John McCain on the Hagee Controversy: ‘It’s Nonsense’

Just after the exchange in the video clip above, McCain attempted to deflect the criticism by bringing up Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Said McCain “I didn’t attend Pastor Hagee’s church for 20 years. There’s a great deal of difference, in my view, between someone who endorses you, and other circumstances.”

Watch that full clip here.

In related news, Newt Gingrich was asked about McCain and how he should respond to Hagee’s anti-Catholic and anti-gay statements. Gingrich said he should reject the anti-Catholic statements but remained mum about the anti-gay ones.


  1. says

    What an excellent blog! Really. Really. Really.
    Hey Rosco! We hung your post onto today’s Ladda. Oh we had fun wit’him when he came, eh? (Oh, sorry. We are talking about an 80 year old man here:)

    Thank you,
    Editilla O’rilla d’Aphasia
    New Orleans News Ladder

    ps-why is the photo in your title masthead upside down?

  2. rudy says

    The cracks begin in McCain’s facade of stability and rationality. Keep poking at him and we may yet see him self-destruct in characteristic fashion. I only hope that the divisiveness among the Dem’s is not too deep to be repaired in time for McCain’s self-immolation.

  3. Wes says

    Gotta love how nobody is holding McCain to nearly the same standard as either of the Democratic candidates.

    Why isn’t this an issue? Why am I only seeing it on Towleroad? I feel like I’ve been drowned in the Wright controversy endlessly for weeks, but McCain can just wait weeks and weeks to finally give a ‘nonsense’ non-answer to Hagee’s allegation that the people of New Orleans deserved the Katrina tragedy and no one cares.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    I agree with you, Rudy (that aint nothin’ new).

    And I don’t care what these folks who accuse some of us of agesim say. Soon, if I’m unlucky enough to still be here, I’ll an old person. I intend to do what all old folks who DO NOT have young, progressive ideas should do: get your old ass the hell outta’ the way.

    Robert Byrd was one of the only ones who was right about the war, but, my Lord, he must be 90. Sit down, old man. Don’t let that Viagra fool you.

  5. Jimmyboyo says

    The latest rasmussen poll has BOTH of our dem candidates soundly defeating mccain.

    That is good news for all of us dems no mater which of our 2 we prefer.

  6. ian says

    it’s edited strangely. it gives the impression that he’s both brushing away the controversy as nonsense, but it’s framed to say that he thinks what the pastor said was nonsense.

    but it shows just how eloquent he can be about the issue

  7. patrick nyc says

    As I have said over and over, no matter which dem you are for we must make sure this feeble old man ever get in office.

    There was a great article in last weekends Washington Post on his famous temper. He has called even members of his own party words I would never say in from of children. He’s a hot head who as some in his own party are quoted, “Should never have his hand on the button”.

  8. Joshua says

    Not sure where you got that Rasmussen poll from Jimmyboyo.
    The last Rasmussen poll done for the general election has McCain ahead of Clinton by 2%(with in the margin of error) and tied with Obama and that was Monday’s poll.
    In today and yesterdays Rasmussen polls there are only head to heads in 4 states. In Nevada McCain beats both Clinton and Obama outside the margin of error. In Minnisota Both Clinton and Obama beat McCain outside the margin of error(Obama beats him by about 4% more than clinton. In Indiana McCain beats both Clinton and Obama outside the margin of error. He beats Obama by 18% and Clinton by 11%. In Ohio, Clinton and McCain are tied and McCain beats Obama outside the margin of error(47% to 40%).
    In March, Obama beat McCain by 15% in California, now Obama beats McCain by 7% there. Clinton beats McCain by 5% in Ca.
    In the Gallop daily tracking poll, McCain beats Obama by 1% and Clinton beats McCain by 2%(all with in the margin of error.
    The only poll that shows Clinton and Obama beating McCain nationally is the USA Today/Gallop poll, which even Gallop says isn’t a true picture because USA Today, pays for the poll and insists on including *voters* instead of what all accurate polls use *likely voters*….also USA Today weights Democrats at 44% of the electorate instead of the 37% all polls use.
    As of today….McCain leads in states with 261 electoral votes to 201 for Clinton and 189 for Obama. Leaner stes put McCain at 287 electoral college votes.
    If you like polls, at least cite them accuratly.

  9. Joshua says

    Patrick NYC……that article since has been trashed. Turns out that almost all of the little stories the writer told about McCains temper were made up. All of the people quoted said what was written wasn’t true.
    As far as McCain and Senator Grassley, Grassely said they had words, but it was strictly over the immigration bill and they get along fine.
    Former Senator Gary Hart(a Democrat) said that these stories are flat out untrue. So did Senator Liberman.

  10. CK says

    Well, no matter what the polls say, that nasty little man must NEVER make it to the White House! The Democrats have to step up and show the USA exactly how they can and will beat him in the election. I cannot believe that people are still willing to follow the GOP into the W-led abyss… McCain included! What about the last 7+ years of utter dismal failure and disaster don’t they see? Wake up America, it’s time to sweep aside the malignant GOP administration and replace it with articulate forward-thinking people… Whether it be Obama or Hillary leading us, what a victory it will be!

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