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Shia LaBeouf's Dirty Underwear for Sale


A pair of dirty undies have gone up for sale on eBay, inspiring a current bid of $400. Let's see how high this one climbs:

"THIS IS A COSTUME WORN BY FUTURE SCREEN LEGEND SHIA LABEOUF! PLEASE NOTE: COSTUME IS "AS IS" WHICH INCLUDES MAKEUP STAINS, DIRT; ETC! (Again, these items was worn and used for filming by Shia) This costume was worn by Shia in the film, 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints'. You receive, a pair of grey sweatpants, a pair of white breifs and ankle socks. Each items is tagged "YD" (meaning: the character Young Dito as played by Shia in the film)! This item comes with a letter of authenticity from First Look Media and an explanation of it's donation to Actor's Equity! It is noted by First Look that this item is "one of a kind" ...and indeed it is!"

You know, I'd really rather have the cow costume.

Oh yeah, the "certificate of authenticity" is AFTER THE JUMP...


Like many things on this site it's really not "news" (though it may be to some), so if anybody bitches about whether or not it's news, they'll get banned.

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  1. Yes Andy, whatever you say, Andy. Uh, I would say something about the Shia-panties but I am thinking of him in them.

    Posted by: davefromtampa | May 29, 2008 9:09:13 AM

  2. I though ebay had strict rules against selling used undies.

    Posted by: ggreen | May 29, 2008 9:17:07 AM

  3. I'm picturing some pervy weirdo walking around his house wearing Shia's undies like a gas mask.

    Posted by: | May 29, 2008 9:22:49 AM

  4. I'm going to cut the skidmark out and wear it as a brooch.

    Posted by: John in Manhattan | May 29, 2008 9:37:33 AM

  5. I would offer that Shia Labeouf is, actually, NOT a "future screen legend." More like a featured "Where Are They Now" segment in about eight years.

    Posted by: Kile Ozier | May 29, 2008 9:37:35 AM

  6. Removed by Ebay. such a shame. I was looking forward to using his undies as a gas mask. mmmm shiamusk

    Posted by: Jessekins | May 29, 2008 11:13:02 AM

  7. "Screen Legend"?

    Posted by: Naughty Lola | May 29, 2008 11:21:37 AM

  8. "Screen Legend"?

    Posted by: Naughty Lola | May 29, 2008 11:21:45 AM

  9. "Screen Legend"?

    Posted by: Naughty Lola | May 29, 2008 11:21:51 AM

  10. "NAUGHTY LOLA"? Dietrich fan, hunh? So am I. These young gays aint like us, they don't have anybody to worship.

    Hey, GAYLISTDAILY.COM, there's no guarantee that Shia gets gas, so it may be false advertising.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | May 29, 2008 11:32:17 AM

  11. Am I the only one who thinks Shia LaBoeuf is unattractive?

    Posted by: peterparker | May 29, 2008 12:32:20 PM

  12. I'd rather have Channing Tatum's underwear. (above, center) Or actually, get into CT's underwear.... either way the whole "used briefs" on eBay is kinda creepy.

    Posted by: JROB | May 29, 2008 12:39:20 PM

  13. JROB- I'm suing you for nickname infringement. They're just a little too close for comfort, I was here first, as far as i know, and you sound like someone I don't want to be confused with, if you think used briefs on ebay are creepy and all.... :)

    Gaylistdaily- Have you been peeking in my windows?

    And Peterparker- Yes.

    Posted by: jeffrob | May 29, 2008 1:22:59 PM

  14. Ew. Shia told this month's GQ that he used to poop his pants all of the time. Seriously.

    Posted by: Dignan | May 29, 2008 3:29:28 PM

  15. Sorry, Jeffrob. Didn't mean to infringe upon your identity!
    As far as used britches go, I guess I'd just rather acquire a guy's undies on my own, not bid on them on eBay! Just sayin'...

    Posted by: JohnOB | May 29, 2008 4:21:58 PM

  16. johnob- Aw, thanks; no worries. You just do you, baby, and I'ma do me.

    You were right about Channing Tatum, anyway.

    Posted by: jeffrob | May 29, 2008 6:51:40 PM

  17. Wasn't Channing Tatum that old hag Broadway singer that looked like a drag queen? Eew.

    Posted by: Coolio | May 29, 2008 11:25:49 PM

  18. NAUGHTY LOLA, no need to be so insistent; we heard you the first time. i feel your pain, sugar.

    DERRICK, doesn't everyone get gas now and again? how 'bout this: i could wear his manties as a dust mask while enjoying his ball musk. lol. what would i do without you, dear derrick?

    PETERPARKER, you are not alone, but you are in the minority. shia has been looking slick and stylish lately, i think. still love you, PP.

    Posted by: nic | May 30, 2008 6:42:22 AM

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