The Towleroad / NewNowNext Video News Moment Award

As I mentioned briefly last week, Towleroad has partnered with LOGO’s NewNowNext awards to present a prize for the most impactful video news moment of the year. We went through all the clips we’ve posted in the last year and chose the five that we felt were most hard hitting as gay video news moments.

Our category does tend toward the serious. While Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” moment certainly inspired plenty of disgust and cultural fodder, we decided moments like those didn’t fall into the news category – as much as CNN may want them to.

So here are the five clips we chose as finalists — video moments which had an impact on gay lives. While one of our choices (Sally Kern’s rant) is purely audio, there’s no doubt that the medium by which its message was spread was YouTube. So, here they are. You can use the following widget to cast your vote, and links to the clips are provided below, for your review.


road.jpg Al Gore voices his support for marriage equality. WATCH.

road.jpg Ellen Degeneres speaks out about Lawrence King. WATCH.

road.jpg GOP San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders reverses opinion on same-sex marriage. WATCH.

road.jpg Larry Craig declares he is not gay and has never been gay. WATCH.

road.jpg Sally Kern compares says gays worse than terrorists. WATCH.

For more information and to vote for the rest of the NewNowNext Awards, click here.


  1. chgo921 says

    I posted too quickly before. Do you NOT see the irony about saying Chris Crocker’s video isn’t a serious news item (and I agree!) while using Amanda Lepore to introduce the category?

  2. Feral says

    This is so cool! Thanks Andy.

    People don’t say it enough (see above comment, and surely more equally bitchy ones to follow), but you provide an invaluable resource for the community, one that LOGO is right to acknowledge.

    I’ll be watching!

  3. Strepsi says

    CHGO921 is like a person passing up a great restaurant because he doesn’t like the the valet parking attendant. ANDY – THANKS FOR TOWLEROAD. You provide THE premiere gay news source internationally (I am from Canada). NO-ONE ELSE covers the insidious waves of gay-bashing like you do… and you follow up too! Blogging, and journalism-with-a-point, at its best (and yes, some nice eye candy too ;). You should not only be participating in Awards, you should be winning them!

  4. Deschanel says

    Al Gore supporting marriage equality means a lot to me, I respect him immensely. Ellen’s heartfelt talk was very moving and hopefully effective with the many Real Housewives who adore her.

    The rest? A closet case nabbed in a sleazy restroom, a hideous bigot ranting. San Diego -great. Represent!

    And having sleazy night-crawlers like Cazwell and LePore representing gay people is just icing on the cake of the banality that Logo’s serving up. And act like they’re doing us a favor.

  5. jason says

    I personally wouldn’t have anything to do with MTV. MTV marginalizes the male-male sexual interaction by confining it largely to the LOGO channel. On the other hand, its mainstream MTV channel is used to normalize and promote the female-female sexual interaction, often in the form of female bisexuality. MTV is practising a double standard basically (ie female-female “hot” and mainstream, male-male “yucky” and marginal).

    Thumbs down to MTV and is hypocrisy.

  6. Jeff guard says

    To me, you are the most honest news source for all issues related to the Family of Progressive Cultures (FPC) which means LGBT which I wish you would start using. THANK YOU for lending an honest voice where one is DESPERATELY needed. You give so much hope to those who need to read about ourselves. THANK YOU. Towleroad. Jeff Guard, NYC.

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