1. crispy says

    Wow, that guy’s story is nearly identical to the plot of the novel The Front Runner, which is about a gay Olympic runner rather than a swimmer.

  2. noah says

    Great story but the first picture of Matthew Mitcham seems to objectify him more than introduce him. I’m surprised that the Australian paper didn’t choose a different one. A head shot, a picture of him with his lover, family, or coach would have been better in context.

    Maybe I’m being sensitive but sometimes gays are overly sexualized by the media in their depiction. Given his success, wouldn’t a picture of him with a medal be better than?

    With other Australian swimmers, like Thorpe, is this the kind of picture that would be used to introduce someone? The second picture of Mitcham in a dive seems more representative of sports photography.

    Anyway, I hope he’s able to find the funds to take his partner with him to Beijing.

  3. Jimmyboyo says



    Great idea. I’d contribute as well. That Sh@t is expensive. WAPO had a recent article stating that it can run $20,000 for just 1 guest at bare bone prices. Yikes.

  4. nic says


    (btw, always have loved your username.) that was my thinking on it. $10 from 2000 queers sounds better, though. we gotsta, gotsta help that boy. he needs all the support he can get. he needs his b.f. by his side.

    ok, i can spare 20 bucks to bring this sweet olympic story to fruition.

  5. says

    God, it really makes Ian Thorpe’s neurotic, petulant insistence that he not come out and his ongoing flat out lies to the press seem so pointless and needless.

    Matt winning would be so cool. What a class act.

  6. anon says

    Partner? Do they mean boyfriend? I mean, really…

    Why is the story so glum?? He sounds like he’s depressed he HAS to go to they Olympics. Shouldn’t he be pleased and happy?? This ain’t root-canal.

    It raises the question of how many out gay athletes in general are going (any from the US?), whether there are protests about gay athletes and one wonders if the IOC, prone to banning anything that hurts PR, will try to eliminate gays from the competition in the future.

  7. Jimmyboyo says


    I wrote the Sydney Morning Herald and asked “Is there a fund to help Matthew Mitchem’s signifigant other get to the Beijing Olympics to support him? If not then are you able to contact him and tell him that there is intrest in such a fund? Another article telling about such a fund would be cool.”

    I also did spell check on the e-mail.



    We will see what happens.

  8. clint says

    Well certainly we all ought to be watching to support The Family. It doesn’t hurt that he’s rrrreal hott too! And surely The Family can pitch in to make sure his man is in the stands watching.

  9. Paul R says

    ANON, I don’t see how this story is glum. He had some hard times in the past, overcame them, and now his “dream has come true.” Happy ending.

    Noah, I think you might be objectifying him. (And who can blame you—he’s hot.)That’s how swimmers dress–bare minimum. What would have been weird would be a picture of him in street clothes.

  10. Lesbo Gina says

    Hi Guys – can dykes contribute too? :-) If a fund were set up I would contribute for sure, it’s important that his partner gets to share in his Olympic gold bid. Great story.

  11. G. Pugh says

    I’m a Sydney guy not known to Matthew, but his official mail address is :-

    Matthew Mitcham
    NSWIS Diving Squad
    NSW Institute of Sport
    PO Box 476
    Sydney Markets NSW
    AUSTRALIA 2129

    I don’t know of any organised fund raising.


  12. Jimmyboyo says

    Thanks G

    I haven’t recieved an e-mail response back from the Sydney Morning Herald yet.

    SO…..I just did a quick internet search for NSWIS thanks G

    I sent off an e-mail asking if they could contact matthew (heck his name is on their freaking home page)and mention the fund thing. I also mentioned that if USA citizens were willing to contribute just think what the people of AU would do.

    Lesbo Gina :-)

    Of course a sister’s help wouldn’t be turned away. Welcome aboard.

    Hopefuly I get a response back and if so then I will post it and even pass it on to Andy and hopefuly he will post an official thread about it.


  13. Lesbo Gina says

    Thanks JimmyBoyo, I’ll check back for any update. My partner and several other sisters would love to chip in too if there’s a fund. Can’t say men’s diving was top of my list for Olympic TV before reading this story, but it’s a “must watch” to cheer him on now he’s out and proud.

  14. mark says

    congrats on the gold matt. Amazing effort. Shame your aust channel (7) didn’t show it all. Another fuck up by our Olympic network! I’m sure they will be kissing your arse now for the interview, something we all would enjoy. It’s a great arse! Aussie Aussie aussie oi oi oi!

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