1. SH says

    LOL: “Sometimes I have to do scenes with 60 year-old women.” Kind of a Michael Scott moment.

  2. David D. says

    I’m sorry–someone who bursts into tears over the ‘ordeal’ of having to play someone gay has not survived with their masculinity intact.

  3. Bob R says

    Blubbering like a school girl and locking himself in the bathroom to cry, what a princess (assuming his mother is still alive). Vincita appears to be quite a closet case! I think he probably feared discovery of his deep, dark secret of homosexuality. And if that scene passes for acting, he’ll go nowhere in the mainstream media. In any event, he doesn’t strike me as much of a man or an actor.

  4. Wes says

    I bet if they told him he was going to be playing a guy with two machine guns who goes on a psycho killing spree he would have been thrilled. But playing a gay guy?! WAAAAAAAAAH!!!

    What a pussy. “Sometimes life puts you in positions you don’t want to be in… blah blah” tell me something I don’t know.

  5. Pugzz says

    He’s gay. He was just scared to face the not too hidden truth. It was too much for him. Poor guy.

  6. Jimmyboyo says

    The Kid is a model for INTERNATIONAL MALE. That alone busts the masculinity schtick. It also busts the good taste schtick.

  7. Maverick69 says

    What a drama Queen, They should have used that bathroom scene to show him as gay.

    All that crying for that?

    He’s a pussy to the 2nd power

  8. beefy says

    He’s the Latino William Shatner!…..”How….long…have….we….been…friends…?” Listen to his stilted delivery again….lol

    A lot of drama over nothing and not much of a “gay” scene, except if you count that both of them had something rising in those shorts….you can clearly see Mr. Drama Queen rearranging his crotch at the end and Mr. Masculine Rebuffed Gay Lover had to keep the towel strategically placed….hmmm

  9. Christian says

    I agree, what a putz. I’m sure he feels like he needs to put on this show so that his family and friends think he strongly objected to doing the scene, but this reaction is just over the top.

    Part of being a good actor means being professional. Acting like a homophobe when asked to play gay is not professional. I mean, it’s not like he’s being asked to pull a Divine and eat dog poo.

  10. David says

    The prize was a 10k SHOPPING SPREE…because nothing makes a gal feel better than to split the prize and go get some new shoes with your new BFF. Which is, absolutely the most non-gay thing you could do…

  11. FizziekruntNT says

    I forgot to add, this is the kind of guy that’ll frost a few cupcakes but won’t sample his own work either.

    GIANT pussy.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I have trouble playing “gay” also. Sometimes I scream and cry and drink in order to get into character. It aint easy playing “gay”–‘specially on Mondays.

  13. JJ says

    Maybe its a cultural thing, but that was ridiculous.

    I wonder if they gave him the part of the pursued so he would do it?

    Still he’s cute

  14. says

    I understand why he is crying because he is on a TV show that is challenging him, making more money than he should; gaining more exposure than most honest people ever will…

    Wait what is he crying about?

    Check out the clip on the URL by clicking my name and watch a real man (Robert Gant) act!!

  15. MikeinSanJose says

    That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!! Here’s hoping Vinci lands a role on a latin soap as a flaming, screaming, bottom queen.

  16. says

    Life is so hard for straight men, especially for talentless reality TV actors – I forget that sometimes. As gay men who live a perpetual cake-walk, we must remember that and show compassion…

  17. Team Vinci says

    I kinda felt bad for him…as an actor you do get to choose your roles so why should he “have” to play any character?…either way he’s hella sexy and his lips are sooo smokin’….cute straight guys always get a pass

  18. ANDY says

    In Latin America, homosexuality is still far more of a taboo than it is in the U.S. I agree his reaction was pathetic, but it is very much in line with the culture in which he was raised.

    One of the regulars on this show is Walter Mercado, a very famous Puerto Rican astrologer who, despite being a 70-plus-year-old lifelong childless bachelor, practically a borderline drag queen, and is obviously very VERY gay, has never “come out”. Sadly, it’s just the way it is in Latin America. Attitudes are changing slowly, though.

    On another note, I would gladly bang the crap out of either one of these guys, especially the bald-headed one.

  19. says

    Why is it that when gay people get offended by homophobia they instantly jump on the “He’s homophobic because he’s secretly gay” bandwagon?

