1. taodon says

    I’m either too old now to get this, or it really did suck that much.

    “The road to hell is paved in good intentions… yeah… ”

  2. seeldee says

    The song is much catchier than I expected it to be and this video is really quite amazing. The concept (the world deconstructing) is a great complement to the sampled music (songs being deconstructed).

    And sometimes it’s just nice to see something so slickly well-done. After all, the song IS about the power of a pop song to change one’s world, if even for a short while (or 4 minutes!).

    I don’t really follow Madonna anymore but I’m prepared to listen to the rest of this record with an open mind.

  3. Carlysle says

    I liked it, I want to hear more of what Matthew R. has to say about it, Madonna loves metaphors and meaning especially with all her kabbalah stuff… seems like there is a lot going on in the video, and btw, I don’t think anyone is to old to get it, might just have to know more about whats going on in her head… the whole deconstructing thing is interesting but why do Justin and Madonna get enveloped by the blackness at the end also? Matthew? Any Pop Culture Theorists out there?

  4. Miles says

    I’ll give the new album a chance, but based on this I’m afraid it’s going to be another ‘American Life’.

  5. peter says

    This song has really grown on me over the past two weeks. I also like the a sort of reenactment of the Justin/Janet wardrobe malfunction.

  6. daveynyc says

    It’s hot..Don’t like the beard on JT. The clock in the backround is cool, in real time I think. I so wanted his shirt off in the bathroom instead of hers, but what can you do? The end kind of reminds me of the Super Bowl when he took Janet’s top off…

  7. says

    As always, Madonna shows that throughout the years, her talents are timeless. This song rocks! It’s great to see Madonna collaborating with today’s biggest artists. The product is an amazing song and ultracool video!

  8. BRINKER says

    Pathetic that she feels it necessary to hire other ‘hot’ performers to ‘save’ her career. Trying to be ‘hip-hop’ when you are 50 is artistically dishonest. Will she ever make transcendent art like she did with William Orbit again? I keep hoping, but every CD since has been a disappointment. The only hope for this song is if the remixers can polish this turd.

  9. tropico says

    @Matthew R. – I’m too old??!!! I don’t like the songs I’ve heard pure and simple. Funny how I’m too old to like it but Madonna isn’t too old to make it.

  10. Tim says

    The only clock ticking is Madonna’s.

    She’s already starting to look a little long in the tooth and the conceit that she is still sexually appealing is wearing thin. Sheer determination will not see her through menopause.

    Which is fine! Life moves on. Madonna just needs to evolve.

    PS The video is meh, but the song is positively AWFUL.

  11. Paul R says

    I’m totally with you, Brinker—she’s just trying to ride the most recent trends, in a patently transparent way. And that skin-colored outfit is wretched.

    Of course she feels the need to show off her body, but JT doesn’t. This song would drive me nuts if I heard it over and over.

  12. JR says

    MY GOD you homos are bitter. Make your own records and sustain a career beyond the flavor of the month, have some kids, take on the world (and all the nasty homos in it), make some movies, get married and divorced and married again, continue to sustain a career, make some more records, raise money for causes other than your own selfish desires… do all that and THEN you can talk shit! Assholes!

  13. David says

    I totally don’t get it. Why were they running on cars? Were they dancing or having a seizure? Was there an ambulance at the scene? I hope so…

    Also, this song blows. I prefer Blackout.

  14. Feral says

    This is a fun song with a truly amazing video (if you download it through iTunes you can really see just how stunning it is).

    Seriously, most of the people who have commented here have absolutely no perspective whatsoever.

  15. FELIX says

    If you dislike Madonna so much why u wanted to see the video on the first place? trying to prove yourselves right about Madonna being old and irrelevant and then boost your ego? that is plain pathetic

  16. el polacko says

    the old gal can sure still move her body.. loved when she falls backward and catches herself. the song is definitely growing on me.. makes me want to shake it around a little too. funny to read comments from folks who say she’s “over” since she was the highest grossing performer just this last year according to forbes.. i should be so ‘over’.

  17. Eric says

    She looks like she could kick his ass. Still, this will be popular in gay clubs. She’s heading the way of the Pet Shop Boys. Not a bad thing, but she would do herself a favor in realizing that.

  18. says

    Yeah, I think Timberland did a pretty pedestrian job producing the track – – it didn’t rise to the level of execution of the lyric and the video. I like the whole idea – four minutes and the world comes apart as the time counts down.

