O’Reilly ‘Expert': Ellen Spews Contempt with Her ‘Smiling’ Eyes


Bill O'Reilly brought a body language "doyenne" on his show last night to analyze the John McCain/Ellen DeGeneres exchange on same-sex marriage. She concluded that McCain's shoulder shrugs and looking down denoted a discomfort with the whole "gay" issue.

Ellen's body language told a different story...

DOYENNE: During the first segment she has this very nonchalant smile which she's smiling with her eyes and not her mouth, and when you see someone doing that — that's annoyance. You know she's angry.

O'REILLY: So she doesn't like the fact that he's not on board with her.
DOYENNE: I think that this aggravated her. She's smiling with her eyes and not her mouth. And usually that's a contemptuous look.

Of course, to Tyra Banks, "smiling with your eyes" is just good modeling.

In Ellen's case however, it likely precedes the dreaded lesbianic death grip.

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