CBS Exec Says ‘Luke and Noah’ Strategy Not Homophobic


CBS daytime chief Barbara Bloom responds to TV Guide about the outcry from gay As the World Turns fans and the ongoing complaints that CBS treats the love between gay characters Luke and Noah differently than it treats the heterosexual couples on the show. While the show has presented a groundbreaking storyline, fans say that while heterosexual couples are given graphic love and kissing scenes, Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah’s (Jake Silbermann) affection takes place mainly off-screen, and passionate kisses are few and far between. Meanwhile, “pro-family” groups are campaigning to have the couple removed from the show.

Says Bloom: “I can assure you there is no homophobia on the part of the network, nor are we pandering to any group. We have not censored ATWT or asked them to hold back in any way. I really hope the show will continue to evolve the Luke and Noah story, and that they culminate their relationship the way all couples in love do. I understand why all this makes people scream. The only thing you’re going to get out of me is that the pacing is slower with Luke and Noah than it is with other romances on ATWT. But that’s good storytelling. We’re in the business of getting people to watch more.”

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  1. Beanne says

    You know, I tivo and watch ATWT daily (always have) and I think they are playing up this a bit to get people to tune in. The more hype, the more a big deal it will be when something major happens.

    I do wish they would get rid of this stupid plot with the Iraqi girl. She’s getting on my nerves.

  2. Zeke says

    It seems so crazy to me that gay people are so outraged over the fact that these characters haven’t kissed on screen for how ever many days (they actually have a running clock going) but they seem to be completely unfazed by what I consider to be the more offensive and problematic storyline that surrounds these two.

    Luke and Noah are supposed to be so in love with each other yet a woman shows up from Iraq and within days Noah is marrying her to get her her green card. Considering the fight for marriage rights that gay people are facing in America today and considering the fact that anti marriage equality homophobes repeatedly claim that gay people don’t respect marriage and only want to use marriage to gain benefits without having true loving commitments, THIS is a storyline that ATWT thought was appropriate to pursue at this time? And it’s the lack of a gay kiss that has gay people in an uproar?

    I started watching this show because of these characters but I quit THE day that the preview of the next day’s show had Noah telling Luke that he was going to marry Ameera.

    It would be one thing if ATWT was making a statement about the inequities that gay couples face and how gay men are allowed to marry women for any reason in the world but can’t marry a person of the same sex who they love and with whom they have a lifelong commitment. It’s another thing entirely when they seem to have missed that point completely and are presenting it as two gay men who are just using the institution in the EXACT way that anti-gay people say we do.

    For some people, including the powers that be at AfterElton, it seems that as long as the boys are allowed to make hot monkey love on camera they will be happy with ANY insulting storyline that surrounds it.

  3. RJ says

    Zeke, the reason longtime soap watchers are unfazed by the storyline is that stupid storylines abound in soaps in general and ATWT in particular of late. The institution of marriage is flaunted all the time on soaps, so while distasteful and non-sensical, this green card marriage-of-convenience plot is really par for the course. Yet, even within the confines of the idiotic plots and dialogue, hetero couples regular get to kiss while the token gay couple is prevented from doing the same.

  4. dave says

    “I do wish they would get rid of this stupid plot with the Iraqi girl. She’s getting on my nerves.”

    Stupid story line. I laughed the other day when one of the “adults” said that the kids should deal with Homeland Security and not bother their Grandmother.

  5. Keith L says

    They may believe they’re in the business of getting people to watch, but they’re not succeeding. i started watching ATWT solely for this plotline a few months ago. I’ve grown frustrated and bored waiting for them to behave normally, not just have “friendly hugs” or “almost kisses” that get interrupted every time.

    I stopped watching over a month ago. My guess is other people are tuning out too. It’ll probably be such a newsworthy story if something ever does happen that i can just wait for the news report to tune in again. Until then, I’m out.

  6. Kyle says

    Forget ATWT..go to and view the clips of Germany’s Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)

  7. nic says

    if this were real life, these “gay” boys would’ve been all over each other by now. the “green card” situation is nothing but a distraction, a dissembling of sorts, by the gay-shy writers. a hetero couple on this soap would be playing tonsil hockey almost daily.

    that bloom girl is kidding no one. the “pacing” of the homo romance has nothing to do with story-telling and everything to do with fundie pressure. sadly, one of my sisters is so into this crap that she buys soap mags. she told me that a x’tian conservative wrote to complain about the “gay kiss”. apparently she was ok with divorce and incestuous relationships and the whatnot and whatever of these mindless dramadies, but her self-righteous, funky drawers were in a knot over a little man-on-man affection. go figger

  8. says

    This is why I watch Verbotene Liebe with Oliver and Christian. In about 1 month, they kissed 3 times, with the first one replayed and changed and they have already slept together twice, and you see their actions leading up towards it. Not to mention one can see Christian’s butt cheek as he is kissing his now ex girlfriend Coco. Now I am hoping there is more where that came from. Now can ATWT top that? The answer is no