1. Mike says

    Seems appropriate for the parties involved. Im sure that photog called all his buddies that no less than 100 times that day.

  2. says

    I so was going to ask the same thing and then I decided to google his ass. So he’s another socialite just like the ones he despises but yet dates. The grandson of some oil magnate. Classy!

  3. Jack Scribe says

    Had to check imdb to find out who this loser is. This “actor” hasn’t done anything since 2006 – except for being a parasite with the Paris/Lindsey gang. Some 15 minutes.

  4. says

    I agree that this douche deserves nothing but hate and scorn, but is that what the paps do now? Taunt people? Rile them up until they lash back? The “teabagging your mom” thing was a bit much.

    Ha! They even thanked him after he said it. They might as well have played the sound of a cash register ringing. All parties involved are a-holes.

  5. Shan says

    I first read the header and thought that didnt sound good but then I saw the video and realized the black guy was actually calling him names. I am a person of color and I think its fair game is you are out there taunting someone and been a pest you are actually acting like what the word connotates,which is something bad and low.

  6. banjiboi says

    The sordid tales of Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis and equally disgusting brother “Gummi Bear” are legion in LA LA.

    He’s a buddy of fellow douchebags Paris “Valtrex” Hilton and uber-douche R&B music producer Scott Storch.

  7. Tintin Malfoy says

    This douchebag is also famous for stealing watches and shit from his friends. God forbid this asshole gets a real job.

  8. KITTEN says

    HE IS SUCH a loser. Anyone who would use the N word, the F word, and degrade a young lady (even if its lindsay lohan) in such terms.

  9. says

    Paparazzi is a plural noun. He used it incorrectly. If you’re going to be a racist homophobic tool, perhaps it would be best to use correct grammar (even if it’s in Italian).

  10. silly_rabbit says

    Another little brat who believes he can treat anyone else any way he wants…I don’t expect much from him or people of his ilk anyway…

  11. Sean says

    Oh how I long for info I care about. Why is it always newsworthy when someone else calls out Faggot! or Nigger!

    I mean, it’s not like we don’t know it happens…ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

    So he’s a rich asshole! What’s newsy about that?

  12. lame says

    the paps were instigating a war of words and they got one. where’s the story? or is the story about the paps hounding and provoking people by talking shit? here’s an idea, try it with sean penn, that would be more interesting.

  13. Miles says

    This worthless rich brat is just the young George Bush, forty years later. If there had been paparazzi to follow around GWB when he was Brandon’s age, this is the kind of footage they would have gotten of him. Governor Davis for President 2048!

  14. Hermes in DC says

    I think no one should ever use the word “nigger” for any reason in any circumstances. It’s just one of those words that is (and should be) untouchable because of its history and the layers of meaning it’s fraught with.

    Of course, the useful thing about the word is that when someone does use it, like this silly little boy, Brandon Davis, who’s never done anything other than win the genetic lottery, it tells us SO MUCH MORE about the person who speaks it than about the person it’s addressed to (about whom of course it says nothing meaningful). I think the words “kyke” and “cunt” have the same status. Personally I don’t think “faggot” has that status though. It can be a truly hateful word, but it’s used to mean a lot more things and in very wide-ranging contexts. I don’t know that I would give it quite the same untouchable status.

    Having said all that, the paparazzi were clearly baiting this guy, hoping to get a rise out of him. Shame on them for that; shame on him for taking the bait in this obnoxious way; and joke’s on us for looking at the video (which, after all, is how the paparazzi get paid) and, irony of ironies, commenting on it!

    Problem is, it’s like a car wreck (or, for that matter, that new lie detector game show on Fox). I know I shouldn’t watch, but it’s too fascinating to turn away.

  15. Buster says

    He’s a pig but who cares? He’s another piece of partying flotsam on Sunset Blvd. who is known only for being known. You looking to become yet another Hollywood trash gossip blog? I already actively avoid Perez Hilton and TMZ — don’t need to add Towleroad to that list.

  16. Sebastian says

    The only two words left that can still sting and people still hurl them so freely, even from an obese, nasty looking moron like this twit. But, then again, this is the USA, and, racism and homophobic slurs are the norm for many and dismissed by others as meaning nothing.

  17. Zeke says

    HERMES, I really don’t understand your reasoning about how “faggot” doesn’t reach the same “status” as the other slurs you listed because “it’s used to mean a lot more things and in very wide-ranging contexts.”

    So because a gay slur is considered the MOST offensive thing that ANYONE can be called, it’s widely used to slur people who aren’t even gay, it makes it LESS of an offensive word?


