1. BANNE says

    I was with him before I was against him.

    Flip flopper.

    Oh and dude, you totally knew about the sermons before Youtube found out about them. Give me a break. And since then Rev. Wright has said nothing we hadn’t already heard. NOW he’s upset about it enough to call it grandstanding.

    Too little…too late.

  2. daveynyc says

    TOO LITTLE TOO LATE…He’s been a member of his church for 20 YEARS…I think what he means to say is he is “outraged” people found out the kind of things his spiritual advisor believes in…

  3. MikeH63 says

    I’m actually for HRC, but stop the madness. Who the F*#K cares about some wacky preacher – we’re not voting for him. I’m concerned about energy/food prices, the dollar which is in free-fall, soldiers getting killed in Iraq, gay marriage. I really am beginning to think there is a conspiracy of distraction going on…oh and P.S. even though I want HRC to get the nomination, Obama has my vote – and I certainly hope the Obama supporters will get behind HRC if she gets the nom… can you imagine McCain in the White House… what a disaster…

  4. oh hell to the no! says

    Barack Obama is not a very good judge of charecter if he’s been going to Wright’s church all these years and didn’t know what a lunatic the Reverend was. Is that really who you want as President? NOT ME~!!!

  5. OzoneDude says

    “Repudiates?” Interesting word choice, but I guess this blog is all about unrequitted Obama-love now. I’d be more likely to say that Obama collected 90% of the black vote in as many states as he possibly could before he had to throw them under the bus and save his ass in Indiana – which is exactly what he is going to do to the gay voting bloc the first time his black evangelical base opposes any pro-“pansy” legislation that he introduces. I personally think the guy doesn’t hate us “pansies,” but he has now shown he will capitulate to whomever can take him the farthest. Hope and change my ass.

  6. jmg says

    Several things—

    Whether or not Obama wins the nomination, this second Wright controversy has totally “obliterated” Obama’s well-received Philadelphia race speech. From here on out that first speech will never be mentioned again without an in-depth discussion of the ensuing madness. It makes Obama look foolish for having been so serious and conciliatory in that first speech, and I would be VERY angry with Wright for that at the very least.

    When the Wright brouhaha first broke, many were quick to point out that:

    1.) People did not understand the black church and its idiosyncrasies (the cadences, the emotion, the ‘amens’, etc.)

    –Now everyone is saying that Reverend Wright is only ONE REPRESENTATION of the black church. Good luck with that argument with white Catholics.

    2.) Wright’s sermons were taken out of context.

    –What Wright has said over the last few days is the EXACT SAME THING that he said in those YouTube sermons. NOTHING changed. But NOW Obama finds them extra-specially outrageous and divisive?

    This is a total catastrophe for Obama, an even bigger one if he gets the nomination. People are going to ask—No one ever told you that the guy has blamed AIDS on the US government? That he thinks Israel is a terrorist nation?

    And if any one on this blog even pauses for ONE SECOND to think of a defense for these last two statements—go right ahead, but you have no interest in actually putting a Democrat in the White House.

  7. David says

    This is seriously just THE most annoying election in the history of mankind. Yes. Mankind. At this point, I just hate all of them and I can’t imagine ANY of them in the White House. My friends and I, who at first were so gung ho about this election, talking politics almost every day, have completely lost all of that thunder.

    At this point, I’ll vote for the Democratic nominee. I just really honestly wish we could wipe the slate totally clean and start over.

  8. get real says

    Total flip flop.

    I, on the other hand, have maintained every one of my relationships over the past 20 years. I currently support everything that every former friend, colleague or associate says. I have never grown apart from someone I once respected. I maintain exactly parallel life courses with everyone who enters my life. If Obama can’t achieve this, then there is no way that he can hope to be president.

  9. says

    Rev Wright is the most important issue facing the United States. He will decide the fate of nations. He speaks for all of us.

    Or maybe this is the most asinine non-story that GOP strategists have ever cooked up.

    Obama: “I cannot prevent him from making these remarks,” but “when I say I find these comments appalling I mean it. It contradicts what I’m about and who I am … It is completely opposed to what I stand for and where I want to take this country.”

