Experts Refuse to Say War Emblem Might Be Gay


The rumors have been around for years about 2002 Kentucky Derby winner War Emblem, given his disinterest in mares. The NYT explores the topic but concludes that War Emblem just has “finicky taste.” Others call him quirky or temperamental:

“He is isolated from the other studs at Shadai Stallion Station in the hope that he will feel safe and more confident in his sexuality. Mares surround him in an effort to revive a long-dormant libido. In nearly five and a half years of contact with hundreds of mares, War Emblem, now 9, has managed to mate with only 70 of them, which is half of most stallions’ yearly output. He has not produced a live foal since 2005, and the last time it was confirmed that he ejaculated in the company of a mare was in 2006. He did it once. ‘We know he is fertile, but he has no interest in mares,’ said Dr. Nobuo Tsunoda, the director of the farm.”

Said Anne Peters, the matings adviser at Three Chimneys in Midway, Ky: “It’s very abnormal to have no sexual interest in mares.”

Unless, of course…


  1. nic says

    NATE, that’s the point. they think he’s un”stable” because he’s not into horse hoohah. he prefers horse wingwang and hiney-hole. ok, i’m done.

    jimmyboyo, you’re right. i’m making myself groan.

  2. queendru says

    This is a ridiculous story and smacks of desperation from those needing validation that they’re natural too by looking for any example of homosexual animals they can.

    How does a stud horse mate with SEVENTY, that is 7-0, mares and get called gay?

  3. nic says

    QUEENDRU, you are more and more insufferable. how do you stand yourself? i know now whence the saying, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” derives. i would suggest you lighten up, but that might involve your signing up for the “big fat loser” or the “world’s biggest loser” or whatever that tv unreality show is called. self-satisfaction and superciliousness is unbecoming, even for a self-declared “queen”.

  4. Chris says

    They should try using some male pheromone spray. But that could prove what they don’t want to know.

    Who complained at this exhibition about homosexuality among animals in Scandinavia: An US tourist.

  5. Andalusian Dog says

    Maybe he’s just given himself over to the life of Christ. No, then he’d be interested in ponies…can’t seem to figure this one out…

  6. mister ed says

    Maybe his willy is filly?
    Geldings get his giddy up?
    Cantering for cock?
    Neighin for a layin?
    Hoofin for a poofin?

    I better be galloping on before y’all make dogfood and glue outta me..

  7. Horse of a different color says

    Joshua said; Ok….I have had a partner for 5 years and I don’t think we have mated 70 times. Whats his secret?

    Joshua, his secret is that it was a different partner, each time. Not the same one 70 times. Heh

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