1,000 California Pastors Launch ‘Call to Arms’ on Same-Sex Marriage

Pastor Jim Garlow of the 2,500-member Skyline Church in San Diego County organized a conference call of more than 1,000 mostly Evangelical ministers yesterday to discuss strategy related to the anti-gay ballot measure headed to California’s ballot in November:

Garlow“The strategy session, which included input from lawyers and political consultants, was the opening of what conservative religious leaders hope will become a massive Christian outpouring of support for the proposed amendment. The effort will include a 40-day fast leading up to election day, along with 100 days of prayer. On the weekend before the election, Garlow told the ministers, the goal would be to fill Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego and other amphitheaters with people praying for a ban on gay marriage…All told, organizers said, the ministers on the call lead congregations totaling about 1 million people.”

If you remember, earlier this week I posted that the Church of Latter Day Saints is also gearing up for battle.