    That’s good enough for me. The GOP strategists who exploited the “guilt by association” game and the bottom feeders of the MSM who put it in play are the real culprits.

    That Obama still carries himself with the composure he does – considering the idiotic provocations he endures daily – amazes me.

  10. aidanc says

    First of all JMG , how do you know what Obama was thinking 20 years ago as he sat in the pews ? He may have consistently rejected the extremist portions of Wrights sermons for his entire membership for all we know.
    Secondly, I would ask you what religion exists that one can agree with on every single point of doctrine ? As gays we should be more sensitive to the idea one can believe in the broader , positive teachings of a faith w/o ascribing to its most extremist proponents. Mother Theresa and Jerry Falwell both consider themselves Christians, I daresay.
    Thirdly, Wright is an opportunist , divisive , hate spewing pastor, period, if one can’t separate that from the tone of Obama’s, career , writings and current campaign of inclusion then there’s really nothing left to say.
    Lastly, this entire farce merely shows the degree to which this country has absolutely no respect for the secularism of the Constitution.Separation of Church and State……..sure. What does it say about a country when it demands it’s candidates for political office are made to brag about their religious affiliations in order to win office ? And,I ask you if that’s to be the acid test then where’s the MSM on McCain / Hagee or Hillary / Doug Coe ?

  11. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    I’m less-than-impressed with Sen. Obama’s renunciation of Rev. Wright today. Where was Obama’s outrage on any-given Sunday for the last twenty years? The good Reverand’s been saying the same things for years…and Obama’s suddenly noticed? I’m not buying it.

    Six-months-ago I thought that perhaps Sen. Obama was a post-Racial politics figure like a Tiger Woods who was worthy of leading our Nation; but now he’s been revealed to be just another two-faced opportunist Black Politician who thought he could have it both-ways. Guilt-by-association applies when you stood by man for twenty-years when you had every opportunity to either speak-up or walk-away.

    This is far more serious than the distasteful Right-wing and crypto-racist Evangelical and Fundamentalist preachers claiming support of Sen. McCain. None of them were Sen McCain’s personal mentors nor spiritual advisers for over two-decades. Sharing a podium for political-ends is nothing compared to admitting the man to your home for years, into your family-life, or allowing him to morally-instruct your children by word and demonstartion in the ways of the Lord and Man.

  12. Juan Pablo says

    LOl, this whole thing is too funny, but sad at the same time, the HRC “supporters” are on cloud 9 becuase of this nitwit and his nonsense, and, yet, still don’t see the factor that she has the highest negative rating of anyone other than Bush, and, when he GOP gets donw with her, welcome McCain, who I think would and is a better person than she is and, should she manage to win and destroy the party, like she wants, it will be funny to see the same posters going off on the not so gay friendly McCain.

    A non-story except for the media who keeps on giving McCain and Shillary, who I would never vote for, a pass on real issues, and, the most uniformed voting block on the planet falls for it hook line and sinker, and, won’t demand real talk about real issues, got Bush this way, and, now we have McCain this way. And, the GOP wants her more than they do Obama, that is the truth.

  13. dc8stretch says

    And I repudiate Madonna. The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met twenty years ago..

    I didn’t listen to any of the records and CDs that I have of hers. I didn’t know when I was dancing to her music that she was selling Sex, of all things.

  14. John says

    Ever since Ohio and Texas, Obama’s behavior has been bizarre and inexplicable. Even I think Obama will become the Democratic nominee, and I didn’t vote for him. The odds are totally in his favor. But what’s with all the gaffes and stumbling lately?

    Once Obama decided to stick with Wright (amid the accusations of racism and anti-semitism) a few months ago, he should’ve just left it at that. He said what he wanted to say, and that should’ve been the end of it.

    But to publically renounce Wright at the very moment the latter says he’s behaving like a “politician” only draws more negative attention to that very point. It makes him look like he’s more angry about being called out on his “politicial” nature than anything else.

    What is he going to do next? Bring out the Walter Mondale tank and John Kerry’s orange jumpsuit?

