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A&F's 'Naughty' New Quarterly


Here's the cover of the new "adult" Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly which is being released across the pond and at Barack Obama rallies only. If the cover is any indication, the catalog features male photos from behind (so I'm not sure how it's much different from the old ones) and the women (as well as anyone non-white) seem to have been vanquished from this land of Adam & Steve. It's rumored to cost $200 bucks.

It appears someone made a Bruce Weber collage and then got busy with the Photoshop "colored pencil" effect.

Full cover (possibly NSFW) AFTER THE JUMP...


Obama's Abercrombie Boys: Case Closed [tr]

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  1. I vividly remember the moment when I realized "the gays" had made the transition from oppressed minority to juicy target market. The 1987 and 1993 Marches on Washington were exciting and political. The 2000 March was sponsored by United Airlines which has greeters welcoming people at the airport with discount flight coupons. Here on Towleroad I se ads for PCs and automobiles alongside ads for gay resorts. It's wonderful, of course, but we're losing something too. In the A&F example, our culture has been completely coopted for digestion by the mainstream. I wonder if many young people even perceive homoeroticism in the image.

    Posted by: Alan | May 8, 2008 9:20:01 AM

  2. this reminds me of modern john singer sargeant works. Or an old cover for great gatsby.

    Posted by: m-mar | May 8, 2008 9:29:56 AM

  3. this reminds me of modern john singer sargeant works. Or an old cover for great gatsby.

    Posted by: m-mar | May 8, 2008 9:30:55 AM

  4. The cover painting is by an artist by the name of Bruce Sargeant. His work always deals with the masculine ideal in an Abercrombie & Fitch sort of way.

    Posted by: Dan | May 8, 2008 9:35:41 AM

  5. nostalgic, sentimental crap. Thomas Eakins is spinning in his bisexual grave

    Posted by: mikedean | May 8, 2008 9:38:01 AM

  6. I believe this cover art was done by the same artist who did the murals at the the 5th Ave. store. His name is Mark Beard and he is an amazingly talented painter. The nod to Sargent is intentional and queerly subversive. Sargent struggled with his own sexuality and thus imbued his portraits and drawings of men with a sensuality that's hard to escape. Beard does not have that particular problem and we're the lucky recipients.

    Posted by: ladyl | May 8, 2008 9:40:40 AM

  7. Excuse me, but if that's "our culture" I must have stopped getting the memos after I turned 20. Rather than "our culture" I think you meant "our soft pornography." And I'm pretty sure that this is still aimed at "us" rather than the "mainstream."

    Posted by: Patrick | May 8, 2008 9:40:40 AM

  8. Awfuly wonder bread white

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | May 8, 2008 9:48:18 AM

  9. Where are the brown guys? No, let me guess, they're all at the "colored" swimming hole? Ugh.... Do all-white enclaves like this still exist? I'd say it looks like a fraternity camping party at Big Southern U, but even here in the south, the fraternities include Asian guys....

    Posted by: brainypirate | May 8, 2008 10:02:21 AM

  10. "Mark Beard is unprecedented, but not singular. Accomplished in every medium, he is more than a complete artist – he is at least five. His talent is so overflowing that, years ago, he needed to channel himself into alter egos. Mark invented the persona of “Bruce Sargeant,” an imagined English artist, contemporary of E. M. Foster, Rupert Brooke, and Joan Sloan. Mark also created Bruce Sargeant’s teacher, Hippoyte Alexandre Michallon, a 19th- century French Academist. Michallon also taught Edith Thayer Cromwell, an American avant-gardeist; and Brechtolt Steeruwitz, the German Expressionist, a most complex personality. The style of each of these artists is individual, brilliant and true.

    Born in 1956 in Salt Lake City, Beard now lives in New York. His works are in museum collections, including the Boston MFA and the Antheneum; the Whitney, Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art and MoMA New York; Princeton, Harvard, and Yale Universities; Graphische Sammlung, Munich, and others worldwide as well as more than 100 private collections."


