News: Thailand, Dick Cheney, Brazil Wedding, Diva Clinton

road.jpg Jay Leno and Ryan Phillippe are still on good terms after the “gayest look” incident. Said Leno: “No, we talked about it before. We’re friends. I mean, it’s a talk show. That’s what you do.”

Whitewindroad.jpg Same-sex weddings, civil unions, commitment ceremonies big business in New England: “Throughout the Northeast, competition has spiked among wedding sites, hotels, resorts and inns as the travel industry has realized that same-sex ceremonies can draw scores of guests, who turn these destinations weddings into weekend stays.”

road.jpg Ashlee Simpson is another straight woman who loves that gay guys love her man.

road.jpg Red Cross in Thailand changes screening process for gay blood donors: “Gay-rights activists had complained that one question, which was meant to target people more likely to have diseases transmitted by sex and drugs, had effectively blocked all gay men from donating by only asking about same-sex relations. ‘We didn’t mean to hurt anyone,’ said Soisaang Pikulsod, director of the Thai Red Cross National Blood Centre. ‘It was just to ensure the highest possible safety of our patients.’ The Red Cross will rework the form to include more questions about all types of sexual behaviour, gay or heterosexual, that could increase the risk of diseases such as AIDS, she said.”

road.jpg Kathy Griffin and Adnan Ghalib in most obvious paparazzi punk’d ever.

Cheneyroad.jpg Dick Cheney has either a naked woman or an alien entity in his lenses. Or Lynne Cheney, in which case it would be both.

road.jpg American Idol loses one of the guys [SPOILER].

road.jpg Gay-friendly college fairs a budding trend: “Students are coming out at a much younger age. That process isn’t beginning in college or after college like we may have seen 10 or 20 years ago. So these high school students who are out come looking for a range of things that show a college will generally have students like them, and a university with an inclusive mission.”

road.jpg Judge tosses Florida lawsuit filed by high school student denied the right to form a gay-straight alliance: “The former student, Yasmin Gonzalez, has graduated, so she’s no longer affected by the school’s decision to ban the club, U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore said in a ruling Wednesday. Gonzalez’s attorneys with the ACLU tried to maintain her stake in the case by seeking nominal monetary damages, but Moore ruled she isn’t entitled to any money because she wasn’t claiming violations of due process. ‘We were surprised and disappointed by his interpretation,’ said Rob Rosenwald, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union. Rosenwald plans to ask the judge to reconsider. Attorneys for the school board declined to comment.”

Brazilroad.jpg Brazil televises “tacky” gay wedding.

road.jpg George Michael = God?

road.jpg East Village Boys offer T-shirt that big shooters wear with pride.

road.jpg TPM suggests “diva theory” behind Hillary’s appeal: “Hillary is the diva, the fabulous woman who is fabulous just because she says so. She’s the woman who is abused (by her husband), ridiculed (by the press), hated (by Republican mouth-breathers), yet she’s still standing. She’s like from some exploitation film where the heroine is beaten and barely raped before pulling a knife out of her sock and slicing the mean guy’s balls off. Her supporters have stood by her and fought her battles with her – and sometimes for her – since the 1990s. The emotional connection runs too deep. R-e-s-p-e-c-t, she shakes her finger. Find out what it means to me. And the crowd eats it up.” Can any shallower arguments be made?

road.jpg Michigan’s Aquinas College cancels speech by gay rights activist. President: “I’m not trying to keep people from seeing him. I’m trying to prevent the college from sponsoring an event that displays an attack on Catholic teaching values.”


  1. jonathan says

    How else can you explain why gay men still support the Clintons? They threw us under the bus and they will continue to do so as long as it is politically expedient. If they thought it would get votes, they’d send us to the ovens.

  2. Leland Frances says

    “If they thought it would get votes, they’d send us to the ovens.”????

    Just when you thought the Hillary Haters couldn’t go any lower….Amazing. Deepak “Do These Ruby Rhinestone Glasses Make Me Look Gay?” Chopra and Oprah merely predicted our moving to a “higher plane of consciousness” through Obama. Smells like the lowest level of demagoguery to me. O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!

    But “Jonathan” is just some invisible, invincibly ignorant sloth hiding behind his IP address to slime his betters. The cyber equivalent of the cockroach.