  15. Jeanluc says

    OK people, Rev. Wright said nothing new here. Everything he said at the national press club are things we’ve heard in his sermons. So if what he said a year ago was SO awful, why is Obama just now repudiating it? He did not a few months ago and even said throwing off Rev. Wright would be no easier than throwing off his grandmother. Give me a break. He was well aware of what this nutjob was saying in church, whether he was there or not.

    And honestly, is this really what people are talking about in church? God, I’m glad I’m an atheist.

  16. Rob says

    Bry, couldn’t agree with you more. I just do not get it– almost all of my gay friends have this strange support of Hillary. She has done NOTHING for the gay community, and her husband gave us DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.
    Today Hillary stood beside the NC Governor as he made his homophobic “pansy” comment… and SHE LAUGHED!!! You can watch the video for yourself. Unbelievable. She shows up at gay events to grab their money, then laughs along side of homophobes… and the gays love her because she’s a diva!!! Stupid fools!!!

  17. FunMe says

    Obama will do more for gays that most blind people here following sHillary.

    Although he was not my #1 choice, among the 3 running, he will do the most for MOST Americans including gays.

    sHillary has become a simple POLITICAL WHORE who will do anything to stay in $$$ Power.

    Meanwhile we fight and gays still are living in the 90s. It’s 2008 get with the program.

    Even NY Times recognizes that Obama will do more for gays than sHillary:

    “What has either Clinton done for gay Americans? I thought Bill’s much-touted “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” program for the military was largely considered a disaster. As for her, what human rights legislation has she backed? What unpopular stands has she taken?
    Obama has spoken in black churches –home to social conservatives who would make Rush Limbaugh look like a lefty– of the need to accept gays. What has Hillary done?”

    sHillary has 2 choices: leave voluntarily or be pushed out.

  18. Landis says

    jimmyboy: i think i am winning my $10 USD. Obama is such a goner. I mean, he may still win the primary because he is the establishment’s choice, but he is going to be creamed by Mccain.

  19. Joshua says

    AIDANC….if you want to know what Obama was thinking 20 years ago when he first sat in those pews, then read your idol’s autobiography. It’s right there in black and white exactly how he felt. If you have any common sense I can tell you how I felt when I read how Obama felt….I decided he was a phony.

    This little **repudiation** today is gonna cost me big bucks next trip to New York and D.C.. I was reading 6 of the political blogs I read everyday and 5 of them(3 liberal, 2 conservative, all real, honest to God political pundits with jobs at the Washington Post and National Review) said that all of Wright’s speech’s this past week was a set up by the Obama people and Wright so that Obama could pull a Bill Clinton(sistah soulja) moment and publically and loudly repudiate Wright and save his ass. Obama’s internal polling has shown them that the Wright sermon tapes are costing him huge points among Independents and Clinton supporters in the General election. This was a must. I bet them they were wrong, so drinks were the bet and those guys drink expensive stuff. I was wrong.

    The sith site said that Wright had just sunk the Obama run for the White House, I agreed with him and we both were wrong. Damn!!!

  20. Chris says

    i think that a few people have hit the nail right on the head. who cares about what his pastor says. as a gay person concerned about which candidate would be best for our community, i think this entire story has been a distraction from what we should be really focusing on. over and over again the clintons have demonstrated that it doesn’t take much for them to turn their backs on the lgbt community (defense of marriage act, lack of support for marriage equality in nys, don’t ask don’t tell). grow up guys. we are voting for a president – a person that has the power to help us advance the cause of equality as it relates to our community. leave the diva titles to cher and madonna. get your heads in the game and please take this election and what it means to our community more seriously.

  21. Will says

    While I’m not a Obama supporter, I do think this is a fake issue. He will be the nominee so get use to it. Now, will he win the general? Who knows. But as a gay man I really hope John McCain doesn’t win. That would not be good for us.

  22. Marc says

    You are so right Will, this is a non-issue, and, all the drama going along with it has nothing to do with real issues. And, all those who are happy about it being on 24/7 seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that McCain is sitting back while all this blood letting in the DNC and is happy as a clam, as he knows it will only help him, and, that is certainly not good for the glbt community no matter how the Hillary supporters try to spin this.

    And, I loved the ones who say Obama isn’t ‘qualifed’ just how is HRC, sleeping in the guest room every night while her husband was Prez hardly makes her qualified.

  23. Jeff NYC says

    You people who use the phrase “Shillary” and spew insane conspiracy theories are not real Democrats. You’re not interested in winning the election–you just want to spew hatred about her.

    The Democrats’ BEST chance at 16+ years of Democrats in the White House is STILL Clinton/Obama ’08 and ’12, followed by Obama/Feingold ’16 and ’20.

    The sooner you turn off that insane Hillary Hatred the better.

    Doesn’t it bother you that ypu sound INDISTINGUISHABLE from Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh?

    Doesn’t that make you ASHAMED of the irrationality of your Hillary Hatred?

  24. Leland Frances says

    Despite the predictable efforts of some Obamoonies to change the subject, and even despite my many documented reasons why he is the second best candidate for President, I actually felt sorry for Obama for a while seeing him—there is no other word for it—betrayed by Rev. Wrong. I was happy to see him unequivocably finally denounce Wrong’s more psychotic pronouncements [as much as I enjoyed someone finally publicly nailing Cheney’s dick to a chicken hawk’s chair].

    But then he had another disingenuous “Rev. Wright wasn’t on fire when I sat down on him” moment—as he did weeks ago when he claimed that over 20 years he’d never heard any of those statements from Wright before. Mainstream media licked that up like sweet cream, but how can anyone swallow Obama’s declaration today that Wright, “was never my, quote/unquote spiritual adviser, he was never my spiritual mentor, he was my Pastor.”

    Let’s recap. He’s talking about the man he’s praised repeatedly for inspiring him to finally join a church. He’s talking about the man who married him and Michelle, baptized his two daughters, blessed his house he’d bought with controversial help from Rezco, prayed with him privately the morning he announced his candidacy, and told, among others, the “Chicago Sun Times,” “has talked with me about faith and family and my relationship to God.” Senator, this pastor parse won’t hunt.

    Thus the larger point is that it’s not just Rev. Wright’s egg on Obama’s face but Obama’s egg on Obama’s face in a virtual eggslide. Most of all it’s a question of judgment; of being afraid to make a decision until forced to.

    Obama wrote in his first book years ago about Wright warning him WHEN THEY FIRST MET two decades ago that he might hurt Obama’s political ambitions. More than a year ago, the “New York Times” and other papers were wondering whether Wright’s wrongs would stain Obama who had talked repeatedly of how much an influence Wright was on him. January of last year, after some of Wright’s controversial remarks began to be talked about, he disinvited Wright from an invitation to give a public prayer at the huge rally formally announcing his candidacy. Yet after Wright’s screeching first scalded the airwaves, it took him turning into a one-man Chernobyl to get Obama to declare a disaster. Even though Wrong mostly simply repeated [and defended] what he’d said before—from praising Farrakhan to promoting quack AIDS black genocide conspiracies.

    The most Wrong said that was new was to blame criticism of him on racism [AS IF his brand of “black church” is representative of all black believers—get off the cross, Rev, we need the wood] and that what Obama himself had criticized before was just political posturing.

    Next up: Jeremiah Wright playing Effie in an all male production of “Dreamgirls.” “And I am telling you I’m not going….”

  25. Daveynyc says

    It seems the Obama maniacs are getting a little more defensive than usual…perhaps they know their messiah has fallen…to those who keep bringing up DOMA and what Hillary has done for our community…I want to say that it was the Clintons who were the first to open the white house to gays and to encourage their staffers to serve openly.. When Hillary marched in our gay pride parade in NYC it was a wonderful day to be gay and American..she has spoken against her husbands “don’t ask..” policy on many occasions…that’s why she has so much support in our community not because we see her as a diva or feel sorry for her in someway…she is going to be an awesome President..

  26. aidanc says

    er JOSHUA ,I ‘m not really sure where you got the impression that Obama was my idol , as you put it. Am I to assume from your “phony” comment that you find any of the other candidates less phony? That is a discussion I would dearly love to have given the current players !!
    Also,for your information I have read his books and let’s be
    clear , nowhere did I find an assertion that the US Govt was responsible for the AIDS epidemic, or that Zionism should be categorized as a gutter religion, but maybe I missed that
    chapter ?
    You have however, hit upon the very crux of this issue in your comment , namely that people are pathologically unable to see this Wright farce in anyway except through the filter of their own political agenda.
    Like it or not , for all his flaws Obama is the only candidate who is offering change in this election.

