to my knees and given him the kind of head he’d only dreamed about…

  2. daveynyc says

    That man is so hot, i don’t like the beard too much tho. A friend of mine works at the Brooklyn Museum and saw RM there one day, he asked him if he could take a pic w/ him and he said yes. my friend said he smelled like old spice and cigarettes, don’t know why but i think that’s hot

  3. Jeff says

    I third the details motion! Dude could have at least settled the question of whether he’s cut or uncut! ‘course since he’s from Puerto Rico, chances are very good that he’s intact.

  4. Strathos says

    WOW! I’ve loved him forever, but that beard looks HOT HOT HOT!

    We need to find that guy that saw him and get ALL the details.

  5. says

    I think the story here is that he looks better than he ever has. He actually looks very Arabic with that beard, which I like. Yum.

  6. FizziekruntNT says

    LOL Junior!

    No, you didn’t sound stupid at all. That’s a simple error to make. If you’re interested, check out population genetics in reference to Moors, and although that is less likely the reason you make that association, the details of why people look the way they do, or share similarities is well-explained.

    You can start with:

    And for the record, Ricky Martin is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. To remain so humble at his level of stardom is a feat in itself, but admirable because so few others do.

  7. Jeff says

    I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, so first let me fully concur with the peanut gallery that he’s hot as shit, moderately talented, and hot as shit.

    But having said that, Ricky’s refusal to come out is undoubtedly damaging for our community, especially in Latin America and for latino glbts in the US. Veiled in some disingenuous request for privacy, Ricky’s silence certainly bears no benefit for his career (he might actually sell a few records if he grew a pair). And it sends the message that it’s okay to stay silent, no matter how independent, successful, adored, beautiful, influential, worldly you are.

    Coming out is all we have, and it makes me sick to my stomach to hear glbt role models cite a need for “privacy” for refusing to come out. NOT acceptable.

    COME OUT!!

  8. ARI says

    Yes, Ricky is hot BUT…. What kind of a freak would ask a naked man if he was a celebrity and then harass him for an autograph! Pathetic! Seems like a fake story.

  9. Richard Beach says

    Just wanted to load up mu latest RM creation and I am trying to figure out how

  10. jno says

    “I was sure that it was Ricky and that he wanted to hide his identity. So I ran to him and asked for an autograph. He obliged and was extremely humble and friendly.”

    Does anyone else find that ‘so’ humorous? I was sure he wanted some time alone. I was sure he wanted privacy. I was sure he said he didn’t want to be identified as RM and harassed while in a sauna.

    SO I ran to him and asked for an autograph. Classy.

  11. kent lau says

    sadly, martin is another closeted male celebrity (cruise, mcconaughey, travolta, etc…) making millions from queer fantasies. he could contribute much more than his new tattoos and facial hair.