    Could you explain that a bit more. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

  18. Dave says

    Who cares? Stop giving inbred and illiterate people stories about what they say. What has this guy done to get press? Britney, Paris, etc…we look like fools to the rest of the world. Sigh

    That’s it…I am moving to Australia.

  19. Matt says

    Those photographers should’ve smashed their cameras over that useless, racist and homophobic prick’s head.

  20. Enough Already says

    The worst part is that “paparazzi” is actually the plural. He should have said “How did you become a little ‘paparazzo’ faggot?”

    Racism and homophobia are just made worse with poor grammar, son.

  21. Amanda says

    Hmm, i can understand the N-word, and even “faggot”, but “cunt”? Really? Who is it offensive to? I’m a woman, and I use that word all the time. I even mix it up sometimes and use “twat” as well. But then again, I’m definitely no feminist, nor do I have much respect for other women, so perhaps my opinion is not the most politically correct.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, Amanda, darlin’, I’ve been called a nigger, faggot and a cunt. Triple crown, honey! Worst of all: a snooty Philly queen.

    Well, if you don’t respect most other women, I can just imagine how you feel about gay men. I aint crazy ’bout ’em either…too sensitive. Give me rough trade; if you hurt their feelings they just hit you, and steal something.

    What about drag queens? You like them?

  23. Jacksworth Laguardia says

    shame on him! i can’t wait until celebrity prayer list gives him what he deserves. where are you sister mary?!

  24. Brad says

    I had to google this idiot to figure out who he was. He’s a nobody grandson of a rich family who hangs with equally nobody people like Paris Hilton. Why are you giving him a platform? Because he has money and uses it irresponsibly? For once I love to see somebody like this getting press for using their money for good. Why do the paps even care? Weird world we live in.

  25. DANI says

    SHAN – You say you are a person of color, but you are clearly not a black person or you would never be as ignorant as to say you think the n word is “fair game is you are out there taunting someone and been a pest you are actually acting like what the word connotates,which is something bad and low.”

    I’m not sure how anyone can act like a n*gger? Perhaps you can explain that to me. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  26. iew says

    Ignore him. Ignore them. They feed on the fact that anybody pays any attention to them. And while we’re at it – there is nothing wrong with being rich, being obese, being a women, being of color, or getting your kicks by being or buying rough trade, drag queens, vanilla ice cream or chocolate covered marshmallows dipped in curry draped over a chopstick and wrapped in sauerkraut. If you don’t have a taste for it, you don’t have to like it or eat it. And we certainly don’t have to spend hours bantering about the sanity of those who do. (PS. The line about George Bush was pure genius! Thank you for making my weekend.)

  27. Hermes in DC says

    Zeke —

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest that “faggot” is a nice word. And I wouldn’t ever use it in any circumstances. But I do think it is incrementally different, certainly than “nigger.”

    Although this is in part true of the “n word,” faggot is often used my people in proud reference to themselves. I have friends who would not be offended by being called fag or faggot, and certainly have referred to themselves as either. Some back people self-identify as “nigger,” e.g., in some gangsta rap music. But I think, purely subjective, evaluative judgmet here, their doing so is much more fraught with conflicted meaning and even socio-poitical statement.

    Be that as it may, and I agree it is an offensive word, I hardly think that, given their respective histories, you can call “faggot” a MORE offensive word than “nigger” (your exact words were that it’s “the MOST offensive thing that ANYONE can be called”).

  28. JT says

    Offense is judged by the response of those offended, not by someone who doesn’t think it matters that much, Hermes. I won’t get into a debate with you, but I will suggest that you not minimize the pain of another or assume because it doesn’t much matter to you, then it can’t possibly be the most offensive word to someone else.

    For the record, there certainly is a long enough history and awareness thereof for me, globally, of the offensiveness of the word, “faggot.” I am also aware of the history, whatever the word used at the time, of anti-gay rhetoric as well as activity. I am personally aware of its use against me, in many scenarios but most pointedly when it was used by people (I use the term loosely) doing things to me that were against my will and in violation of my basic human dignity. I won’t bore you with the details of that event. Nor will I bore you with the peer-reviewed, psychological research support that exists for PTSD-like responses to discrimination felt by the victims, and how that response is informed by personal, global, historical, objective, and subjective experiences. Let’s just say that I can’t hear that word, ever, and think it’s no big deal. I’ll thank you to respect that.

  29. Zeke says

    HERMES, do you know any black men personally? You don’t think that the N-word is used by black people in a proud and affectionate way? Do you know any black men or latin men who are “street”/hip hop? Believe it or not this Mississippi gay white boy has a number of friends who self identify as such and they use the N word amongst themselves a thousand times a day, WAY more than I have EVER heard gay people use the word “faggot”.