  27. tofer david says

    I don’t know where to start.

    Start reading as another source for politics. it is a site that compiles all major articles from a variety of sources. it consistently posts all available polls as well and summarizes them nicely. as such it posts both liberal and conservative articles for you to view. great format. one of many blogs i read daily.

    i know that some of you blew off larry sinclair, but lately things with him and his pursuits to reveal the truth have gotten very interesting.

    you can find more at,

    i truly believe that this story will be coming out.

    the chicago pd is investigating the links that may exist between the murders of three gay members of obama’s church and the alleged contacts that were made by one of the murdered to larry sinclair. all three gay members were murdered in similar gangland style executions in their apartments in apparent robberies. that alone is a bit coincidental. all three murdered within days of each, all three gay members of the wright church and all three murdered similarily.

    patrick fitgerald may also be involved as the attorney general in illinois. he is a rising star as attorney generals go.

    stay tuned. there are too many coincidences. more information can be found on the larry sinclair site linked above.

  28. Judge says

    This upsets me, because it really speaks to a fundamental problem in modern human relations – we simply don’t give people enough credit to let them stand on their own. We’re the first to say that someone did something to us, or the man did something to us or we’re unemployed or we’re fucked over because of someone else, yet we’re the someone else when it comes to far-off leaders. I find this to be a psychologically distressing attitude – it speaks to a larger problem with America in general. We’re all about shooting down the rising stars, and then when we instead elect a crony or a hack, we blame them knowing that we reaped what we sowed. We talk about wanting different government, but that’s a secondary thing when you consider that we’re fundamentally addicted to massochism by proxy. We don’t want better government badly enough, and I blame the American ego on some of it. We’d rather use the old crutches of division to hide our own flaws – I know I’ll get scoffed at when I say this, but I think Obama has nearly as many haters based on some kind of irrational combination of jealousy and disdain for his self-awareness of his intelligence and exceptional position in life than for his race or his inexperience. I know many won’t agree, but I would venture to guess that Hillary remains in this race for very personal reasons. She’s not huffing it out in Scranton or Asheville for all of those millions of people in peril that only she can save, but she’s huffing it out because they’ve been telling her it’s her turn for so long that she can’t fathom not having that turn now, for she’s framed her whole life after it – she’s wanted to be president and felt she could be president more strongly than her husband or her opponent. She can’t let go of that, and I actually sympathize with that. There is nothing she can do to go back and be Hillary Rodham the single woman senator from Illinois who worked her way up the ladder to be the first woman partner at Chicago’s largest law firm, then scrambled through machine politics to become a kingmaker in the state senate and then a popular governor in her own right and then the president for two terms, greyed and graceful on the podium. She knew she could have been that Hillary, but instead she’s this Hillary, and Obama reminds her of her baggage more than anyone else. I actually deeply sympathize but don’t condone that, I know that they both have very intense feelings for each other, approaching admiration and hatred all at once.

    In a country where we expect a single theoretical figurative point of contact for our government, where we tell little Republican girls from Park Ridge that they too can be president, it’s no wonder that it’s this personal. But it just goes to show that we like to push people when we’re down – it’s our way of having a king or queen to blame in the history books. We force our politics to be about the flawed and the personal to hide the fact that we may very well be Venice, completely on the decline, beyond hopes of catching up. What if we wake up one day and realize that the rest of the world has taken the best of America and done away with the worst? Perhaps we’re in a graceful decline and we don’t even know it. I’m sure the fact that half of our medical terms, our intellectual phrases and our colophons come from Latin is not exactly soothing the unemployed guy in Campania right now. And I am almost sure that someday the internet, the English language, Britney Spears as well as Stephen Hawkings will be seen as something “Americans gave us” – and the us will be other countries that aced America and pushed it into irrelevance.