    Posted by: Marc | May 8, 2008 10:12:20 AM

  11. PS

    Not even 1 dark haired Italian or Jew.

    Prescot Bush's homoerotic wet dream (George Bush's grandfather who got busted by FDR's administration for laundering money for the nazis)

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | May 8, 2008 10:13:50 AM

  12. Bruce Weber is a fascist who emulates another fascist named Leni Riefenstahl and who perpetuates a fascist aesthetic (see Susan Sontag). This artist's catalog cover and his preposterous mural are in the same vein. It's also astonishingly naive camp (see Sontag, again).

    Posted by: Alex | May 8, 2008 10:22:02 AM

  13. I see a couple sets of twins and triplets. How hot.

    Posted by: PistolPetey | May 8, 2008 10:27:35 AM

  14. I suppose it's indicative of the clothes they sell - it all looks the same.

    Posted by: jase | May 8, 2008 10:31:26 AM

  15. No people of color? What a surprise for Aryan & Fitch.

    Johnny Lane is prolly shooting his wad as we speak.

    Posted by: soulbrotha | May 8, 2008 10:39:19 AM

  16. Loved the original critique of the cover "It appears someone made a Bruce Weber collage and then got busy with the Photoshop "colored pencil" effect." I would add that the composition is stiff, the figures appear wooden and unnaturally composed to fill the space. I'll have to check the artist out. I live in Salt Lake and will want to avoid someone who needs multiple alter egos.

    Posted by: Rikard | May 8, 2008 11:21:36 AM

  17. Rikard: The blues also make it look like zombies have taken the day off to go for a swim.

    Posted by: henry | May 8, 2008 11:40:08 AM

  18. I don't understand why people get so upset about abercrombie ads and not having other races. I mean you don't hear people complain about phat farm and fubu . . . really it's not that serious, it's mostly white people that wear the clothes anyway.

    Posted by: whatever | May 8, 2008 12:02:50 PM

  19. The clothes also reflect the advertising campaign.

    Abercrombie's sizes are clearly designed for Northern European bodies (even their small sizes are gigantic and bulky).

    So, even if they started advertising to Africans, Hispanics, Southern Europeans, and Asians -- it wouldn't change their image much. Unless they started designing their clothes with these other consumer groups in mind, they're still going to be known as the store for WASPs.

    Posted by: John | May 8, 2008 12:54:48 PM

  20. Did you ever wonder when mainstream gay population would stop classifying everything? All I've seen from popular gay culture is that white is superior, and everything else is fetish for white. WEIRD.

    Posted by: brian | May 8, 2008 1:39:01 PM


    Johnny and his wad.

    Oh, no, I don't want to think about such a thing. I'll think about Reggie Bush or Mario Lopez, and their wads all over my...

    I'm sorry. PATRICK NYC has warned me about saying trashy things on Andy's Blog.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | May 8, 2008 1:58:49 PM

  22. Whatever

    What about the lack of dark haired Italians or Jews?

    Lets say only whites are going to wear a&f (though i know many gay asians and african americans who also wear it)

    It would appear that even Italians and those pesky non jebus loving Jews are too non waspy for A&F

    Like I said

    Prescot Bush's (Geroge Bush's grandfather whose nickname was "Hitler's banker") homoerotic wet dream

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | May 8, 2008 3:24:13 PM

  23. I've been googling around and can't seem to find anywhere to get a copy of this (and I'm not about to fly to the UK. Any ideas?

    Posted by: Danmac | May 8, 2008 4:55:45 PM

  24. Since I heard about this

    A&F has never been a store I patronized. Sad to see they are still perpetuating this type of image.

    Posted by: DCMNYC | May 8, 2008 5:01:26 PM

  25. So the only thing they sell now are wrestling dickies and white shorts? And since no one goes rowing in a dickie, I assume that's supposed to be some sort of joke. You know, since the gays like dicks. And wrestlers.

    My main problem with A&F is the number of gay men in their 40s wearing it. I've been in the store once and could not believe the prices. Oh, and it's all crap.

    Posted by: Paul R | May 8, 2008 5:46:50 PM

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