Britney to Depend on the Kindness of Strangers on London Stage?


Apparently ten lines in a sitcom can get you an invitation to London’s West End.

UK’s Hello! reports: “In what sounds like a perfect role for the girl from Louisiana, Britney is believed to have been offered the role of Southern belle Blanche DuBois in a new production of A Streetcar Named Desire. An unnamed source revealed that Britney’s acclaimed performance on the sitcom led to the chance for her to tread the boards. ‘She had poise, timing and real flair,’ they said. British hard men Ray Winstone and Jason Stratham (sic) are understood to be among the actors in line to play Blanche’s brother-in-law, Stanley Kowlaski (sic), originally played by acting legend Marlon Brando.”

And that sound you just heard was Tennessee Williams slamming his head against the inside of his coffin.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    If playing Blanche exhausted Jessica Tandy, Claire Bloom, Ann Margaret and Jessica Lang–almost killed my beloved Vivien Leigh! how the hell is this po’ gal going to get through the first act of the first performance. There are other ways a for a girl to commit suicide.

  2. says

    Derrick, the reason all those fine actresses were exhausted from playing Blanche is they had the intelligence and depth to understand the role. Now, imagine Britney trying to fill Vivien Leigh’s shoes. It staggers the imagination.

  3. ian says

    that’s just too beautiful, it can’t be real…is this a rumor?

    she’s totes blanche. but they’d have to allow a little improv…

  4. Brian says

    The girl struggled in Crossroads, how in the hell is she going to pull off one of the trickiest parts in history. Was I the only one that thought she was horrible on How I met your mother??? The revelation of the night was the girl from Scrubs. She really is talented!

  5. banjiboi says

    What in the hot blue hell??????

    But then again, think about the camp possibilities…………

    A Streetcar Named Disaster indeed. Sorry HAPPY2BEME, but I gotta steal that one! :-)

  6. Chad says

    I love Britney. All you haters just leave her alone! Yes she’s a trainwreck, but that’s just a part of why she’s so great.

    She’s a huge drama queen and cute and mental, AND a party girl. What’s NOT to love?

  7. Nick says

    Andy, you crack me up. That Tennessee Williams/coffin comment was priceless. The perfect end to an insane post.

  8. scar2 says

    This is either a joke or another false story from the unreliable British tabloids.

  9. patrick nyc says

    ‘And that sound you just heard was Tennessee Williams slamming his head against the inside of his coffin.’

    Still laughing Andy. Good one. This is even better than the Madonna wanting to do a remake of Casablanca.

  10. So Left I'm Right says

    I just threw up a little in my mouth. I’ll make a deal with you Brit-Brit…you leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone.

  11. Ken says

    If Federline didn’t put her into the deepend entirely, tackling “the beast” like Blanche surely will. A southern dialect, does not a DuBois make. That is a role that can only be played by an actress of such sanity and clarity and should never be attmpted by a pop icon / sitcom novice. What is the rumor mill thinking?

  12. Matty says

    This is just so wrong on so many levels that it has to be a joke. Britney can’t even sing, much less act. Only way this could be pulled off is if John Waters were directing.