News: Bats, Clay Aiken, Figure Skating, John Bolton, Dr. Laura

road.jpg Dan Savage lost his mother on Monday, and today penned a beautiful column about her. We offer our sincerest condolences. May she rest in peace.

Beckpoliceroad.jpg David Beckham in trouble with the law.

road.jpg Open wide: Clay Aiken demonstrates amazing oral technique.

road.jpg John Caldera, an aide to San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, will carry the Olympic torch in San Francisco today: “As someone who is openly Gay, Latino and a U.S. Navy Veteran, I have learned to respect the many subsets of our society. At times, I agree to disagree with those who have conflicing ideas ordeals than mine and at times, through respect and discourse, mutual understanding is possible but in the end I always remember the immortal words of the great humanitarian, John Lennon: ‘All we are saving is give peace a chance…'” (via outsports)

road.jpg Elsewhere in SF, gays protest the torch’s arrival.

road.jpg Keanu Reeves wants to sing show tunes.

road.jpg Charleston’s City Paper asks, is Lindsey Graham gay?

road.jpg Gabriel Rotello at World of Wonder posts a comical reminiscence about an interview he once did with the late Charlton Heston: “Finally, someone sent word that the cameraman was ready and I rose to escort the tottering titan down to the basement. It was then that I discovered what a careless PA had missed. At the top of the stairs hung a huge, poster-sized photo of the queerest of all the queers, Miss RuPaul, in full drag, giving major attitude and practically screaming “I AM GAY, GAY, GAAAAAAY.”

Drlauraroad.jpg Dr. Laura gets weekly segment on FOX News.

road.jpg Mysterious illness decimating bat populations in Northeast: “This summer, it could affect everything from outdoor barbecuing to farming. In one of nature’s most efficient if little-known feats, bats consume as many as 1,200 insects an hour after emerging from their sheltering places every night. This prodigious airborne feeding substantially controls mosquito populations and helps prevent plant-eating insects from damaging crops. The long-term effect of what appears to be a major die-off of bats is not yet known, but the possibilities clearly worry scientists.”

road.jpg Regarding Brandon Davis’ “faggot” outburst we posted about earlier. Davis told TMZ: “I would like to apologize for the poor word choice when provoked by the paparazzi on Thursday, April 3rd. They by no means reflect my views and upbringing. I was taunted by the photographers and when they used vulgar sexual remarks against my mother I reacted as any son would.”

road.jpg Query to the National Post: Can figure skating make you gay?

Boltonroad.jpg John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to speak at Log Cabin Republican convention in San Diego this weekend.

road.jpg Diane Sawyer takes on Rosie O’Donnell.

road.jpg Jeff Klausner, San Francisco’s director of STD prevention and control, targeting gay cruising sites in effort to promote safe sex: “Over the past few weeks, Klausner has been working with the city attorney, the National Institutes of Health, the California Department of Public Health, and the Department of Public Health in New York, whose large gay community also uses social networking sites for sex, in an effort to track down Adam4Adam’s thus-far-anonymous and secretive owners. His aim: To get the site to slap the equivalent of a surgeon general’s warning on its hookup forums and at least make users aware of the dangers of the anonymous, multiple-partner unsafe sex that is its stock-in-trade.”

road.jpg Pushing Daisies has a gay character.


  1. says

    not just bats, but there’s a lot less frogs around these days as well… mosquitos are gonna be fierce this season… West Nile and Hellstrom Chronicle here we come !!

  2. CLEMSONAJ says

    Man…Lindsey Graham. He’s one of those guys who sets off the gaydar but will never officially come out of the closet. Just like Anderson Cooper, JC Chasez, etc. Unfortunately he has a record of supporting the hate machine in an effort to keep the focus off his sexuality. Trouble is, people will keep voting for him because of it. There just aren’t enough democrats down here to get a majority in anything.

  3. fangirlhater says

    I adore Dan Savage, and this week’s column was so touching. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to lose a mother, mine is my whole world. God rest his mother’s soul and bless her family and friends in their time of need.

  4. Jack says

    Slow news day at the Towleroad office, Andy? That Lindsay Graham article is from Sept. 2007. This question is ancient. But, to answer the question: Without a doubt.

  5. Joshua says

    Mr.Rotello is full of shit. Heston was a conservative towards the end half of his life, and was pro 2nd amendment. But he was NOT a raging anti-homo. He wasn’t in favor of gay marriage, but had no other problems with Gays. I doubt the guy ever actually met Heston.

  6. Chad says

    I’m with you. this year for Mother’s Day I’m giving her a copy of “Mommie Dearest”, except she makes Joan Crawford look like Mother Teresa.

  7. Vi Agara says

    Since Islam rule would mean death to gay men, John Bolton and fellow neo cons, who have supported war to prevent this, are pro-gay? Dems who are soft on stopping radical Islam, anti-gay? Think about it men. I don’t support neo-cons, but by the same token, be careful what you are supporting and for the right ultimate reasons. To be fair, Bolton has always been more libertarian on social issues. He’s not a fundie.

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