1. Matt says

    I think it’s a great gesture by the government to erect this remembering the homosexuals who died during the holocaust. That being said, I’m not a very big fan of this monument. It just looks like a concrete bunker to me.

  2. Bob R says

    I think it’s ugly and vulgar. I’m not so sure that it’s a heartfelt effort to pay homage to those who suffered and died at the hands of the Nazi’s and then continued to be humiliated for some 20 years after “the Fall”, or just some cheap way to try and make amends to the Gay community. I don’t think it should be “pretty”, but I think there could be a greater artistic expression of that horrible time. A gray concrete box with a film loop of two men kissing just doesn’t portray a lot of sorrow to me. If I just stumbled upon it on a tour, I might not even know what it was.

  3. scientitian says

    Right…a Holocaust memorial should be “majestic.” This isn’t a monument to glorious sacrifice in combat during a war. People were pulled out of their communities and starved and withered away in camps, often without a word of protest from their communities. I think this monument is pretty damn true to that reality.

  4. Stewart says

    What the hell kind of ugly ass monument is that? If I walked past it I’d be looking for the quarter slot so I could take a pee. As for the film, if I wanted to watch a couple of twinks make out I’d head to the offices of Bel Ami. They’d have been better off sticking up a glitter ball with a constant loop of Cher for all the gay vibe I’m feeling from that grey box.

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    Gott save us from memorials that take a back seat to “Art.” It’s a monstrosity. It looks like an oversized concrete outhouse. Another execrable example of the rape on capturing the essence of historical political events that “moderne artistes” typically commit.

    And the loop is equally loony. It shouldn’t be of a contemporary couple but of photos of gay individuals and couples of the periods. The survive if their subjects haven’t, either because of the Holocaust or simple passage of time.

  6. Alex form Germany says

    The Monument is like the others debatable. The most argument is on the separation of the memorials: one for the gays, one for the jews, one for the gypsies, one for the communists…. The remembrance is sperated along the discriminatory categoris of the Nazis instead of remembering them united as Victims of the dictatorship. This separation is a belated victory for the Nazis.
    It shouldn’t be pretty, it should be offensive like men high monument of 2 gays or lesbians kissing intimately.

  7. anon says

    An example of elite opinion triumphing over popular taste. Monuments often say too much about the era in which they were created. However, the rise of the Internet does allow anyone to create their own Holocaust memorial if they want to.

  8. Timothy says

    A small askew closet for the homosexuals? A post-apocalyptic peepshow for the pervs? A dreary armored cubicle that utterly fails to speak to the enormity of the issue at hand? Sad. And not in a meaningful memorial way.

  9. peterparker says

    I think the monument is wonderful. From a distance it looks forbidding, a little scary, and, yes, ugly. In other words, exactly the way homophobes look at homosexuals/homosexuality. But when you get a little closer and look inside, you see love. (Though I do agree with MICHAEL BEDWELL’s point that the film could have been footage of homosexuals who were victims of the Nazis.)

  10. Oscar says

    Ugly is not enough.It is insulting.Means nothing and looks like a “pisour”.People will probably dump garbage into it by the window.Germany could do better.Maybe paint the outside white with big pink triangules on every side.

  11. Zeke says

    ALEX FROM GERMANY, MICHAEL BEDWELL and TIMOTHY above said everything that I was thinking.

    Somehow I get the impression that if Hitler stood in the middle of these memorials he would have a bit of a smirk on his face. Not only do the monuments to his victims reflect their “otherness” they also have the same grey, hopeless and dispairing image that he so effectively promoted in his Arian propaganda films.

    I can’t imagine that anything would have given him more satisfaction than to know that long after his passing, ALL the people he persecuted, rather than being brought together (by horrible common historical circumstance) into a united front against the bigotry that the Nazis promoted, are still separated, ununified and all too often adversarial in their fights against bigotry, discrimination and oppression.

    The only positive that I find in this monument is in the fact that Hitler HATED modern art and anything visually unappealing. If he didn’t realize that these structures were intended to memorialize people he hated his blood would have curdled at this monstrosity in the middle of Berlin.

    Very disappointing.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t know. It’s still a public admission of the murder of gay people–and many of them were “openly homosexual and trans”, not closeted. It makes you think and be silent for a moment.

  13. Ulrich says

    This “thing” is doing such a great job in hiding and concealing what it is about. Why not create something that openly and in a more obvious way communicates the topic homosexuality – which also would express that something about the perception of gay people by society has changed?

    Maybe because every monument we built dedicated to the victims of the nazi-regime is still expected to be gray and terribly sad looking – more to emphesize and reassure that we still feel terribly guilty than to really commemorate the victims.

    We should not be creating monuments for our own conscience, but for the people they are ment to remind of.

  14. MS BITCH says

    WTF???i just saw first glace i thought it was the entrance to hitlers bunker??cmon…..fuk off!!! a grey box with a window showing????
    lo and behold ..two men unoriginal uninspired and lacking in taste and foresight.this is SUPOSED to show pain indifference-persecution -hatred,homophobia-and pure evil,grey is i suppose symbolic but methinks as one said’majestic”or a fil of actual interviews or something THAT ACTUALLY documents real stories.not just some arty farty kiss.what does that say??just a gay kiss says nothing except for its own after 100 years do you think someone will look at that and go…oh yes…i feel that!!puhhleasee

  15. mason says

    A poorly executed monument. If I had constructed a monument, it would be a group of statues standing in a circle facing outward–men and women and children holding hands with heads bowed, each wearing one of the emblems–Jew, homosexual, and political prisoner alike.

  16. gregnsf says

    I have to agree with Yvespaul. I couldn’t help but think this looks like a gloryhole! Come on, that crossed someone else’s mind too! Admit it!

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