    It’s a catchy bit, but poorly arranged and produced (musically). Still, I hope it raises a ton of money!

  19. my ears are bleeding says


  20. Toddy says


    You guys are no fun. It’s awesome.

    Look at our old haggy-face twirling around with Justin.

    Go Madge!

  21. tjc says

    If ever there was a song that just CRIES OUT for an extended dance remix, this is it.

  22. deeminus says

    i agree with you JR and felix! you folks are pathetic! it’s as if you’re all trying to prove to yourselves that her new music is going to be crap! why bother checking it out in the first place then? clear the web for those of us who are true fans of this amazing woman and her music…oh, and by the way, all of you bitter, tired queens (and that includes you young one’s too) should be so lucky to be such a force when you reach 50…crabby bitches!

  23. Eric says

    Glad Cyndi Lauper is still around making music that really matters. This really sucks! Can’t wait for Cyndi to release her new album in June!

  24. Eddie says

    I think that this song and video is the BALLS. Madonna continues to be a great artist that is a blast to follow. Why not? If I’ve got to be a fan of someone… why not Madonna? Who better? And to those “fans” that decided not to be a wanna be anymore: You are missing out. Big time. -Eddie

  25. Ernesto says

    You go TJC…..that’s exactly what they are…a bunch of old, late, tired, bitter, and crabby bitches who just can’t stand it!!!! they can’t take her…they just can’t take her…she’s tooooo many things….so there bitches….EAT IT!!!!!
    JUST EAT IT!!!!!!! and stop trying to make your pathetic selves feel a bit better by criticizing other people and what they’re doing with their lives….it has never worked so why do you keep on doing it…see…you are still sooo miserable… doesn’t work….stupid idiots… wish for a milli second of your worthless existence you were MADONNA…just for a second….so EAT IT AGAIN….SHUP UP…AND DANCE…..YOU ONLY GOT 4 MINUTES….4 MINUTES…HEY!!!!!!

  26. mwf says

    Did anyone else think she looked like a blonde version of Courtney Cox a la Dirt?

    I do like that Madonna is able to still produce something that doesn’t suck.

    I liked it.

  27. Marc says

    I LOVE IT !!!

    But then again, I’M A FAN!

    2: an enthusiastic devotee of sports [syn: sports fan]
    3: an ardent follower [syn: buff, devotee, lover, afficionado]

    Anyone here have an album I can listen to and dissect? You never know, I may become a fan of yours too!

    Love You Madonna !!!!

  28. John In Texas says

    I love it. Not really a Modanna or a Justin fan, but I love the sone and the video is great.

  29. Roy says

    Ok… Didn’t Devo like do a whole concert on treadmills in 1983?

    This is a very sad moment for me. I really like, no love, Madona and this is crap… Psycho Britney sounded had a better song than this… Uggghhh.. This pisses me off…

  30. Roy says

    Ok… Didn’t Devo like do a whole concert on treadmills in 1983?

    This is a very sad moment for me. I really like, no love, Madona and this is crap… Psycho Britney sounded had a better song than this… Uggghhh.. This pisses me off…

  31. BrokebackBob says

    Well, I’m oldeerrrr as well but not too old
    to conclude that 1) Madonna *loves*
    to show off her body and do acrobatics
    to show us how fit she is for a
    menopausal gal, and 2) it seems the
    richer she got the less effectively she
    is able to communicate her views which
    I very often agreed with. She’s
    over for me. Carry on.

  32. Ben says

    Hmmm, it must be fun to loathe Madonna so. That’s the only reason I can imagine why so many are taking their 4 minutes to watch and complain.

    Interesting too that as a gay icon, Madonna shows the least amount of pandering to her ‘base’ of gay fans. She is never going to give ‘us’ what we most want from her – Express Yourself or Ray of Light over and over – because she knows better and probably thinks we should too.

    Face it, she’s what a lot of gay men would LOVE to be at 50 – with a hot guy, a great career, some respect with some controversy, still garnering talk and debate, looking fabulous, doing her thing, that amazing physique, etc etc etc.

  33. michael says

    Great summary Ben!

    This video is AMAZING!

    I love how Madonna continues to push herself both musically and visually. She looks amazing, and her body is an incredible achievement against time. She’s never afraid to challenge herself, and her audience. That’s the secret to her incredible success and logevity.

    Most of the tired old queens here bashing her, would give their eye teeth to look as great at 49, not to mention be able to grind on Justin Timberlake, and not look like his grandpa!

