Penn Badgley Tells You Everything He Knows About Sexy


Perhaps Tom Cruise's recent fawn over 'breakout star' Chace Crawford is causing Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley to sex up his image.

Badgley did one of those things glossy mags and publicists force celebrities to do, and talked to InStyle about what he thinks is sexy. According to Badgley, sexy is an attitude, being different from what's aesthetically good-looking, playing sultry music, playing sports, being active, being around cheerleaders, Paris, New York, or actually anyplace, and yeah, chocolate-covered strawberries.

For some reason a hot dude in a white tank top soaked with water wasn't on his list, although in the print issue, he passes along this sage bit of poetry: "When you're wet and your clothes cling to you, you feel more exposed, almost more naked than naked. Everything is more romantic by water. Everyone remembers his or her first kiss in the pool, in the rain."

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