1. says

    Whew, it’s a lesbian (Serena) finally all the gay men can stop foaming at the mouth waiting to see some man on man action.

    However, since the it is a lesbian storyline; Let’s measure how fast this story disappears from the “gay press” because it holds no true interest for the masses.

    Sure we want gay characters but only if they are hot men that we can imagine being with; why waste our time with a lesbian storyline?

  2. Balthazar says

    Sorry, Charles, it’s not Serena, but Serena’s brother. And while I don’t watch the show, I really don’t understand the vitriol on this blog directed at people who do.

  3. tofer david says

    nah, the vitriol isn’t all that good. it’s pretty much predictable and annoying.

    worse than middle school.

  4. Paul says

    I’ve come to realize that no matter what topic Andy posts about, there will be two guaranteed responses – 1. Who cares / why does this matter. 2. I’m offended. I’m waiting for someone to say “I don’t know why this matters anyhow, but I’m totally offended!”

  5. says

    seems like sort of an easy out… i’ve only seen the show a few times but the hype built up around this coming out is a tad inflated for it to just be a sideline character… but half a gay is better than no gay at all!

  6. Carl says

    So a google search has revealed that lily’s son (serena’s brother) is someone named Eric, but the CW’s website doesn’t show a character named Eric…. anyone know who the heck this is???

  7. shychiguy28 says

    I’m not shocked… He’s got frosted hair! Although I would expect that they would have given him a better hair cut. It almost looks like a wig with a really bad frosting job. xoxo… gossip girl

  8. AaronJ says

    I agree most with Tofer David. My ‘vitriolic sensor’ goes into high alert status sometimes when I hit this board.

    Anyway, I found about this a couple days ago I think via EOnline (yeah yeah, save it). I think the friend’s name is Asher. search didn’t help much.