    As someone said above Madonna doesn’t pander to the gays, and lot of them hate her for it. So be it.

    They always have Cyndi Lauper, and her tired “true bore” nostalgia act.

  34. Carlos says

    Madonna-loonies unite and take over. Your queen has come back and she’s got chicken cutlets in her cheeks. Attack anyone that seeks to disrespect her majesty. Get right in their face and Vogue.

  35. Tropico says

    There are a lot of gay men in their 50’s “with a hot guy, a great career,looking fabulous, doing their thing, that amazing physique, etc etc etc.” Who says this is all exclusive to Madonna? And what does have to do with disliking her song?

  36. BrokebackBob says

    Well Michael, some of us
    queens over 40…
    1) aren’t at all tired (in any sense)
    2) look faaaaabbbbbbuuuulous!
    3) wouldn’t look twice at JT (blechh) or most of the other not quite soup yet younger wonkettes
    4) admired Madonna very much as an artist at one time or another, but not now and that’s fine; just watch Truth or Dare and I think you’ll see what I mean
    4) have got the money and free time to enable #1 and #2 above. :-)

  37. tjc says

    Ernesto, thanks for the kudos but I think you have meant them for someone else.

    When I said this song cries out for an extended dance remix, it’s because it would then be an 7-1/2 minute song called “4 minutes.”

  38. eric says

    Cyndi Lauper is awesome! She can actually sing so don’t know where you get the idea that she is a tired nostalgia. I don’t think this is a song that we will remember in 10 years. Comparing Cyndi with Madonna is just not fair to Madonna- Cyndi is a singer that can actually sing-

  39. says

    I like it. It’s fun. :)

    I only started listening to Madonna with Immaculate Collection. I got some of her CD’s after that. And some I didn’t. I don’t expect her to satisfy all my needs. That would be a little silly.

    Why turn on her as if she’s betrayed you just because you don’t like the song! Just buy something else.

  40. michael says

    Ooh the tired old queens are upset! The truth hurts!

    Keep enjoying your tired Cyndi records, and her borefest drag tours. Madonna will continue to inspire, entrhall, and soar up the charts, all the while looking like the fab goddess she is.

  41. DKNATL says

    I’m so glad Justin Limberwrist has a new song and video out. Who was the blonde tramp always getting in the camera shots?

    I think he’s trying to show in the video that he’s shy about taking his clothes off when girls around!

  42. jorge says

    How’d Cyndi Lauper get dragged into this? I love me some Cyndi and the old slutty version of Madonna. That nude-color belt over nude-color corset looks like a fat apron. Hilarious.

  43. says

    Love her, love Timbaaland, love the beat. Hate the lyrics, Timberlake = yawn. Could have done without the people’s faces melting while I was eating b’fast. lol

    I saw her in concert in 06 (was about 10 ft from the stage). Her face looks aaaawfuuully “tight” lately compared to then. Anyone else notice that?

  44. Charles says

    UHM…that was incredibly stupid. 4 minutes to say what? I din’t hear any great message. It was a bunch of posing and Solid Gold-type dancing. Been done too many times – and the digital graphics didn’t help it, either.
    Self-indulgant repetitive crap.
    Apparently Madonna will never top her “Like A Virgin” era stuff.
    For all the people that liked it – well, you’ll like anything she does.

  45. Tonic says

    Jack – exactly. This is a great song to bring on the sun and fun. The more I hear the song, the more I like it.

    The video is FANTASTIC, From concept to execution.

  46. JJ says

    I love it when there’s a Madonna post on this site. Nothing gets queens more riled up than a good Madonna debate. She will be so pleased.

  47. Cameron says

    Interesting how there are (way way way) more comments on Madonna’s new video (which I can’t watch cuz it was taken down) than articles about our civil rights or politics.

  48. BRINKER says

    Yeah we needed a Madge dose, good or bad. I’m glad someone likes it, I sure don’t, BECAUSE I have dumped hundreds of dollars toward her CDs and concerts over the last 20 years (yeah I’m the same age as her) and though this song sucks, I’ll always be a fan. Just dissappointed because I know what she is capable of. Great comments Brokebackbob! JunkieXL definitely should do the remix. The high-school brass and one-note bassline is why I don’t ever want to hear this Timbaland mix again.

