Obama’s Abercrombie Boys: Case Closed


Questions regarding the origin of the Obama Abercrombie boys have been answered:

“The so-called Abercrombie boys who showed up behind Senator Barack Obama during his speech Tuesday night in Evansville, Ind., were just random Obama fans…Because they were all wearing T-shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch, they stood out in the crowd, even receiving cell-phone calls from friends who had spotted them on television during the speech. Soon the media mentioned them, wondering whether they were part of an advertising campaign, a shrewd bit of product placement by the retailer, which is geared toward the same young crowd attracted to Mr. Obama’s candidacy. Not so. The young men saw a report on CNN and called the network to say they had not planned anything. One of them works at the Abercrombie & Fitch store in Evansville. He and one of his brothers and a friend decided to go to the rally; they wear A&F clothes all the time and didn’t think twice about the T-shirts. At the rally, a campaign volunteer asked them to stand behind Mr. Obama during his speech. It was not clear what role the T-shirts played, if any, in their selection. Spokesmen for the Obama campaign and A&F said there was no plan to highlight A&F, and both were caught by surprise when the T-shirts drew such attention. Virtually all campaigns strategically select the audiences who appear behind their candidate so as to send a message to television viewers.”

As I noted yesterday, folks are already selling Obamacrombie T-shirts.

Said Tom Lennox, VP-corporate communications for A&F: “We appreciate the exposure, but can not take credit for it. So, thanks to the Obama campaign for this great product placement. We wish we had thought of it. If Hillary is interested, we have stores all over North Carolina, Indiana and Oregon.”


  1. Banne says

    Yes, this makes me feel much better about the base that Obama has who are helping to decide the future course of this country. White bred little rich boys with bad fake tans.

    YAY! Can’t wait for this November!

  2. John in CA says

    Ugh, there goes another blow to our national pride.

    Between Hillary’s boozehound rednecks and Obama’s lily white fraternity brothers, I’m beginning to think the Democratic base is…the Republican base.

    Or to put it more succinctly:

    Democrat or Republican, this country is full of idiots!

  3. says

    I’ve been one of these people before. Not the “A&F Shill” people, but one of the “Stand behind the candidate like a deer in the headlights” people.

    In fact, I’ve done it for people I don’t even like. I’ve stood behind Dubya twice. I liked Kerry, but only stood behind him once. Basically when you go to these rallies, the area behind the candidate is additional seating, and they put people back there that are either photogenic or that they’re ‘representing’. Since I was in major student organizations in college… invariably I’d be back there.

    The last Dubya speech I went to we all discussed what we had on hand that we could throw at his head. The Secret Service man near us was trying not to laugh the entire time.

  4. James says

    Glad to see the Aberzombies have the Obama vote. At least they took time out from important things like the mall, frat parties and hooking up with hot bitches.

  5. z says

    According to their interview on CNN they said they are NOT Obama supporters, they are undecided. They also said they sat behind Obama because there was a call for more whites to stand behind him on camera. They also said they couldn’t hear any of the speech and they cheered and booed on command.

  6. says

    why wear abercrombie?

    because after all these years just wearing it on tv in a moment will equal an article in USA today and international attention!

    old navy just can’t provide you with that kind of successful branding.

    everyone in polos.

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