  29. silverskreen says


    That’s an interesting thread you post. May I ask what those blogs were that you read? I ask because I actually had that same thought yesterday and today while I was watching this whole thing on CNN.
    Thanks, in advance.

  30. ken says

    More of the same. Who cares about Wright anyways? It’s become Obama won’t cut Wright off immediately that he has the power to cause trouble. Obama waffles and judged the situation poorly as usual. That has become the theme of his campaign or the title of his new book: Waffles, Poor Judgments and Me.

    Wright can retire to his McMansion and live as the token black among his new rich white homies preaching to them that AIDS is biological weapon against racial minority. That leaves Obama as a poor confused candidate who’s not sure whether to throw his black voters or white voters under the bus. Post-racial never got out of the gate.

  31. nic says

    for your rambling comment to make sense, you need to gather your thoughts and, well, be sober as a judge. in order for me (or anyone) to regard your argument, you must not beg the question: before i can accept your mewling, sycophantic pro-obama (the rising star) premise, i need to be persuaded that hillary is the nefarious, invidious, power hungry, frustrated woman that you presume her to be. frankly, i am not persuaded. [might there be more than a little projection on your part toward hillary, though?]

    i am not so bold as you to presume to know hillary’s thoughts, nor would i presume to know yours. i can only judge her by her actions (she’s a fighter and a winner.) and you by your words…. well, ’nuff said.

    further, i can only engage in a dialog with you when you put that psycho-babble, cut-and-paste, brain-fart way of thinking to rest.

  32. queendru says

    Judge: Stephen Hawking is a Brit, born in Oxford, England.

    John: “Bring out the Walter Mondale tank and John Kerry’s orange jumpsuit?” Not quite. It was Mike Dukakis in the tank and John Kerry was in a green-blue jumpsuit at NASA.

    Unlike most cases of damning by association, Wright’s been described as such a part and influence of and by Obama that we must call into question Obama’s judgment.

    None of the major candidates have really done anything for gays. Hillary, like it or not, has to share the burden of DOMA and DADT with her husband if she’s going to claim credit for things of that era as well.

    I think we feed ourselves lies too often in campaign years. I remember in 2000 trying to assure a first-time gay voter that Bush was not going to put gays into concentration camps, AIDS funding wouldn’t be cut to zero and there would be no federal marriage amendment.

    Generally, though, I find 2008 has a sad sack of Presidential candidates, probably the worst choices since Ford vs. Carter in 1976.

  33. Nick says

    As a gay man who has been active poltiically in liberal causes for over 40 years I have never been more disinterested in an election than this one. The 3 Republican candidates- HRC, Obama and Grandpa McCain differ very little-really in what they stand for and what they believe in. Both pseudo DNC candidates lost me when they started talking religion in the first place. I will vote in November but I hold out no hope for any real change and certainly for gay people it will only get worse. The very fact that no DNC candidate will stand up for the separation of church and state is only one aspect of their candidacy that I find odious.
    If people wanted to attempt to get a true pic of Reverend Wright-for those that think that matters and I don’t why that would be-
    his interview on Bill Moyers Journal on PBS last friday the 25th-was instructive, insightful and on for a full hour -not a quick 2 second or 2 minute sound bite on the MSM who long ago surrendered their objectivity and real reporting.
    I will just be glad when November arrives and this sham of an election will be over with. It is McCain’s election to lose.
    I just wish we had a real Democratic candidate. Those days are over.

  34. Yeek says

    I’m betting Obama made the same mistake so many others do at left-wing churches. He actually convinced himself that the crazy crap he kept hearing was all for poetic effect and that the man giving the sermon didn’t really believe all the bullshit that was coming out of his mouth.

    There’s a whole litany of wacked out beliefs that even the most progressive church still pays homage to: The first woman was made from a bone. Millions of animals lived on a giant boat with one small window with no food and didn’t kill each other. A river turned to blood.

    And those sitting in the pews politely space out when these ridiculous stories are trotted out as truth, because they assume the preacher is using them as colorful metaphors to lead us to understanding a larger truth. Obama made the same mistake when he listened to all the AIDS conspiracy theories over the years and kept his mouth shut, trusting that these childish stories were simply stepping stones to a larger truth. How rude it would have been to take issue with such quaint fables. Trust in the integrity of the man to lead you to understanding through small exaggerations.