    Believe it or not, not everyone who’s homophobic is in the closet. There are thousands of people who are homophobic because of the way they were raised, their culture and their background.

  20. yeah says

    Nicholas I have to agree with you…there is something about calling every homophobe gay that has a certain “misery loves company” tone to it. some people do not agree with homosexuality for all kinds of moral and/or religious reasons and are not closet cases.

  21. ScarlettPink5 says

    To cry over playing gay, god, this guy is nuttier than I thought. It annoyed me that he wanted to be an actor yet chose restrictions for it. And for him to react the way he did, he has to be gay!
    If he isn’t, then why act like that, does he really think that kissing a man would make him gay. Well, considering how sexy his partner was, maybe he had reason to worry for the security of his sexuality. Can you imagine how embarrased he’d be if he got over-excited with the kissing ?

  22. nic says


    not in my book they don’t. “machistas” or “machines” (pronounced: mah-cheen-ez) do not hunker-down in a restroom and sob like a little girl who didn’t get her way. this guy is a pussy. they should’a sent his stanky ass-pussah home. i am ill-disposed to give anyone an unmerited free pass.

    @ANDY (not TOWLE),

    lol at the walter mercado reference. that bitch is a 75+ y.o. scam artist, what with his bouffant and caftans and astrology bullshit. he reminds me of those matrons who go once a week to the beauty shop to get their manies and pedies and get hair-sprayed into a stupor. he is sort of a latin-american liberace, but without the talent.

    i do, however, disagree with your broad-stroke assessment of latin-american culture. i visit mexico frequently and watch spanish-language news and programming often. that is how i stay close to my roots, and hence, how i came to know about walter. he is a fixture on “primer impacto” (first impact), a newsy/gossipy one hour program co-hosted by fernando del rincon (is he a babe, or what?).

    i don’t think that anyone in mexico doubts that walter is a big ol’ queer. and what about “juanga” (juan gabriel)? he’s considered a national treasure, and he’s a major flamer.

    mexicans tend to not be judgmental. they let hurt roll off their backs like water off of a duck’s back. the native-american world view informs the spanish-catholic dogma inculcated by the conquistadores. a lot of that didn’t take. don’t forget that mexico city, the political equivalent of washington d.c., but with the cosmopolitan flavor and essence of new york city times two (or three?) in terms of population and divergent cultures, has acknowledged same-sex unions. what is truly sad is that the stereotypically macho countries (mexico, brazil, uruguay, argentina, venezuela, …) are leaving the united states in their dust. what is impeding progress in mexico, central-america, and the south-american continent is the choke-hold that the backwords-looking pope and his church (in what is becoming a more and more insular city-state: vatican city) have increasingly progressive attitudes in latin-america.

    i’m not worried. in contrast to “the land of the free”, latinos are regecting right-wing politics and neo-conservatism.

  23. Pekemo says

    as cliche as this sounds, that reaction really does scream CLOSET CASE. Non-gay homophobes don’t respond to gay situations by locking themselves in the bathroom and crying about how they don’t have control over a situation. I’m probably wrong but that was a really really really really gay reaction.

  24. Punk says

    A homophoabe does not have religious/moral objections to homosexuality. All they have is a preoccupation with not being perceived as gay and/or frustration over previous same-sex attraction or experience. For that reason, a homophobe is never gay. Gay is a stage of development where one doesn’t simply have feelings to have sex with members of the same sex. It’s more than that, and encompasses a desire to connect with the same sex through sex because believe it or not, a desire to connect doesn’t always accompany the desire for sex, and also identification and security with those feelings. This guy is just an insecure drama queen over how he is seen by others and at the the very most, is a homosexual, but not gay. Possibly none of this is applicable to him if this is all fake and just an act within an act on a scripted “reality” tv show.

  25. keith says

    Umm… he played a straight guy in the scene. I wonder if they re-wrote from a “two guys dealing with their feelings for each other” scene to the classic “straight guy turns down a gay guy” scene. This guy was a giant pussy.

  26. Crash says

    Little latin boy in a dress, why are you crying?
    Why is that little latin boy in a dress crying?

  27. korn says

    ok. i saw the clip.. whats so gay about it? and he cried about it? wel thats really faggolicious hilarious