Obama Wins Oregon and Delegate Majority, Clinton Takes Kentucky


Barack Obama won the Oregon primary last night while Clinton won Kentucky’s race, but the story of the night was Obama crossing the delegate threshold, amassing a majority of pledged delegates and moving him closer to the Democratic nomination:

“While Mrs. Clinton’s campaign continued to make a case that she could prevail, Mr. Obama seized on the results from Democratic contests in Kentucky and Oregon to move into a new phase of the campaign in which he will face different challenges. Those include bringing disaffected Clinton supporters into his camp; winning over elements of the Democratic coalition like working-class whites, Hispanics and Jews; and fending off attacks from Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, especially on national security. Mr. Obama won easily in Oregon. But his obstacles were underlined by a lopsided defeat in Kentucky, where just half of the Democratic voters said in exit polls that they would back him in the general election this fall.”

Clinton has pledged to stay in the race though obstacles to the nomination now appear largely insurmountable, while the Obama campaign has remained cautious in declaring victory.

The speeches: