1. Dave says

    Poor thing…like we haven’t had to hide and lie about who we are for years. Can’t wait for a european footballer to come out of the closet and show that we can shower among straight men without blowing them. LOL Of course, we may think it…

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Maybe something was lost in the translation. This man couldn’t be that stupid. He’s already seen many gay footballers. The type of gay men who play soccer aren’t going to be to doing Anna Magnani impersonations…well, most wouldn’t.

    And why are straight guys so afraid for us to be in the shower with them. It won’t bother us if they “pop of hardy”.

  3. Robert In WeHo says

    I bet this guy secretly plays find the sausage in airport bathrooms. Only self-loathing closet cases make such brash and stupid statements…

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “pop a hardy” you know, hard-on.

    I don’t like Mondays without a my 7:00am pick me up. I have a lot left too–about a half a fifth, but I wanted to come to work in my right mind. Wrong– the other mind is better.

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    Italy is more in the closet than you might imagine. Even going to a gay club is a clandestine affair…which, well, is actually kinda fun. Honestly, for such a homo-erotic country, Italy is behind the 8-Ball when it comes to being out, but NEVER confuse Italy with Iran. Moggi is just another hideous troll that will eventually die and footballers will still be ballin’ long after he’s gone.

  6. crispy says

    Uh, you left out a critical part of the story. This guy was fired for fixing matches. Everyone in Italy knows he’s a corrupt scumbag so his bigotry shouldn’t surprise anyone. His views don’t reflect the rest of the Italian football league or its player.

  7. lemmy caution says

    The Milkman: “His views don’t reflect the rest of the Italian football league or its players”. Probably not, but I haven’t seen any of them falling over themselves to address Moggi’s homophobia. In fact, none of this evening’s (extensive) news programmes in Italy even touched this story during their (extensive) soccer coverage (usually the last quarter of any news programme). As SJ said, the closet’s the norm in Italy, in all fields, and you could count on the fingers of one hand the number of famous celebrities and/or politicians who have come out. And you don’t need any fingers at all for any sports star, male or female.

  8. Caligula says

    I’m from Greece and live in Monaco. Football is like a part of our lives in Europe, Italy is know exception. People idolize these players. They are ultra-metro-sexual and everyone in Europe knows this. They are very homo-erotic in every way. Homosexuality is not a part of the sport, but it is not a true issue. It has never really been discussed. Italians are good people and homosexuality is very much an underground thing. Remember that Italy is a fashion mecca and the gay mafia rules it. Know Italian that I know of ever had anything bad to say about Gianni Versace and other designers. Italy is just not used to seeing gay men in sports like football, but is the US ready for gay basketball and football players.

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