Obama Wins Oregon and Delegate Majority, Clinton Takes Kentucky


Barack Obama won the Oregon primary last night while Clinton won Kentucky’s race, but the story of the night was Obama crossing the delegate threshold, amassing a majority of pledged delegates and moving him closer to the Democratic nomination:

“While Mrs. Clinton’s campaign continued to make a case that she could prevail, Mr. Obama seized on the results from Democratic contests in Kentucky and Oregon to move into a new phase of the campaign in which he will face different challenges. Those include bringing disaffected Clinton supporters into his camp; winning over elements of the Democratic coalition like working-class whites, Hispanics and Jews; and fending off attacks from Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, especially on national security. Mr. Obama won easily in Oregon. But his obstacles were underlined by a lopsided defeat in Kentucky, where just half of the Democratic voters said in exit polls that they would back him in the general election this fall.”

Clinton has pledged to stay in the race though obstacles to the nomination now appear largely insurmountable, while the Obama campaign has remained cautious in declaring victory.

The speeches:


  1. rudy says

    It is reported that one in five people who voted for Hillary proudly boasted of voting against a black man. Fortunately, the numbers of these bigots are waning. This all too important election is now irreversibly Obama’s to lose. I am hopeful that the young will actually vote this election and will provide the margin of victory.

  2. Jimmyboyo says

    In his speach last night he mentioned Hillary’s run has benefited women everywhere including his own daughters.

    She has.

    Hillary has gone farther than any woman in America. Never again can the idea of a woman running for president of the US be dismissed.

    Hillary and her supporters should be very proud of what they have acomplished. Forevermore little girls can dream of being president and dream seriously about such.

    MSNBC brought up some weird statistics last night. 37% of self identified white dems voted for Bush over Kerry. That the so called white working class vote has NEVER been won by a dem since 1964. Bill Clinton himself didn’t win the so called white working class vote.

    It was also intresting to see that most of Obama’s problem with such a group centers around the appalachia area and is not nation wide.

    What is up with states connected to the appalachia mountain area?

  3. noah says


    The problem with so-called white working class voters of the Appalachia region is that they have traditionally been poor but told that because they are white, they are better than “niggers.” No matter how down on one’s luck one is, one knew that being white was better than black. A white man always new there was someone he could step on or over to proove his manhood.

    That was the way of the world.

    This attitude isn’t exclusive to Appalachia, of course. It’s been part of the fabric of American life and politics. If one looks at the history of race riots in the U.S., prior to the 1960s, most were terroristic lynchings on a mass scale: the Draft Riots of New York by Irish immigrants in the Civil War, the destruction of the “Black Wall Street” of Tulsa, or the use of sundown laws that banned African-Americans from being in certain towns after sundown.

    It’s 2008 and Pat Buchanan can still keep a job with MSNBC days after saying that “blacks should be grateful for slavery” because it gave them “Christian salvation.” Rush Limbaugh can say that the GOP should not have apologized for the Southern Strategy’s use of racism against African-Americans to win votes.

    (Other countries have the same dynamic with a majority ethnic group over a minority ethnic group. Jews served a similar function. Gypsies/Roma also to continue to experience this in much of Eastern Europe.

    And of course, we can look at the homophobia and gay-baiting that the GOP pushed strongly in 2004. What do you think will happen now that California has legalized gay marriage? The attack dogs are going to use that get out the vote.

  4. Jimmyboyo says


    I do remember seeing in the 80’s and early 90’s Save the children or Feed the children commercials for the kids of the appalachian areas. Dirty little white kids with barely any teeth, no shoes for school, and no running water in their homes. Are they still that impoverished in those areas?

  5. says

    But the real news of last night’s election here in Portland is that we’re now the largest American city with an openly gay mayor-elect. Congratulations to Sam Adams! It was nice to be able to vote for an openly gay politician not because he’s gay, but because he’s the best person for the job.

  6. anon says

    Obama is asserting he has a delegate majority, but it’s not quite true yet. That said, who’s kidding who?

  7. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED says

    One of the most persistent fables spread by Democratic (sic) Party supporters is that their Party is worker friendly. It’s just as much a lie as claiming that the party that trash canned ENDA and the hates crimes bill so they couldn’t be used as ‘wedge’ issues is somehow GLBT-friendly.

    Rightwing voters in Kentucky and elsewhere are largely composed of openly racist, anti-union, anti-GLBT Euro Americans. Even though the programs of Bush Stout Clinton and Bush Lite Obama are identical their racism keeps them from voting for him. Instead they vote for Republicans like McCain or Democrats like Hillary Clinton. That’s why Bill Clinton, the boastful bigot behind DOMA and DADT, nominated Karen Nelson Moore, who always rules for homophobes, to the Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals which has jurisdiction in Kentucky.

    None of the three candidates left standing can in any way be described as even remotely friendly to “blue collar” working class people, whatever our ethnicity or sexuality. All three are decidedly unfriendly to our unions. They all support union busting measures like NAFTA and the continuing assault on our standard of living by deregulation of predatory corporations and tax breaks for the rich. They all oppose socialized medicine.

    They lead parties that are extremely unfriendly to GLBT working people. They scrapped ENDA and the hate crimes bill and refuse to repeal DADT and DOMA. All three consign us to second class citizenship by opposing same sex marriage.

    And to be consistently rightist, all three support the genocide against Iraqis, the occupation of Afghanistan and apartheid and ethnic cleansing in Palestine. McCain wants 100 years of war, Obama dementedly favors invading nuclear armed Pakistan and Clinton savagely favors a nuclear strike against Iran.