    As for your claim that faggot couldn’t possibly be more offensive than the N word, just ask a black man if he would be more offended if a person referred to him as a N or a faggot. You might be surprised the answer. The black and latin men that I know don’t call each other the N-word when they intend to be as offensive as possible. They reserve the word “faggot” for that; or at least they used to before they met me.

    Look, I’m not trying to establish some kind of slur offensiveness ranking, I’m just challenging your claim that “faggot” has a lesser status than the N-word or “cunt”.

    I think it is of equal status but I think the word “faggot” is used more often when a person wants to deliver the ultimate insult.

  30. Dean says

    Amen, Zeke. I couldn’t agree more.

    I also have a major problem with the fact that while other offensive names are regularly “bleeped” on tv (you’ll almost never hear the n-word), the words “f*g” or “f*gg*t” are often heard… sometimes even on non-cable prime-time shows.

  31. says

    And Jews, Catholics, Hindus – I want to know his views on them too. Also on Mexicans, Chinese, and Swedes.

  32. Gena says

    In England, ‘fags’ are cigarettes. And ‘faggot’ in the dictionary is listed as a variant of ‘fagot,’ meaning ‘bundle of sticks.’ I am gay and I have plenty of gay friends who use the term ‘faggot’ loosely, right along with the word ‘sissy.’ PERSONALLY, I would be far more comfortable saying the word ‘faggot’ to a gay friend than I ever would saying ‘nigger’ to a Black friend. In fact, as the mother of a mixed-race child, I can honestly say that I don’t know when the last time that word has left my lips was.

    HOWEVER, I think we can certainly agree that both are controversial terms. When used in spite, they are both completely unacceptable terms. If someone is offended by them, the level of offense can only be judged by how offended that person on the receiving end of the term is. And I think we can all agree on the fact that paparazzi are f*cking scumbags who make a living by provoking and pushing boundaries. Many celebrities tolerate far more than they should at the hands and mouths of these pricks. Brandon Davis only proved that he’s standing on a level playing field with offensive people. All people involved are just dicks, as far as I’m concerned.

  33. Hermes in DC says


    I think the point on which we agree is that both the “n” and “f” words are offensive. I stand by my original statement that the former has a special status for reasons that are historical, political and social, and that go far deeper in history, at least between the races in this country, and, as a result of that, touch directly many, many more people than does any similar conflict around the latter word (the “f” word, sorry,that was a long sentence).

    I think to claim otherwise would be to imply that gay rights is as historically and socially significant an issue in this country as race relations. Note I didn’t say morally significant, just historically and socially. I would be hard put to think of a serious social historian or sociologist who would disagree with that.

    And for the record, yes, I know many black men and was in fact raised in a heavily integrated inner-city neighborhood in Chicago.

  34. Al says

    Zeke, you claim that the f word is used when one wants to deliver the ultimate offense, as compared to the n word but your example provided is a little shortsighted.

    In your scenario of asking a black man which word would offend him more, you’d also have to take into context the race of the one who hurled the term at him. A black man calling another black man the n word would likely warrant no response (even if the suffix “er” rather than “a” is used) yet the f word likely would. Change the race of the namecaller to white, with all the associated historical connotations, and if he calls the black man the f word it may still inspire anger, but if he dares let the n word cross his lips, you’re most likely looking at an automatic beatdown. Calling a man the f word is speaking on his manliness yet the n word is calling out his entire race, his entire culture and its history, languages, traditions, etc.

    Yes, the words mean different things to different people, i.e., a gay man may be as offended at being called the f word as a black man would be if he is called the n word, yet it is ignorant to put such a blanket statement on your stated scenario. Obviously the black and latin men don’t reserve the n word for when they want to cause the most offense because so many of them use the term as an endearment anyway! What else could they say to one another to maximize how much they offend each other besides the f word? How could they insult one another with the n word, which is racially based, when they are the same race as the one they seek to offend??

    Seems to me like the f word is used out of default, not simply because they have the option of using the n word and inciting as much anger, but just decide “What the heck, I’ll just use the f word and see what happens.” Your claim that the f word is most often used because it is considered THE ULTIMATE insult is a little absurd, or at least if you don’t consider the fact that it’s the ultimate insult only to SOME people. Maybe if all the parties involved are the same race/sex it is the ultimate insult, but likely only out of lack of any other means with which to insult one another…what are they supposed to do, tell “yo mama” cracks??