Mystery Surfer who Saved Man’s Life Surfaces


Here’s an update on last week’s hot mystery surfer lifesaving story.

Surfer_2The NY Daily News finally tracked him down:

“Kevin Campion, a 30-year-old ship’s captain from Seattle, doesn’t mind if his lifesaving deed goes unrewarded, they said. ‘He’s a great guy and it’s an amazing thing he did and actually I’m not surprised that he would do it,’ said Kenn Christianson, the brother of Campion’s stepmother, Sonya Campion. ‘He’s just not sure he wants the attention to be on him.’ The hero whom relatives later identified as Campion was hailed as a surfing Superman after he rushed to the aid of drowning Brian Jordan, 37, on May 17. Jordan was pulled underwater while trying to retrieve his speedboat, which had come untied from a Coney Island pier…Campion was brought up in Washington State and is a professional sailing captain and biologist, his uncle Bill Kinyon told The News in an e-mail. He sailed a schooner in the Caribbean, studied poisonous frogs in Central America and has surfed around the globe, Kinyon said. Campion, who is single, was sailing from Florida to Maine when he stopped in New York.”


  1. Pugzz says

    What a good guy. Now, does anybody know if the victim and the hero are gay? Make a great love story!

  2. says

    A line will form on the shore of Coney island, hundreds of hopefuls will step into the sea one by one waiting to be rescued by this handsome fellow and praying to receive mouth-to-mouth.

  3. Will says

    He lives the kind of life I can only dream of. Wish I had taken his path when I had the chance.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    Why is it so important to think that he is gay? He’s a good guy and nice to look at. Even if he were gay, I doubt any of us are on his short of list of possible companions.

  5. anon says

    He’s a great guy and all, but lifeguards do this sort of thing every day. Why is he getting singled out?

  6. Nu K. says

    Geez Anon, you sound like a lifeguard seeking bounteous appreciation. Lifeguards are paid to save people from drowning. The job title pretty much sums it up. This guy did it out of the kindness of his heart.

    It’s pretty much the same thing if a baker saves a kid from a burning building- his would be a heroic act. A firefighter doing the same would simply be doing his job.

    Get it?

  7. thin mint says

    Nu, what a strange point of view.

    Anyway, the man in the story is very handsome, and seems to be a nice person.

  8. Danny says

    nice story! I’m no longer a democrat after watching the rules and bylaws lying liars screw the voters of Michigan and Florida today. I’ll vote in protest of any democrat that supports Obama because I don’t see rewarding bad behavior of the Obama campaign and stripping Americans of half thier vote as the fair and just thing to do. They had their chance. Now I’m done.

  9. RJ says

    NU K., personally, I think lifeguards and firefighters are all heroes. Whether they’re paid professionals or not (some are volunteer), when they put their own lives at risk to safe someone else, they’re heroes. And while it doesn’t happen nearly enough, they DO get media recognition from time to time when there’s a particularly dramatic rescue story.

    This guy is also a hero for his selfless act. He’s being singled out because he shunned attention and disappeared into the crowd. Media folks and the public always love a good “mysterious hero” story.

  10. Matty says

    I agree with WILL, that’s the sort of life I’ve always wanted to have. Luckily, it’s never too late to start, sure beats sitting around and commenting about it.

    I also agree with MIKE IN TUNDRA, why is it so important that he (or both of them) be gay? His actions alone should make him a hero in everyone’s book regardless of his sexual preference. Life is not all about sex or the gay “lifestyle”, think outside the Tiffany’s box.

  11. Rikard says

    What a bunch of silly, romantic, acerbic, cynical men we are. I’ll work on a screen play treatment for this story where they meet as described, one is gay, one is straight. By getting caught up in the weird media frenzy for this type of story they each meet someone, fall in love and go their own ways. Don’t worry, there will be the drunken night out where the gay guy tries to seduce the straight guy. Maybe the gay guy has a sister, maybe a reporter comforts the shatterd gay gay when the straight guy rejects him. Most important though is that only half of them live happily ever after. The ending has to be bitter sweet, but hopeful, walking down the beach at Coney, gray morning, alone, dawn just begining to break, sigh.

  12. Davis Marshall Campion says

    Hi, To All the Gay Community that visit this crazy web page, i am The Republic Of Panama, In Central America, and i am Kevin Best Friend, since 2002, and he always come and surf in my island for two months, and he is NOT GAY, he is in LOVE with a NICE WOMAN, that he MET through Me in his last visit to Panama in March of this Year and She is from Port Land, the Photo on top is taken in Bastimentos Panama in 2004. thank so much and hope you guy keep enjoying your crazys fantasies with my friend Kevin.

  13. Indy Steve says

    Davis Marshall Campion
    “and he is NOT GAY” OK. He’s not gay. Look, just because guys on here muse about the prospect of Kevin being gay doesn’t mean we’re accusing him of some crime. It’s quite enough to simply say – he’s not gay and leave it at that. Hmmm… you say he’s your ‘friend’ but you have the same last name?? Curious.

    That being said – WOW! Buckaroo Banzai is REAL and his real name is Kevin Campion. What a cool guy – straight, gay, whatever. What’s the name of his band? I don’t like most tats but his Neptune is neat.

    Kevin – when you get the modeling offers HOLD OUT for top dollar – you have my vote. q;-) and God bless you, baby boy – and your ‘friend.’

  14. Dennis Coalwell says

    Danny: I don’t know what the DNC meeting in Washington, D.C. had to do with this story but since you brought it up: Go ahead and bite your nose off in spite of your face by not supporting the Democratic ticket.

    If Senator McCain is elected watch what happens with the Supreme Court; watch what happens with the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”policy; when more service people die in the Middle East..don’t bother by asking why; if we continue to follow the path of less diplomacy…don’t ask why.