  49. pete smith says

    there are so many haters out there. so if she’s in her 40’s, or 50’s. does it really matter. we are all creating our own coffins at 40, why is that a age cap on living? all the hot guys i like are over 40 anyway, versus the 2 minute queens in their 20’s.

    all you queens are so negative, especially about someone who has always cared for the gay community, versus Britney or Mariah who never gave a hoot about us, just how gays can make her look better (hair and fashion stylist). I will always support her, growing up in the 90’s with aids and hiv, she is one of the people who is in the front lines fighting with us. i will never forget it.

    remember, Britney, Mariah, Jessica and all the other bimbo don’t really care about us. I have never seen any of them do: AIDS walk, AIDS dance, public service announcements and fund raisers for the gay community that have nothing to do with their cd releases. Madonna has always advocated our civil rights and treated us with adoration and kindness, even in her music. all the other “divas” only care about us as self-improvement queens who can dress them better, make their hair better. they just care about our taste!

    while Madonna was trying to help our community, Mariah’s playing with butterflies in mini skirts and Britney was mistaken choreography for love.

    the song is about the environment, btw. our last chance to save the planet, hence the cars, consumerism and images.

  50. says

    WOW! I’ve never seen such bitter divisive crabbing over OUR hero! As someone who readily admits purchasing her debut album in 1983 (my junior year in high school), I have grown up with this woman. Like her, musically I’ve evolved and appreciate everything she does. Granted, the song took a while to grow on me, only because the whole “Timbaland” sound is already getting played out. I caught the video yesterday on another blog, and all I can say is AMAZING! All you tired queens sitting around in your Depends need to get off your collective fat asses and appreciate the 25 years of entertainment (in all of its degrading forms) Madonna has brought us. While I was hoping that her last album with Warner would bring her full circle to my junior year, I’m very pleased so far. A recent interview with Justin suggested that an element of the early part of her career is on this final album with an updated sound. I’ve already pre-ordered my CD from Amazon and will be the first in line when the concert tickets go on sale.

  51. says

    Yikes! So many bitter old queens! If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it! Stick with Judy Garland – I think she’s more age appropriate.

  52. Gus says

    WTF? I’m 26 and not a big fan of hers. And since when are Britney, Mariah and Madonna the only choices for gay icons? That’s stupid and closed-minded and some of you freak fans are missing out on a whole beautiful world of music in varying style and personalities. And I haven’t noticed Madonna on the front lines of AIDS since it left the height of fashion and it could no longer improve her image.

  53. Rick says

    Who is Cyndi Lauper? She is the one straight singer that is fighting for your rights- Cyndi Lauper is also the one that works very hard to promote Gay Rights and the first singer to do a benefit for AIDS organizations way back in 1983- Nothing against Madonna but don’t mess with talented Cyndi Lauper- She’s done A LOT MORE for our community than Madonna. I respect Madonna’s work but she hasn’t done much for US.

  54. John says

    Madonna just cares for herself.These fans are FREAKS! and DEAF. You called these music? I have a question for you Madonna: What have you done for our community LATELY???????

  55. Austin says

    Anyone can be number one these days. I am only 22 years old and I much rather listen to any artist that would support my community. What happened to writing your own lyrics, playing instruments and making a difference?

    Paying money to the “latest trend” to be “cool” isn’t too impressive.

  56. Paul R says

    It is NOT being a bitter old queen to say a song sucks, with a derivative video. Don’t make this an age thing—make it a quality thing.

    If you enjoy it, fine. But don’t make different opinions an intergenerational issue. I’m 35. I think she could do better. That’s it.

  57. Sean P says

    I love how one group of people hate a video and the other group hates people who hate a video. Now which group sounds like a bunch of tired, nasty, bitter, queens? Everytime there is a Madonna post, her fans come out to accuse everyone of wearing Depends and liking Judy Garland. And if you guys have been following her from the getgo, that puts your age somewhere around 40. So why all the age-obsessed rage?

  58. Nick says

    Madonna is a hypocrite for enjoying the support of a legion of gay fans while adopting kabbalah- anti-gay religious perspective. These fans are blinded by someone that can’t sing-can’t act and is using you to only promote herself. Madonna can release an album of herself “farting” and these fans would go wild. Oh my God she is re-inventing herself!!! Farting is IN!!!

    Please bring the real Divas to the Dance Floor! The ones that can ACTUALLY SING!!

    Ask Madonna to sing the National Anthem- That would be a revelation!

  59. Serg says


    Madonna fans are out there. They have no clue about Human Rights and making a difference.

    Cyndi Lauper is great, she is touring the RED STATES to challenge people to be more open about our community. That’s impressive!