Viva Hollywood‘s Vinci Has Crybaby Meltdown Over Gay Role


You may remember Vinci Alonso from the modeling reality series 8th & Ocean (above). Now he's in the new VH1 show Viva Hollywood! a reality show in which Latino actors compete to become the next telenovela (Latin soap) star (the winner receives a contract with Telemundo). The latest episode demanded that contestants Vinci and Berto do a gay scene together, which caused Vinci to lock himself in the bathroom and cry.


GuyTVBlog reports: "In the end Berto won the "lust" challenge which was a $10,000 shopping spree prize awarded for his "triumph" for playing gay. He then shared his vanity prize with Vinci for also being able to come out of this ordeal with their masculinity still in tact."


Watch the clip AFTER THE JUMP...

Viva Hollywood! | Vinci & Berto Flip The Fuck Out When Told They Have To Play Gay [guytvblog]