    The problem, of course, was that Wright actually believes the crazy things he said and is actually an unstable and unrealistic person. Whoops.

    And so Obama learns an important lesson: when there’s a lot of window dressing, there usually isn’t any window at all. And now that his candidacy is doomed, we can all enjoy the gleeful spectacle of HRC exploding from satisfaction when her big day comes along.

  35. Bob Zuley says

    Lets not overlook the racial overtones in this tempest in a teapot. A very vocal segment of now-concerned people find it necessary to condemn Reverend Wright, yet overlook the incendiary and hateful comments of white preachers such as Hagee, Robertson, Falwell, and others. While Wright was being vilified, the President, press and public were fawning over the Pope on his recent visit while overlooking his harmful and hateful views toward women and gays. Wright’s expression of community anger is often confused with hatred, yet at least he is attempting positive social change. Which is an attribute that cannot be applied to the others. Those who find it necessary to expect Senator Barack Obama to distance himself from Rev. Wright better take a close look at the words of their own pastors.

  36. Derrick from Philly says

    Reverend Wright obviously believes that having a black president is NOT as important as telling White America about its hypocritcal, violent, and un-Christian history. The Obama Campaign should have known about Reverend Wright’s sermons before Iowa. They were un-prepared (just like Clinton Campaign was after South Carolina).

    Y’all Hillary folks: don’t rejoice too much, y’all hea’? Don’t make me (a staunch Democrat) start to hate her because of you.

    You John McCain folks can go “go down” on his 72 year old “One Hundred Years in Iraq” dingdong.

  37. says

    First and foremost, for all the Obama supporters and their resentment over the press’ overblown coverage of Rev. Wright; where were you when Hillary was being unfairly ripped to shreds for no other reason than Obama was “their” guy? What’s good for the goose is certainly good for the gander and certainly should have been expected. Ultimately, you shouldn’t put too much stock in what the press “chooses” to report. Why? Because one day your guy is riding high, and the next they’ll tear him down as soon as they need new headlines. It’s for this reason that an inexperienced politician such as Obama has little chance in succeeding against McCain in the fall. Whining about the commercials Hillary puts out that do nothing more than attempt to present the differences between herself and her opponent does little good. It just makes you look like a crybaby. This is politics for Pete’s sake. If you really believe that Obama will just sweep the election and then go in and hold hands with the Republicans to get his agenda passed, you’re living in Never Neverland. This is not to discount Obama, his intelligence and his ability to motivate masses of people. In fact, 4 – 8 years from now, he’ll make an excellent candidate. Until then, he really needs to get some grime under his nails and fully understand how Washington politics works. I know we all wish we could just “get along”, but reality dictates otherwise.
    While I fully believe that HRC is the most viable candidate to win against McCain, I am fully prepared to throw my complete support behind Obama should he get the nomination. Enough already with the attitude about “oh, I’m going to vote for McCain if HRC doesn’t get the nomination” or “I’m just not going to vote if my candidate doesn’t win”. That’s not only immature, but destructive to the future of this country. Please do not destroy the best chance the Democrats have for regaining control of the White House and our country. The policies and positions that we hold towards, energy, health care, fundamental human rights and our own standing within the world, will affect generations to come. Whether those policies have a negative (Bush/McCain) or positive (Clinton/Obama) impact is entirely up to you.

  38. anon says

    What are the odds that “Rev” Wright is going around hat-in-hand to all the campaigns saying “Stop me before I preach again!”? He’s got quite a thing going.

  39. Joshua says

    AIDANC…your response to my post actually validates it.

    Silverskreen…3 of the sites were from….they have a daily list of articles written by various political pundits from far left to far right. I usually read The Atlantic’s page, The Spectator’s page, Salon, National Reviews page, The Nations page and a host of different ones everyday….from the L.A. Times to the Washington Post political pages. I read 30 to 60 different political articles daily and try to work as well….lol
    I read the stuff about possible set up on National Review, Marc Ambinders blog, and Jonathen Martins Politico column.

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