1. says

    Oh yeah…this will be on VH1’s best week ever, hopefully with another use of the “No Integrity Zone” banner they threw on the Spitzer escort report (we would never sensationalize this…up next: hot call girls tell all!).

  2. RB says

    O’Reilly makes a living by reporting controversial issues! He sensationalizes everything and NO he should not be making fun of minorities because he has no sense of humor. Somehow his comments do not resonate comedy, just anger. People without a sense of humor cannot make jokes without an underlying “tone” to them.

  3. LD says

    Gary, i think you’re misunderstanding who Besen is. He’s not a creepy “ex-gay”, but a critic of the movement.

    And Bill, no you cannot make fun of Christians, because as soon as you do, they all gather on steps somewhere in the midwest and hold hands and tremble, braying about how they are under attack for their beliefs.

  4. Gander says

    Oh, I can’t wait for Keith Olbermann tonight. You know he’s gonna give you a clip roll of Bill-O making some, eh, questionable comments about minorities.

  5. crispy says

    Yeh, Wayne Besen is one of the good guys. He’s the one who busted a prominent “ex-gay” man who had been on Oprah and the cover of Newsweek out cruising for cock in a DC gay bar.

  6. says

    “I think there’s a big difference between making fun of something they do that is funny and making fun of who they are as individuals.”

    This guy hits the nail on the head exactly. If someone makes a joke about something a minority DOES, even if it’s stereotypical, it can be funny, and not offensive if you have a sense of humor about yourself.

    But what Jay Leno did, and what many late night comics and straight men all across the world do all the time is make fun of gay people JUST for being gay. “Show me your gayest face.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? What is so funny about Ryan Phillippe playing a gay role on a television program? Being gay in and of itself is not funny.

    Leno did the same thing with James Van Der Beek when he appeared on the program to promote Rules of Attraction (which featured a gay kiss) to the point where David Spade had to step in and tell Jay to leave him alone. And the same thing when Hal Sparks was on the program.

  7. says

    So straight, white, Christian males aren’t allowed to make fun of any minority groups any more? What a travisty. Oh, boo. Oh, hoo. Oh boo hoo! Just goes to prove what a bunch of pussy, crybabies the Bill O’s of the world are.

  8. anon says

    I think there is a difference between making fun of somebody, which has a meanness to it, and making a joke about someone. We all have friends who can or cannot “take a joke”, so there is a certain borderline area. Leno doesn’t know the difference.

  9. Vi Agara says

    Lets see now. How about visualizing Leno interviewing Morgan Freeman.
    Leno: Yeah blackie, do yo bes yassir fo me. Audience: hahahahaha.
    Now Morgan, they tell me you used to tap. Lets run that clip of you tap dancing when you first started out in showbiz. Rolls clip.
    Leno: Makes stupid face and looks at audience.

    Audience: hahhahahahha.
    ViAgara:Fuck you Leno.

  10. says

    The thing that amuses me about O’Reilly’s indignation in this interview… he’s SO upset that he can’t make fun of minorities anymore. Why? Does he really want to make fun of minorities? Is he just achin’ for the opportunity to tell a hilarious joke about a black person, a Hispanic, and a queer sitting in a bar?

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