First Look: Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks as The First Couple


Here is the first shot of Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks as George and Laura Bush in Oliver Stone’s upcoming film W.

It’s ok. The arrogant smirk’s not bad.

If you remember, I posted the first pages of the script back in April which feature the members of Bush’s team trying to come up with the name “Axis of Evil” and a flashback to a drunken frat party at Yale.


Oliver Stone’s Bush Flick: Fade in on Turdblossom, Frat Hazing [tr]

(image via justjared)


  1. Wheezy says

    It would be more authentic looking if Dubbya looked a bit more moronic and Da Mizzus looked slightly more embalmed.

  2. Mike Friedman says

    As Margaret Cho says “You just know her pussy tastes like lysol.”