Towleroad Guide to the Tube #272

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: You can have your Tiger Woods.”

RUNWAY HAZARDS: Model swallowed up by the earth. (source: gawker)

THE KARDASHIANS: Mad TV’s take on the show. (source: lady bunny)

BARNYARD BEATDOWN: Two chickens break up a fight between two rabbits. Really!

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  1. Ed says

    While I’m not terribly familiar with the mating habits of rabbits, I’m not exactly that is was a fight as much as the truest cock block ever seen. lol!

  2. critifur says

    Runway Hazzards: I think it was a designer rather than a model falling through the runway. I find this even more comical due to the signage on the runway… Charleston Fashion Week 2008. Charleston has a fashion week? No wonder the designer was swallowed up.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    You know it may be possible that racist assaults by the Republicans in November could backfire. I just have a feeling that many Americans don’t like to be considered stupid anymore. Whether there are enough non-stupid Americans to reject John McCain and idiots like that young idiot who introduced him in the video–well, we shall see.

  4. says

    Wow. What an ass. Well, I guess it goes to show you that the Republicans will have NO DECENCY (as usual) in the upcoming election, resorting to race as an issue as often as possible. I think the majority of Americans are fed up with that BS, though.

  5. Jimmyboyo says


    I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

    All polls show the majority of americans 64-73% do not want a president over 70 yrs old. McCain is like 72

    McCain isn’t winning anything. If the dems ran a roast beef sandwich, the roast beef sandwich would run away with the election. Thankfuly we have 2 wonderful candidates instead of a roast beef sandwich.

    Now I am getting hungry


    LOL on the cock block comment

  6. banjiboi says

    Gee, I’ll bet even the “kinda smart” racists are saying, “That guy sounds like, really, um, dumb.”

  7. anon says

    Too much – “they can have their Tiger Woods”
    and all of the other below average white men in attendance roar in approval…..
    too much

  8. soulbrotha says

    Now I know why models don’t eat; to keep from falling through the runway floors!

  9. patrick nyc says

    This about the third time I’ve seen McCain present when a supporter trashed either Barak or Hillary. He once said he ‘disagreed’ after the fact when asked by the press about it. They are going to pull out all the stops this fall, and that’s not counting the 527’s. McShame will have others do the dirty work, like Bush did to him in 2000. Don’t forget he hired all of Rove’s staff, and Rove is giving free advice as well.

    While I’d like to think the people in this country are above and smart enough, I still see the idiot who is in the White House in the papers every day. God help us.

  10. nic says

    wtf? tiger woods? i bet he thought he was being really clever.

    what a total and complete asshole.


    “truest cock block” too funny! thanx, i needed that.

  11. nic says


    while we’re on the subject, amy sedaris is an out, proud rabbit fan. i got this nugget of info from her book, I LIKE YOU, “a rabbit’s closest relative is the horse, but whenever they ask to borrow money their phone calls are never returned”.

  12. dave says

    What a f***king racist comment. Why am I shocked …? But I am. What an ass – and McCain says NOTHING.