Mystery Surfer who Saved Man’s Life Surfaces


Here’s an update on last week’s hot mystery surfer lifesaving story.

Surfer_2The NY Daily News finally tracked him down:

“Kevin Campion, a 30-year-old ship’s captain from Seattle, doesn’t mind if his lifesaving deed goes unrewarded, they said. ‘He’s a great guy and it’s an amazing thing he did and actually I’m not surprised that he would do it,’ said Kenn Christianson, the brother of Campion’s stepmother, Sonya Campion. ‘He’s just not sure he wants the attention to be on him.’ The hero whom relatives later identified as Campion was hailed as a surfing Superman after he rushed to the aid of drowning Brian Jordan, 37, on May 17. Jordan was pulled underwater while trying to retrieve his speedboat, which had come untied from a Coney Island pier…Campion was brought up in Washington State and is a professional sailing captain and biologist, his uncle Bill Kinyon told The News in an e-mail. He sailed a schooner in the Caribbean, studied poisonous frogs in Central America and has surfed around the globe, Kinyon said. Campion, who is single, was sailing from Florida to Maine when he stopped in New York.”

Posted May 27, 2008 at 11:15am ETC by Andy Towle
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