10-Year Australian News Veteran Peter Hitchener: I’m Gay


Peter Hitchener, a top news anchor in Melbourne, Australia on National Nine News for the past 10 years, came out of the closet this weekend.

Said Hitchener: “I am a single person and given that we are on private issues of private life, I am choosing to share with you today that part of my life that I have not spoken about before: that I am gay. That is part of who I am and with that disclosure, or acknowledgment, I just also need to say I am still the person I was yesterday. I am still the same person and I remain committed to my job and my family and my service and so on. It is not something that has ever come up before. I have never been asked about it before. There is never a right time, or an easy time, to talk about these personal issues, but this is the right time to say it and to move on.”

Hitchener is Nine’s prime fighter [news.com.au]