Friends of Marc Jacobs Worried He’s ‘Pulling a Halston’


Page Six says friends of designer Marc Jacobs, pictured here outside this week’s Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala with an unknown date, are concerned he’s burning the candle at the wrong end: “He spends most of his time partying until morning in Paris. It’s out of control. There’s always a different boy and everyone is worried he’s going to pull a Halston.”

Gawker recently chronicled his romantic comings and goings


  1. michael says

    The man is just having some fun in his life.
    His creative work doesn’t seem to be suffering, so what’s the problem??

    Should he stay home alone and watch Lifetime, like a proper aging queen?

    I’m glad he’s out there rocking that hot new body, and boy toy!

  2. Oscar says

    So what?.Let him enjoy life.He deserves it.Gawker must be a green company, by the comments (envy) of Marc.Come on guys, yes you, get a life and leave those of us hitting as many flowers (get it) as possible alone.

  3. Chad says

    Better to die in a gutter in a pool of your own vomit after a night out dancing and having fun than home alone a sad and lonely figure watching reruns of “The Golden Girls”.

    Fuck what people think! I’m gonna be like Zelda Kaplan, my idol, who at 91 is still going strong, a true club-hopping party girl.

  4. Rad says

    Go Marc! If I had the money and the body (he has both) I would be plowing through every piece of ass that dropped in my lap, too!

    Hot men doing what hot men do.

    When he tanks it all over a crystal meth addiction, THEN you got the right to wag tounges at him. Until them, fuck’n A, babe!

  5. rich says

    as soon as I am able, I am following in his footsteps…isn’t it like, th american dream? what’s the problem?? do we just like to judge??

  6. Paul R says

    So his friends are concerned about the fact that he may be killing himself with drugs and unsafe sex, and all of you are applauding it?

    There is a middle ground. He’s talked in the past about his problems with depression. Endless partying can obviously be a manifestation of that. Believe me, I know. I see nothing to celebrate here. The mere fact that he plays out his dramas in public shows a Britney-esque instability that to me is slightly tragic.

    Oh, and it hurts my eyes to look at his skin. He obviously owns several tanning beds, and apparently sleeps in them for that George Hamilton look.

  7. banjiboi says


    Being geigh has become too fricken complicated.

    I give up.

    I’m going home to bake some FISH and totally veg out on the Lifetime Movie Channel.

  8. crispy says

    The commenters at this site are bipolar. Madonna gets called a skank whore. But this tool is “just having fun” and “living the American dream.”

    Heavy sigh.

  9. says

    He’s a grownup and is perfectly capable of making his own decisions, however healthy OR self-destructive they may be. And I still wonder why stories like this are considered “news”.

  10. Andy says

    I don’t care what the man does, but did I read correctly that some of the folks think he looks “hot?” Uh, he looks like he has already pulled a Halston in that pic. You know, “got ahold of a bad weenie.”

  11. excy says

    People pay attention to these reports because Marc Jacobs is a celebrity. His personal life is not really our business but he has confirmed in Harper’s Bazaar that he checked into rehab for drugs and alcohol — for the second time — in March 2007 after the curtain fell at Louis Vuitton’s fall show in Paris. This probably means that he is an alcoholic and/or a drug addict. He has admitted to having an addictive personality. It’s very difficult to stay sober.
    Roy Halston was an iconic american fashion designer and Studio 54 regular. In 1990, he died of lung cancer from complications of AIDS. Despite his achievements, his increasing drug use and failure to meet deadlines undermined his success. In 1984 he was fired from his own company and lost the right to design and sell clothes under his own name. Halston (he only used one name) is considered by many to be america’s best-ever fashion superstar.
    Instead of judging Marc Jacobs, why don’t we offer support and wish him the best.

  12. Nonplussed says

    When I was young, before the world was run by lonely lawyers, I partied ’till dawn with beautiful boys in Paris. Thank God I did. Wouldn’t you?
    What else would you do if you were young, free and in Paris?
    Stay in alone reading de Beauvoir while flicking your Disque Bleu into your glass of milk?

  13. kimmer007 says

    Mr. Jacob’s sexual behavior is totally his business. He should have fun, play safe, and love the one he’s with.
    Re: substance abuse, however . . . . This is apparently a story about an addict suffering a relapse. And the fact that anyone would stand on the sidelines and cheer is pathetic.

  14. Ty Jones says

    Mark is a fantastic designer and Paris! What a fun town to stay out all night with.
    Try to stick to wine and weed, it’s a safe combination. Also a Borghese Terme de Montecatini mud mask every month.

  15. says

    Where’s Jason, I photographed those two together in Feb, then again in June. They looked pretty cozy. And for the person who said it’s none of our biz about his personal life, what the heck you reading this site for, it all about other peoples lives?

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