    But TPM is one of the most widely discussed, seriously taken blogs on the Net. Or one should say, “formerly seriously taken”—before it began to self-implode as “Obama’s Talking Points” with 3655-24-7 All Hillary Hating All The Time Screeds. He’s even used the poster boy for ruthless, dishonest bottom feeders Drudge as a source.

    More than one across the Net has begun to wonder what could have led to previously repected blogginistas like TPM’s Josh Marshall, Daily MarKOS Moulitsas, and John Avarosis to turn into press reps for the Obama Borg. Some speculate that they imagine Obama Administration appointments.

    Who knows? I don’t read minds. But anyone reading such puerile crap as the sexist, homophobic bleating [it begins by referring to “homosexual men”—how progressive of him not to write “Sodomites”] about Hillary As Diva knows classic character assassination when they see it.

    But don’t bother to complain there or at Kos where Non Obama Borged contributors and casual commentors are beginning to report being banned.

  3. Tom says

    I’m glad Leland is back, too. I enjoy his posts. And he’s dead on about the former stars of the progressive blogosphere–they have been assimilated into the Obamaborg hivemind.

  4. MCnNYC says

    Yes Andy Towle there can be more shallower comments that can be made and I’m not sure if by your comment you are asking your readers to engaged in the hating or are you solicitous for some equal time BamaBashing?

    I certainly can supply ample bigoted bait but why would you want to stoop so low?

    The ugliness with which John Averagetosis, TPM, MarxKOS and even Keith OverExposederline shilling for Obama has forced me to seek more objective progessive outlets. I no longer take my daily dose of them. And I am afraid that this blog too may soon reveal it’s ugly side and that would be a shame.
    Think Progress is at this time now a source I’ve replaced all the above.

    I want a President not a Pastor and come November my hope is that we will have an Executive in that Office and not Platitudes.

  5. BANNE says

    More shallow? Sure, vote for me because I’m change and better than anyone else who has ever been President because I am bringing hope and change and BLAH BLAH BLAH. And they call Hillary self indulgent. Please.

  6. Landon Bryce says


    I had to give up the Huffington Post for the same reasons you mention. I do not get the “Hillary as diva” trope. She’s not a diva: she’s a workaholic nerd. The press hate her largely because she’s kind of boring. She shows none of the larger than life behavior of a diva. It’s an idea that many shallow gays enjoy, but it’s a dumb idea.

  7. Jos says

    I think it’s safe to say that Andy is in the tank for Obama — judging solely from the Obamabot-baiting comments, questions, retorts and posts he makes — and he has every right to because this is his blog.

    Just like every other media outlet out there that’s milking this primary for all its worth and dividing the party (which I presume is the same one Andy aligns himself with) in the process, it’s quite sad that this blog has decided to jump on the bandwagon.

    As a longtime supporter of Hillary who’s come to terms with the fact that she’s very unlikely to be the party’s nominee, I will not be voting for Obama — not because Hillary won’t be on the ballot.

    But, SOLELY because of the rabid, hateful and vile comments from the Obamabots, of which there are quite a few here. And I know at least 27 people personally, and counting (and who knows how many millions more across the country) who’ll be doing the same thing. United party my ass!

    Obama — The Great Divider — will be the reason why we’ll have President John McCain on Jan. 21, 2009.

  8. Leland Frances says

    As much time and energy [and donations to other candidates] I’ve invested trying in my subatomic way to prevent Obama from getting the nomination because I think he would be a poorer President than Sen. Clinton [or Edwards before he dropped out], I am shocked that anyone who values civil liberties can even consider not voting for him in the general election over McCain.

    Isn’t to decide that, Jos, to “self-fulfill” your prophecy of a President McCain? Even if Obama turned out to be half the President his most extreme supporters imagine, we would be better off. One can only speculate about that possibility.

    But we CAN KNOW FOR CERTAIN that a McCain Presidency would result in a nightmarish chain of events—from increased deaths in the Mideast to the complete takeover of the Supreme Court by theocratic ideologues for the next thirty years—that we have an obligation to do our best to prevent regardless of the worst excesses of anyone in the Obama Borg.

    I repeat: Obama at his worst is better than any Repug at his/her best. VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!

  9. 24play says

    Sometimes Leland Frances,

    Please, Mary, enough with the shocked indignation at the prospect of some Dems refusing to vote for Obama.

    After pissing into the well non-stop for the past 6 months, you can’t exactly claim to be shocked and appalled at the discovery that the horses now refuse to drink from it.

