1. Brett says

    Paul R. you are not alone. In fact,I found myself slightly repelled. If this were the only type of male on the net I’d be straighter than the proverbial railroad track in the desert. But I’m sure there are many here who would disagree; But as for me, back to the Herndon climb pics.

  2. bluewindiron says

    Some guys are intimidated by hypermasculine alpha male types and watch from afar…and some are challenged by their energy and are moved to, ah, other things.

    That’s the beauty in this. And it’s seductive. Whether repulsed or attracted. You’re moved. Joe’s done well.

  3. Bluedog says

    Hypermasculinity is very sexy, and just as queer as effeminacy: it’s the exaggeration of the sexual identity, i guess.

  4. hughman says

    thanks for pointing out “Bruno”. glad to see he’s still around and still looking great. such a sweet man.

  5. says

    Did we really NEED to art direct this one? Nice work, but aren’t the REAL ultimate fighters and their training a bit more interesting than poised models? It’s not telling me anything new, except, maybe…pretty?

  6. says

    it’s similar to his leather S/M tangent… posed, mannered and sucking off a trend dry.
    he takes advantage of very hot possibilities… strips them of any creativity, originality, spontaneity …and renders the scenarios as studied illustration at best.

    and it’s difficult to get past his trademark blotchy lighting.

  7. noah says

    Hypermasculinity is just another form of drag: some men dress up and exaggerate feminine features and other exaggerate masculine attributes. Neither portrays how real people act or live.

  8. says

    Yeah, I kinda wish these were real fighters and not just models. You can tell they’re posing and it’s kind of a turn-off. It’s the same deal with the Dieux de Stade pictures and models posing as athletes. You can tell the difference and “the real thing” is so much better. Compare these to Kevin Lynch’s photographs of UFC fighters:

  9. says

    Some Thoughts: Homomasculinity is a valid state of being and has an ancient tradition in art down through AMG Studio, Colt Studio and into Oppedisano. For years, self-fashioning masculine-identified gay men have been that huge percentage of queers that media and gay pop culture has not acknowledged even though women who want to be big butch men receive community support.