Former Italian NATO Commander Says Gays Unfit for the Army

DelvecchioItalian NATO Commander Mauro Del Vecchio says “gays in the army are unsuitable” in an interview by Italian writer and columnist Klaus Davi scheduled to air online today, AGI News reports:

Says Del Vecchio: “I respect any legitimate and lawful choice by a person — but I believe that in a structure like the army, where activities are always carried out together, it is advisable not to declare or reveal one’s homosexuality. Also in my career I have encountered homosexual incidents and I acted in such a way that these situations would not happen again and those involved were relocated and employed in other areas. In any case, I have never dismissed anybody from the army for being gay.”

Defence: General Del Vecchio Says Gay Men Unfit for Army [agi news]


  1. Zeke says

    I wonder how many “homosexual incidents” he’s encountered compared to how many “heterosexual incidents” he’s encountered.

    Does he blame “heterosexual incidents” on the person’s sexual orientation? I certainly doubt it.

    Homophobes NEVER do.

  2. Tweety says

    I bet he’s encountered many homosexual incidents…in the bathhouse, at the truck stop, late night at the gym, at the hands of a masculine and menacing superior…

  3. John says

    Yeah, we need to keep the homosexuals out… because the modern Italian Army is the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen (giggles).

    Isn’t this the army that lost to Greece and Ethiopia?

  4. SaveYourApples says

    What a tool! I’ve been living in Italy now for more than 20 years, and I swear that if they got rid of every single person in any of the armed forces involved in “homosexual incidents”, there’d be precious few left in the army, or the carabinieri…

    Del Vecchio has since been “reprimanded” by Walter Veltroni, head of the political party he’s a member of and through which he’s seeking election in a couple of weeks’ time.

  5. Corey says

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  6. Martin says

    The UK, France, Germany… have no problems with gays serving in the army.

    The Italian general speaks for the pope/church and the conservatives. Italy must comply with EU laws/constitution and must implement civil unions/pacte civile/marriage… for gays and end discrimination. It is just a question of when but not a question of if.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “…because the modern Italian army is the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen.”

    Couldn’t resist it, could you, JOHN? You’re a WWII history buff too, hunh? Well, they were pretty good in ancient Rome. ‘Course that was when they were Latin, not Italians. I don’t care, they’re probably one of the most handsome fighting forces the world has ever seen…next to the Brazilians, next to the Egyptians, next to the Dominicans, next to the Venezualans, next to the Moroccans…oh, forget it.

    Has the guy ever heard of Alexander The Great, or Richard the Lion Hearted. Now, these guys weren’t “gay” but they were certainly homosexuals: men who loved men, but had sex with women only to procreate
    (do their duty).

    But straight folks need to understand that the kind of gay people who love military service are not those of us who love old Bette Davis movies–especially the broads.

    Alexander even liked “fems” too–now, how you like that?

  8. dave says

    So what’s his point? Is he delicately referring to showering when he mentions that “activities are always carried out together.” Or is he referring to combat, in which we know that gay men are capable of being brave soldiers, as shown in, well, every army in the world.
    Or, is he just bragging about his leadership skills when it comes to reassigning gays who get caught having fun to desk jobs? What’s the point of this whole statement?

  9. Caligula says

    In Europe, we all must attend military training after college. There is no excuse for not attending, other than mental illness. Being gay does not keep you from attending, so his statements don’t make any sense. What he is worried about is that gay men will fall in love with enemy soldiers or that they will mess around with fellow soldiers and thus cause problems. When I went to the military in Greece, the very feminine guys did just fine and nobody cared that they were gay. His statements really baffle me. As for the Italian army losing to Greece in past wars, we Greeks have had a good military for ever. And as Greek as I am and as gay friendly as I am, Alexander the Great was not a homosexual, he was what we call EROTIKOS, simple homo-erotic. Now there were the sacred Band of Thebes. These were male soldiers who faught with there male lovers in ancient times. They were a formidably fighting force and temples and monuments still exist in there memory.

  10. Caligula says

    One more comment, he is with NATO and the US really controls a lot of what NATO does. That was America talking. The Italian military could care less who is in it, besides Italian men are so metro-sexual that you couldn’t tell who was gay anyway.

  11. Zeke says

    CALIGULA, wrong on two accounts.

    1) Not ALL European countries require military training after college.

    2) NONE require FEMALES to attend military training.

    I’ve always found it interesting that Europe, which claims to be so advanced in gender equality still has so many countries that have male only universal conscription.

    Why hasn’t the EU ruled that male only conscription is a violation of the EU gender equality laws?

  12. Caligula says

    Zeke, you are correct, I asked my family and most of Europe is turning to a professional only military. At least in the EU. However, I said nothing of women in Europe. I do believe our women are the most advanced though, especially in northern Europe. Women in Europe do whatever men do. It depends on the country. Our people in Europe don’t complain and whine like other people. If people want some form of change they strike and get what they want. Other than than we live our lives individually. We don’t go by what the society says or what the television tells us. We have no complex in Europe and we have an indentity that enables us to adkere to our own individual cultures without feeling threatened. The only real issues we have in Europe is with religion and illegal immigration.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “Alexander was not a homosexual”

    OK, CALIGULA, I accept what you say. I just want to believe that if I were a beautiful Persian eunuch 2500 years ago, Alexander would bang the hell out of me. Although, I’d rather have a sexy dark Greek than a blond Macedonian.

  14. Caligula says

    He might of just done that mate. What I am saying is very historical and you must take classical studies to understand. A man in ancient times did have relations with other men, yet penetration was frowned apon. It would be feminizing the male, that was considered being female. It is the same with christianity and homosexuality. Most of the males that were penetrated were slaves or the very young. Aristocrats, the educated and thusfar were never really penetrated. This ideal is still prevellant throughout the med. world. Most men in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, India among many others do have very close relationships and some sexual play is common, but you wont see that much anal play. Anyway, who cares, just be yourself.

  15. John says

    (I don’t care, they’re probably one of the most handsome fighting forces the world has ever seen)


    You’ll get no argument from me.

    And I’m sure you’re not suggesting that we jeopardize national security just so you can have some fascist boy toy, are you? **grin**

  16. steven says

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