  10. Jos says

    Leland, I understand where you’re coming from and I respect your good intentions. However, I do realize your response was a result of my failure to make one thing clear: I will never vote Republican. I have just chosen to withhold my vote, that’s all. I don’t believe I have to vote for Obama just because he’s a Democrat. I do not trust his abilities, and his vacant and lofty calls for Hope and Change.

    He’s got nothing to show for it, except wonderful platitudes and a growing army of silly, starry-eyed youngins’ and blind followers who’ve projected THEIR hopes for change from the GW years onto him.

    A vote for him is an endorsement for the deception and lies, and the underhanded Mafia-styled campaign he’s run — no, I should say co-run with that vile mastermind D. Axelrod. It’s an endorsement for the media’s anti-Hillary stance that he, his campaign and followers have courted and nourished so well. He is, and will always be the old-school, dirty Washington politician he claims not to be.

    Sorry, I hate to get all negative and wordy, and hateful like the rabid Obamabots, so this will be my last comment on this issue.

  11. RJ says


    The stakes are bigger than Clinton and Obama’s personal ambitions to be president, and they’re way bigger than your need to proclaim “no way I’m endorsing Obama”.

    What would you say to the supposed Democrats in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004 who abstained from voting because they had some axe to grind with the Gore campaigns? Good for you for standing by your principles?

    The stark reality is that both Clinton and Obama camps have engaged in dirty politics. How ironic that the Republicans have run cleaner campaigns thus far this election cycle than either Clinton or Obama.

  12. says

    Good for New England for gaining business from the LGBT community as its states allow civil unions and gay marriages.

    Of course, these gay marriages are not being performed in the United Methodist Church to which Hillary Clinton belongs.

    The United Methodist Church is among the most homophobic Protestant denominations in the country, and refuses to ordain gay & lesbian members and prohibits same-sex marriages. In fact, the LGBT activist group Soulforce will be protesting at the United Methodist Church general conference in Texas later this month for its gay hate.

    If Hillary says she believes in GLBT equality — notwithstanding her prior support of DOMA and DADT — why doesn’t she challenge the hateful and ignorant policies of her own church?

  13. says

    The Soulforce History of Seeking Justice within the United Methodist Church:

    1999 – Soulforce staged a direct action at the UMC Church Trial of the Rev. Jimmy Creech who was defrocked for performing same-gender marriages.

    2000 – At the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, almost 200 Soulforce volunteers were arrested in a nonviolent direct action. Prominent participants included Arun Gandhi, Yolanda King, the Rev. James Lawson, and the Rev. Phil Lawson. Two United Methodist Bishops were among those who volunteered to submit to arrest.

    March 2004 – Soulforce conducted a direct action at the UMC Church Trial of the Rev. Karen Dammann, put on trial for being a “self-avowed” lesbian, but found “not guilty.”

    May 2004 – Soulforce was at the 2004 General Conference. Church legislation was passed supporting civil legislation banning same-gender marriage. More anti-LGBT language was added to the church’s Book of Discipline (book of church laws), especially related to church trials. Attempts to recognize dissenting opinions in the church were rejected. In response, Soulforce led a nonviolent mass disruption of the General Conference during its final days.

    December 2004 – Soulforce vigiled at the UMC Church Trial of the Rev. Beth Stroud. Beth was stripped of her clergy credentials by the Trial Court, but has continued to be employed by her local congregation as a lay minister.

    June 2007 – President Bush nominated Dr. James W. Holsinger as Surgeon General. Soulforce issued a press release exposing Holsinger’s history of anti-gay bigotry in his official roles as a member of the United Methodist Committee to Study Homosexuality (1988 to 1992) and as President (“Chief Justice”) of the United Methodist Judicial Council (“Supreme Court”).

    Why doesn’t Hillary challenge her church if she really believes — notwithstanding her prior support of DOMA and DADT — that gays and lesbians are entitled to equal rights?

  14. david says

    Jonathan, there are many explanations for supporting Hillary. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to educate you. Maybe you should do a little research.

    That said, Andy can support anyone he wants. No need to get pissy.

  15. MCnNYC says

    Andy CAN do whatever he wants HOWEVER he is doing this for MONEY. Notice all the ads.
    so if he wants to keeps his numbers he could stop alienating his repeat “eyes”.

    And honestly I used to REALLY enjoy the road because of the wider net he cast.
    And support if fine…but the shallow shade he is showing Hillary is just so UGLY.

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